D/601/0578 Unit 6 Marketing Essentials HND Business Level 5


Marketing plays a vital role to increase the profit of an organization. Every firm is hunting to expand the sales and gain profit in the market. Marketing is also crucial to know the customer demands, requirements, needs and their interests. In order to attract the end user of the product and services the company conducts a research to identify the customer requirements and then it provide the collected information to the company to develop the products and services (Baker and Saren,2016). The core purpose of the marketing is to build a customer relationships, establish a customer driven strategies that can achieve the high

This marketing report is based on Cadbury which is a British multinational confectionery company and wholly owned by Mondelez International since 2010. The company was established by John Cadbury approximately 194 years ago in Birmingham, United Kingdom. It consists of 71,657 employees according to the 2008 information. The major product of the Cadbury is Dairy milk Chocolate but it also offers a huge range of items such as bars, beverages, desserts, etc. across the globe. Cadbury follows a top down approach with distinct chain of command from top management to the middle management and clerical support assistance.

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Task 1

P1 Explain the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function of Cadbury.

Definitions and nature of marketing : Marketing is an organizational function which communicates with customers to recognise their requirement and delivers a valuable product to them. It manages a beneficial relationship between the organization and customers in which the company get the profit in terms of money and the customers gain the contentment through the purchasing of quality products (Brassington and Pettitt, 2013). It plans and take the decision regarding the marketing activities, identify the customer needs and their buying behaviour.

Concepts, Current and future trends of marketing : The marketing concepts can be divided into five major concepts of Cadbury. These concepts can be define as production, product, selling, marketing and societal which can be beneficial for the current and future trends of marketing.

Production concept : This is the most basic concept of marketing which states that customers get influenced by the low cost and quality products. Managers are concentrated to increase the production with low cost consumption and huge distribution of the product. The core purpose of production concept is to increase the customer purchasing power through the cheap price and quality of the goods. The product should also accessible at any place such as Cadbury products has less price and also available at retail shops that enhances the supply and production of the goods.

Product concept : In this concept the consumers always have tendency for high quality products and innovative attributes. The customer admires the quality of the product but managers should not stick at one place only for one product (Desai,2013). They should innovate the things which is profitable for the company and the customer too. As innovative approach keeps long customer relationships because the company fulfils their demands. For an example, Cadbury is well known for Dairy milk chocolate and but over the decades it realizes that the customers are looking for new flavour of chocolate. After the recognizing the customer's interests it rolled out a wide range of Dairy Milk silk and promoted it through all the possible ways. As it can be see on the TV advertisements which increases the curiosity to purchase the chocolate and that is the main motive of the product concept to introduce a new product in the market whenever it is required.

Selling Concept : It focused on the promotional activities because the customers tends over the aggressive promotion of products and services. These activities increases the sells of Cadbury such as Dairy Milk Silk promotions.

Marketing concept : It emphasizes on the requirement of the target customers that supports to deliver products and services which offers them a satisfaction. Marketing team builds an image of the organization which is helpful to reach out the customers because the customer automatically towards a brand. As the Cadbury is a well known brand in the market and because of that the customer strongly believes on product quality.

Societal Concept : Its core focus is on the needs and requirements of the target people. Cadbury investigates about the interests, choices and tastes of the customers so that they can enhances Cadbury sells (Desselle,Zgarrick and Alston, 2016).

Marketing plays a crucial role for Cadbury because it analyse the needs of the prospect customers and then promote it among the end users. It develops strategies to recognise the end users needs and then promote the goods which are provided by a Cadbury. So that the customer can attract towards the products and increase the purchasing capacity. Marketing department also has a hierarchical structure such as the marketing head, managers and the employees who works on the ground to accomplish a marketing campaign. It is also useful for B2C and B2B because both of these needs to be aware about the product availability to enhance the sales of the products whether it targets to the organization as a customer or people.

Marketing Functions

There are seven marketing functions that manages the entire activities from research to distribution of Cadbury products. These functions are mentioned below -

Distribution Channels : It is a good to have an idea about a certain product as the founder of the Cadbury had a thought of chocolates. But more than having an idea for the business, it is most important to provide chocolate to the target customers. A distribution channel is required to sell the chocolates and that can be supermarket, a small retail shop or any place where the prospect customer can easily get the products. It means that a products needed to be take to the customer to increase sales and gain the profit. Cadbury chocolates has a wide range of distribution channels that is the main reason of its increased sales (Dibb and Simkin, 2013).

