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Employment Relation

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Introduction to Employment Relation

Employment relation is the legal agreement between employers and employees. In this, the employees do the work or complete the task in return of remuneration they get from the employer. Employment relation is vital topic which is discussed in every organisation. Enterprise makes many policies\ Rules and guidelines so that employment relation can become more better (Kersley and et. al.,2013). Employment relation influences the strategic plan of the business enterprise. The reason is that it is one of the important aspects in business unit.

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In this report, the company which is taken is BDO which is an international network of independent public accounting, tax, and advisory firms. They serve many customers globally and they have member which are professional and work under the BDO. The company is continuously growing by meeting the customer expectations and also they look for continuous improvement in their quality of services.

Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a part of organisation planning in which the enterprise makes the policies for the organisation for its smooth running. The organisation formulate certain activities such as focus energy, resources, operations and ensure that employees and stake holders are working for the common goals (Walby.,2013). The enterprise gives direction to employees to work for the common goals and how the company is able to achieve it. Strategic planning is a long way process and in this the higher authorities are involved because it decide the success and failure of the enterprise. In this report, the BDO wants to create new strategy for its organisation structure. The company wants to formulate the strategy in way that they can improve performance and can serve their clients in a better way.

The BDO covers following points while formulating the strategic plan.

  • Develop the strategic program which is risk based.
  • They develop the information for proper planning and mange the strategies.
  • Advice on steering
  • They want to assess welfare and health care reform for the future effects.

Company prepare the strategic plan by these approaches and insure that these points are considered while formulating the plan.

Determine where you are: Companies have to make mission, vision of the company. Vision indicates the future plan where the company want to reach. In this, company decide where they want to see themselves in the future. Mission focus on policies and rules which company formulate to reach its vision.

Identify what is important: The company has to make the objective which company wants to achieve and the firm also clarify the vision, mission and objectives to its employees and stakeholders. So that they can follow one direction.

Determine how is accountable: In this, the company decide how it is actually going. They decide which task should be assigned to whom and who is responsible for the accountability for particular task. Proper communication should take place in the organisation.

Control and review: After formulating and implementing plan the company has to control, monitor the activities to achieve the aims.

While making the strategic plan, the human relation role comes into picture. Human relation has great impact on the strategies which are formulated. In this report, there are 6 area of human relation which has to be taken into consideration while making the strategy (Bach & Bordogna 2011). These factors are leadership, acceptance and continuation, skills and personal qualities, engagement performance, internal monitor and continuous improvement, communication with those charged with governance. These factors influence the strategic plan and company has to work on this to evaluate issues and solve them. The company has to give training to its employees, motivate them, encourage them to work and achieve the personal goals.

Some are issues of human relationships that influence the strategic plan is as follow

Engagement: Strategic planning is not an event. This process needs the human resources at every level of the organisation. It is essential to involve employees in the strategic planning so that they have clear understanding about objectives, mission and vision of the company.

Communication: The process of strategic management gets successful when there is easy communication from bottom to up and up to bottom. The employees should easily communicate with every level of the organisation. So that the one department know the function carried out by others.

Innovation: In this case, the company BDO is innovating new idea and techniques to serve their customer. In strategic planning, company needs their employees to be more innovative. But when the employees are not able to do it then the firm as to make change in the enterprise strategies and company make the changes in the structure of the organisation.

Culture: Organisation culture relate to the employees attitude, belief, values etc. if the employees is not able to change its view according to the situation. This kind of situation can be an issue for the company.

The company can solve these issues by giving them training. The training can make the employees more innovative, effective and efficient. Training, motivation, reward can bring the changes in the organisation (Ferner, Edwards & Tempel 2012). The leader has to play important role to clarify the roles and responsibility of the followers and supervise them. This can improve coordination among the employees. Training also helps to create awareness about the techniques. Motivation leads to increase productivity. If employee’s efficiency increases it can save the cost and time of the company. The employees become more creative in their work. The employees get more satisfaction which leads to retention of the employees and improve the loyalty.


This report is based on the strategic planning. The main concern of this report is human relation issues which influence strategic planning. Employment relation comes into picture at every level of the organisation. Some of the area which is given in the case has the issues in employment relation. These areas influence strategic plan and company is not able to reach to its success. This report emphasize that every level of employment generate the success. The employees use its innovation process and deliver the services in a manner that the customer gets satisfaction. These all can happen when the issues are regularly monitored and controlled . BDO is planning to make new strategies and for that they need to look at the employees culture, their values and belief. Also trained the company employees so that they become more flexible in nature and can adopt the changes.


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