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Analysis and Evaluate Management Diversity

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Managing diversity is an ongoing process of various talents, capabilities, abilities and skills among the individuals in the organisation or community. In another word, Diversity is the practices of addressing and supporting multiple lifestyles and personal characteristics within a group (Glasby, 2012). The report explains the diversity in the management of NHS and various methods of managing diversity. The major objective of this report is to understand that diversity and its impact in the organisation.

1 Analysis and evaluate management diversity in the NHS

The NHS comes into contact with more than one million patients every 36 hours. In this organisation, there are various kinds of people such as patients, service providers, social workers, etc. All these people have their culture, region, languages, perceptions, choice and attitudes so that there can generate a diversity. It may affect the organisation process and operation. This is very important for manage this diversity in an effective manner so as it cannot put negative effective of the NHS process and operation. In the NHS, service providers (employees) have the major responsibility to deliver an effective treatment to patients so as they can able to improve their health issues and disability. The diversity among employees can largely influence to the operation and treatment of patients (Emerson and et.al., 2012). They are unable to coordinate and communicate another if their language is different from another. On the other hand, if the diversity among patients then it also influences to the operation and process of NHS. In the organisation, there are various patients admits whose have the different culture, language, beliefs, value, etc.

Manage the diversity in the organisation is the major responsibility of management so as each and every one can understand the feeling, emotions and motive of each other. Organisation should organise the activities and programs so as people can share their experiences, knowledge, ability with each other at the workplace.

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2 Problems of the current management in the NHS

A. Lose continuity and experience

There are various challenges arisen at the workplace in the NHS due to unskilled and experienced employees in the organisation. In this way, employees have not proper knowledge related to the services and culture of the firm which generates the issues is faced by the management of the NHS (Eubanks, Joinson and Dove, 2016). Moreover, they are unable to deliver the best services to their patients and not able to reduce the health issue of the customers. As per this, manager unable to operate the activities of the firm, as a result, declines the productivity.

B. Need to change the requirements of the NHS

The second issues create the various problems at the workplace in which management not knows the changes. In this context, the manager needs to understand the what type of the changes is done in the NHS. This issue generates the various problems under which management unable to manage the work culture and to disturb the activities at the workplace (Guillaume and et.al., 2014).

C. Cost of the activity and illegal practices

The high cost of the activity like training and development which create the various issues is faced by the NHS. Organization conducts the training program under which they pay the high amount so that cross the limit of the decided budget (Barak, 2013). On the other hand, employees can do the wrongful practices at the workplace wherein manager face the problem like decline the overall productivity of the firm.

D. Team working Belbin theory

The management of the NHS uses the Belbin theory and render the different role to the employees at the time. However, individual as an implementer are three and none of the coordinate which affects the whole work of the group (Mathieu and et.al., 2015). Manager unable to provides the services to their patients on time which will reduce the staff turnover.

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3. Methods to bring more representative management NHS

To manage diversity in the NHS, a company should organise training and development programs. In the training programs, employees can learn the various; languages and criteria to deal with different cultural people. Further, they can also learn the different culture and value of different people (Heginbotham, 2012). With the assistance of training, employees can learn the criteria to handle the service providers and coordination among the team members. Technical training is more useful and beneficial for employees because they can able to learn the new methods and criteria to operate technology and equipment in the organisation. Organisation should use effective promotional tools so as it can encourage people for higher performance and productivity. In addition to this, management should adopt most effective leadership style because through this aspect manager or supervisor can appropriately guide subordinates in the organisation.

4. The organisation go forward

Management of the NHS requires to overcome the issues at the workplace and maintains the work surrounding. In this way, the manager needs to appoint the skilled and experienced employees in the organisation which will help to deliver the best services to their patients and reduce the health issue of them. Moreover. It helps executive to operate the activities of the firm and maintain the smooth flow of operation. Beside this, management needs to understand the changes. Accordingly, they can implement in the firm. It assists workers to give the optimal services to their customers and attain the desired goals and objective of the firm. Accordingly, NHS capture the high market share in health and social sector and gain the overall productivity (Harvey and Allard, 2015). On the other hand, the company need to go forward which maintain the structure and reduce the unfair practice at the workplace. Patients are trusted on the firm which will increase the overall sales turnover of the firm.


From this project, it has been concluded that managing diversity is an important aspect of the organisation. With the assistance of management in diversity, the company can improve its business performance and working environment. To manage diversity, the company should organise various activities such as training and development programs, welfare programs and also it can use different techniques such as incentive, rewards, etc.


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