Product and Service Management: It refers to managing customer response regarding products and services through listening customer feedback and analysing needs and wants. This is crucial because it provides the information about the customer perceptions and their point of views which aid to keep the product update. For an instance, Cadbury analyse the requirement of the people to keep updating the new flavour of the chocolates.

Pricing: The price of product has a huge impact on the demand of the goods. Cadbury has an affordable price strategy which attracts the people. As the people always looks for the cost effective products with quality and Cadbury chocolates owes the market from years due to the price and quality. As the price is the major function of the marketing which is decided after research of the market which embraces that what would be the reasonable amount for them. This cost is the main reason to increase customer demands.

Promotion: This is the major function of marketing which aware customer about the availability of certain product and services. For an example, Cadbury adopts various promotional activities which aggressively provokes the target customers to raise the sells of products. There are a lot of channels for promotions such as TV advertisement, internet and print media which encourages the people to buy a in new range of chocolates (Hauer,2011).

Selling: Marketing and sells are both compliments each other because marketing make the targetted customers aware about a certain product. The marketing team put their efforts to know the customer preferences and guide sales staff to sell their product in the targetted market. They investigates about the current trends of the market and then gives leads to their sales team where they can gain the competitive advantages. For an illustration, Cadbury analyses the requirement of the desserts and then it provides desserts in the market to increase the sales of product.

Financing : Money is important for a business organization because it operates all the operations without any interference. As there are various marketing activities that needs to put money to promote the products, organizing campaigns in a smooth way. Cadbury needs funds to conduct its marketing activities in a smooth way. Finance department assist to provide money to spend on all of these activities so that all marketing functions can be easily carried out without any interruption (Jones and Rowley 2011).

MIS: Marketing information system is used to store the information about the customers, products and services. It supports Cadbury to retrieve the information about their targetted customer to identify their preferences and choices. It is majorly used for decision making because it stores the information about the customer feedback, desires and requirements so that the company can provide them new products according to their needs and interests.

P2 Explain how roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context

There are various functions of marketing that enhances the operational area of an organization. But the core purpose of the marketing is to increase the sales of Cadbury and to do it needs to communicate with each department of an organisation. As there are various section in Cadbury and each of them is working separately but marketing has to balance with all of them to conduct its activities (Lamb Hair and McDaniel,2011). There are several role and responsibilities of marketing team with respect to other departments and that are as follows -

Research and development : The marketing team needs to know about the latest trends and requirement of the product in a certain region. To gather the information from various segments of target market the marketing department needs to contact with R&D because it will provide the detail about the products and services. For an example, the research and development team will assist to cater the information from the market according to the requirement of the people such as what kind of people are purchasing the products, interests, choice and the amount which they can pay willingly. The team will provide the information to the marketing team and then it boost up the activities to promote its chocolates or other Cadbury products in the marketplace that can enhance the sales and increase the profit.

Human resource management – The marketing section also needs to connect with the HR manager. The marketing team needs to tell about requirement of the new employees and then the manager will hire the employees according to the qualification and skills. Human resource manager will recognise the need to of the staff for the marketing activities which will increase the productivity of marketing team. Human resource manager will follow the complete procedure to recruit the employees(Malhotra, Birks and Wills,2013).

Customer service department : It provides crucial information to the marketing team. As whenever the customer would have some problem or complain regarding Cadbury's product. The marketing team will collect the information and put efforts to resolve the issues. For an example, if people are demanding for the sugar free chocolates and they give this suggestion to the customer service. The marketing team will retrieve this information and investigate about the product interest then it provides information to the production development team to develop such products that meets the customer satisfaction.

Administration : This department refers to the top management of the Cadbury such as the CEO. It is the highest authority which has the right to approve or reject any proposal. Marketing team needs to take approval from them before taking decision because they have the keen eyes on every marketing activities. So it is required to take show them a marketing team to the get the sanctions.

