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The use of computer systems has become a quite general scenario in today’s world. The emergence of computer system and various applications associated with it has fetched an outstanding quantity of alteration in routine life of an individual. By the assistance of computer systems an individual can sustain and contend in the rapidly modifying environment. It is achievable simply by sharing of intelligence and enlightens that mounts with innovative progress (Avoine, Junod and Oechslin, 2007). In the current circumstances the analyst is asked to outline the hurdles and troubles persevering in CBL Ltd and the influence of these issues have consequence that record maintenance of complaint and feedback is not being done in a correct procedure. The analyst is supposed to create such a tactic and recommend an arrangement through which the company will sort out these issues and will be equipped with innovative technology. The introduction of new computer system help the company to meet the requirements of their clients.


A computer is kind of electronic device which functions underside the influence of instructions retained up in its special storage memory, it assists in differentiating data, directing the information as stated in specialized set of laws, produce output, and accumulate the conceded output for prospect utilization (Blundell, 2008). Information’s are stored in computer systems.Usually three kinds of computer systems are found in prevalence which is shared as under:-

Major places where PC is used are as under

At Home: - PC is one among the most common gadgets in modern era which is often used every day at home. It helps in doing various works varies from entertainment to knowledge like accessing internet, playing game, homework, school projects and other daily works (Derdour and et al., 2012). Configurations recommended for PC at home are user friendly operating system like Windows, fast processor, RAM either of 2GB or 4GB, minimum of 160 GB hard drive, good quality of DVD drive or may be Optical drive, minimum 256MB of graphic card. Additional Peripheral devices required at home can be printer and joystick.

At Corporate Level: In present era of technological advancement, computer becomes the primary needs to fulfil various works at corporate level. PC is used everywhere from communication to recording and maintaining data and even help in analysing various fields of organisations (Fortier and Michel 2003). System requirement in case of business is quite advance than that of PC which is used at home. Offices PC must be loaded with advance operating system (presently Windows 8), quad core processor, and minimum of 4GB RAM ample space for data storage i.e. 800 GB of hard drive, high quality of DVD drive. Peripheral device for business use can be projector which is generally used for conference and meetings.

Different types of System Component, Software and Peripheral Device

A computer system is comprises of various parts which is termed as hardware. Description of a basic computer system is discussed below:

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Description of Hardware

There are various types of hardware associated with the computer which deals with processing of output.

A machine cycle is denoted as processor cycle or instruction cycle which is compromises of basic function executed by CPU. There are basically four steps involved in machine cycles i.e. fetch, decode, execute and store which is performed by the control unit . In the fetch operation, the control unit demands the main memory to offer commands which are located at addresses directed by the program counter stored in CU. In the second step, the decode operation is carried out utilizing the resources of instruction register to identify which gates should be processed among varying functional segments of CPU and what tasks are to be performed by the ALU (Kissoon, 2011). The third step, consists of execute phase where the logic of decoding gets established and crosses the charge of variable functional units as well the buses and ALU operations. The store cycle is the concluding phase where the output of the instructions is forwarded to its destined location which may be a register or a location in memory. Basic roles of machine cycles are as follows:

System Software

System software is basically the operating system that manages computer resources at a low level. Main system software is compliers, loaders, linkers and debuggers. It can be classified into three categories. First is operating system software which is required to run other programs in a computer system. It manages both software and hardware of the system. It transfers human instructions into binary language. Second is system software which is used to convert high level language to machine level language. Compilers, interpreter and assembler are the three types of language translator (Mackenzie, 2003). Third is utility software which helps in managing and configuring the computers. Backup, recovery, disk cleaner, etc. comes under utility software. There are various utility software which are required for system functioning like MS-Office for word files and content work, Adobe Reader for reading pdf files and antivirus to keep system virus free.


Technical Overview for CBL Ltd.