Finance – It is the major requirement for organizational operations and functions of Cadbury. Marketing has requires funds to maintain the flow of work without any hurdle. So the marketing team will reach to the finance department to get the funds that will help to maximize the marketing activities. These funds will be required to promote the Cadbury items through various mediums such as the online campaigns, TV advertisement, quiz contests and so on.

Marketing needs to pay connect with every department to conduct the activities in an appropriate manner that will drive the profit to Cadbury organisation ( Mihart, 2012).

Task 2

P3 Elements of marketing mix to achieve business objective.

Marketing mix : Marketing mix is the step which organisation take in order to promote its brand or product in the marketplace. It is about putting the right product or services at a right place at correct price and time. Marketing mix include all the activity which organisation perform from producing to sale of the product. Business perform different practices in order to generate good response in the market place. Initially, there are only 4 p's which is Product , Price, Place ,Promotion but now it was extended to 7 p's with the change in the environment. 7 p's is the addition of the above 4 p's it included People, Process, Physical evidence. To apply effective marketing mix in the business is needed that marketer know the business plan of their undertaking (Novak,2011)

Comparison of marketing mix of Cadbury and Nestle to planning process

Marketing mix




The products in which cadbury deals are namely Bournville, crunchie, cadbury dairy milk, five star, bournvitta, fruit sundae, caramel cake bars etc. are among the huge product list. The company not only deals in chocolates it also provide other products like beverages and desserts. The business currently entering into the ice cream and biscuits areas to enlarge their market share.

The company is offering dairy products, chocolates, beverages and ready to cook foods. Nestle provides a wide variety of the product mix which comprises of food,health and nutrition product to meet the customers need. The products in which nestle deals are bottled water,baby foods , breakfast cereals, chocolates ,coffee ,dairy products and ice creams.


The enterprise is following cost effective strategy in which they fix high prices for a few products like bournville and there are some products which are priced lower to target the needs of other segments (Ormrod ,2014). The marketing mix pricing strategy of cadbury depends on the competition,demand and packages. The customers of the company is so loyal that they buy the product even when there is a rise in the prices.

The company follows skimming pricing strategy. The nestle does not have the loyal customers who buy the product even there is a high fluctuations in the prices. The company offers a product by using competitive pricing because of the presence of many companies who are providing the same product like kitkat and munch. The respective organisation have the similar price to the cadbury in the chocolate segment. The pricing strategy of nestle depends upon the competitor, product quality and geographical area.


The products of the company are available both in urban and rural areas. The business has good distribution channel due to which they make product available to the customer within 2 minutes from any local retail shops. The company is at present providing their product in almost more than 200 countries. They have no personal stores in the market, they traded their product online with the help of existing online businesses.

The company is known for the strong marketing and sales network for distribution. The company at present follow FMCG channel of distribution. The company uses other businesses online platform to sell their product. The most of the revenue comes from the European countries which is 90% of the total sales. With the help of stronger products like Nescafe and Maggie they are able to trade weak products (Papasolomou and Melanthiou 2012).


The cadbury done promotion through the help of television, newspaper , online radio and poster. There are various tag-line which are attached with various products of cadbury. They promoted their product as a sweet which can be used on the happy occasions.

Nestle use all media like TV, hoardings , print, online ads etc. for the promotion of its product. The company is come up different marketing strategy to brand their products. For example : Maggie which they associated with 2 minute snack which can be easily prepared by the anyone without even knowing cooking.


The main objective of the company is to increase their sales and market share. For that they provide effective training to the employees and manger so that they can improve their performance and productivity. In achieving objectives and to reach at large masses, mangers and employees are the important persons (Perreault, 2010).

The employees of the company are one of most common reason due to which nestle and many companies able to bring innovation and creativity in the organisation. If the employees are not able to make qualitative product for which company is known than it will create negative impact on the sales and profit. Organisation need to make concentration on their employees before assigning them any task.


The company is having good delivery services due to which they are able to provide the product to the people very easily. The company is using different producing and deliver services in order to attract customer's. Cadbury uses transparent strategies for preparing food items. They disclose the ingredients which they used in manufacturing their product.

Nestle has their own business procedure which they used in running their day to day operations. Process involves the method included in delivering the product and services to the customer. Nestle have good process in place in which they deliver the same standard of service to the customer(Pike,2015).


Physical evidence

Cadbury provide the product with a attractive packaging on the festivals. They always make changes in their packaging and product design in order to attract the customers. In festive time they make a separate pack according to special occasion in which they provide all types of commodity of their brand in one packet. When person get all types of things in one product than they will induce to buy it .

Nestle providing variety of products and beverages in the services for which they put focus on their product presentation. They does not able to provide the product according to the changes in the environment. The services which they provide to the client always remain similar as they does not make modification frequently.

Task 3

P4 Evaluate a basic marketing plan for the respective organisation.

Marketing plan : It is a document which business uses as a outline for its strategy and tactics. It is the part of the business plan which will help authority to marketing their product. This is a approach which business uses in order to develop its product and services which able to satisfy customer needs and wants. These marketing plan gave the priorities of your marketing effort which have to fulfilled in the respective year. It support the business in knowing the vision ,mission and provide a path through which organisation able to achieve its desired result.

Executive summary : Under this section there is a evaluation of the marketing environment of cadbury who deals in food products and confectionery. It is a food and beverage company which operates in almost more than 200 countries. The organisation use marketing strategy in order to enhance its global presence. For implementing a effective marketing plan they analyse the vision ,mission ,objectives and financial performance of the organisation. Cadbury uses marketing plan to make people understand how their product is better as compare to their rival firm (Silverand et. al., 2012).

Vision of Cadbury : They want to produce the product which people love in-spite of the product which they able to make. Company want to achieve their targets by using digital technologies for their promotion.

Mission : The mission of the company is to continuously improving their quality. As there whole business and its profit depends upon the quality. They want to provide the qualitative product because reputation is based on that. For the new product there mission is to provide a customer unique and tempting taste. They want to offer the product which can bring water in their mouth and customer's can resist them from eating it.

Objectives :

  • To continuously improve the quality of the product so that they can stand differently from their rival firms.
  • They wanted to establish large number of stores worldwide to make their strong presence in the market.
  • They always try to make different packages so that customer's can get attract towards their product easily.

Swot analysis of the cadbury

Strength :

  • Cadbury has a very successful marketing and advertising campaign due to which people able to get their product easily.
  • They have very strong distribution network through which they are able to provide the product in many countries like US, UK ,India and Australia.

Weakness :

  • There are may cases happen with the cadbury where cockroaches and the worm are founded in their chocolate. All these things damage the reputation of the company.

Opportunities :

  • Cadbury can provide their product in the rural market through the use of effective distribution channel.
  • They can widen their market presence by providing the product to the area which is untapped (Swenson,Rhoads and Whitlark, 2014).
  • The company can enhance its market share by inventing more products into their food segments.

Threats :

  • Now a days people are more conscious about the health which stops them from in taking chocolate.
  • Company is facing huge competition from the international and local brands like nestle which can affect the market share of the cadbury.
  • Cadbury is positioned their product as festive product but with decrease in the festive decrease the demand of the chocolate.

Marketing Budget:

Marketing budget


1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing expenditures








Sales promotion






Direct marketing












Segmenting : The company should segment the product to the adult so that they can use for the purpose of gifting and eating.

Targeting : The company should target their product to everyone children ,families and adult. It is the product which is readily available whenever the person feels the need of sweet. It can be stored for a longer period of time. The product should be made available in such a form that it can be easily afford by lower, middle and upper class(Rossi Allenby and McCulloch, 2012).

Positioning : Cadbury provides a sweet product which are already positioned at a happy occasion or new beginnings. The company at present positioned at only few blissful occasions, they should extend this to many more occasions and the daily routine. So that people consider it as a sweet which can be used anytime whether happy or sad.


From the above conclusion it is concluded that marketing is a essential part of the society which organisation have to perform in order to achieve competitive advantage and growth. There are various role and responsibilities of marketing department which help organisation to increase their sales and profitability. This report defined about the Cadbury as how they use the different marketing mix and strategies in order to promote their product and services. Herein it considered various department which are interrelated with the marketing function. These functions are responsible for the activities of other department of the organisation. By the help of these marketing functions they make people aware about their product so that they attracted to organisation and buy it.


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