By observing the requirements of CBL Ltd, the analyst suggests quick system which has a greater speed and reliable efficiency. The analyst recommends having a distributed database since they need to register complaint of their customer and keep a track of it. Moreover, they need to keep a status of the complaint as well as the feedback entertained by the customers (Mariana, Daniel and Colin, 2002). CBL Ltd will also need to integrate a LAN for connectivity among the computers so that multiple complaints are registered and information can be provided to client with any system. Also there is lack of systems which is a barrier to the performance of organization so keeping in view the strength of employees; the analyst recommends at least 25 systems which are up to date as per the latest software specification and duly performable hardware equipments like server, printer and routers . For an e.g. the desired specification could be an I3 or I5 Processor having speed of 3.2 GHZ and its compatible Intel Motherboard, 4 GB RAM, Hard Disk Drive worth 800GB, Network Interface Card for LAN connectivity and LCD monitors.

Evaluation of suitability of System Design

Evaluation is a process of analysing alternative and choosing best out of it which suit all particular task or scenario. In evaluating the system design some characteristics should be kept in mind. This includes examination of specified desires in which information is collected and same is matched with actual requirements (Fernández, 2000). After that, user feedback must be analysed which is done with the help of questionnaire, reviews and opinions about the opted systems. After completing this step, system examine is done which includes testing the system on various ground and checking whether the system will be able to perform all the tasks which needs to be accomplished by CBL Ltd and is able to prove its worth (Galvin and et. al., 2013).

Justification of Choice

The analyst justifies the recommended design as this system will be able to perform various kinds of functions. The company has added various innovative features in the product characteristics. Also duplication of work will reduce and performance of the employees will increase. This is the most suitable system for businessman as they can carry it anytime anywhere whenever required. The travellers can carry this while travelling because the system will help them to track the locations. World map will be installed in the system. The system is affordable and it can be used for various purposes. Working class people can use this for entertainment as well. The company can provide attractive covers and bags so that it can protect the system and makes it easy to carry .

Issues and Limitations of the Proposed System

It is not necessary that every system works perfectly and there are various issues which one might face while working on the system. All that issues affects the smooth running of the workforce. Error in the PC or error in the hardware system can create major problems which are as follows:

To overcome this issue, proper maintenance of system and use in required. Management is required to install and configure the drives correctly. To resolve the problem, various methods should be undertaken. These include online support of manufacturers which means consulting from the manufacturer while facing any problem. The user can approach through online so that problems can be identified in hardware and software devices. It is also required to solve the issues at the time of diagnosis of problems (Computers and computer systems. 2013). The system can be replaced or exchanged at that time so that the manufacturer can make certain improvements. Another way to resolve problem is POST (Power on Self Test). There are certain problems which occur at the booting of computer system. At that moment POST displays the issue of hardware system which is affecting the booting process. Diagnosing the problem at that time can help the operator to find the solution which can overcome the problems .


It is essential to update all the installed software or utility within the system at periodic interval so as to ensure they keep operating well. This will help in protecting the system, from threats and intrusion. Software maintenance has gain attraction in recent years and provides company an opportunity to upgrade the license of different software. Software needs to be updated on yearly basis . This results in bringing some improvements and new features in the existing software.

System Maintenance

It includes number of activities that are carried out simultaneously for system maintenance. It involves designing errors, removing programs, testing data, updating documentation and user support. Below shown is the procedure of system maintenance:

Up gradation of Hardware and Software Components

There must be provision that the existing system can be upgraded in the future as technology keeps on changing with the passage of time. In order to upgrade the system, existing hardware and software are replaced with the upgraded hardware and software. This will enhance the performance of the system (Bryant and O'Hallaron, 2011). Below mentioned are few areas on which CLB must work on.Expanded motherboard: there must be provision that the main printed circuit board, that is, the PCB can be expanded in future so that more components can be attached to it.Replacement of device: CLB can benefit from the replacement of some of the components of the system. For example, in case of expanding the memory, existing hard disk can be replaced with that of new hard disk with more capacity. In addition to this, existing RAM can be replaced with higher performance RAM so as to enhance performance (Hura and Singhal, 2010). Existing mouse can be replaced with wireless mouse. Moreover, network card can be replaced with more efficient network cards.


After working on the above system, the researcher has gained ample of knowledge on the computer system and its components. It will enable to understand the actual requirements of the CBL Ltd. The report throws light on the up gradation and maintenance of various peripherals, components and software of the system so as to enhance its efficiency. Finally, it is recommended that CBL Ltd must outsource all the system related work so as to get better facilities and it will also help it in managing it work more effectively.


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