Business requires essential resources and research in order to expand its operational activities. The report will cover research on Denmark in order to expand business of Marvin and Smith’s coffee shop there. The tailored marketing mix model is also included in this report. Implications of the need for Marvin and Smith’s to cover a wider geographical area in terms of a different country will be discussed and impact of liquidity and profitability on decisions available for business will be covered and discussed.

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1. Research on a country (within the European Union) that Marvin and Smith’s coffee shop could expand into

It can be said that Hank Marvin and Patty Smith both had a dream of running business to their own which is also accomplished by them effectively. Not they want to expand their markets as so much customers are responding well. There are so many foreign travellers also started to seek these coffee shops (Anthony and Garner, 2016). In respect to this, they are now becoming known in abroad as well and decided to focus on an overseas expansion plan effectively. The old information system is not enough and also outdated for business expansion.

In respect to this, Copenhagen will be the best Scandinavian country and also the capital of Denmark comprising the Jutland Peninsula and numerous islands for business in order to expand operational activities. Denmark, Copenhagen is a Scandinavian country and full of nature beauties such as forests, rivers, mountains and beaches that Coffee shop business is appropriate in this country (Waxman, 2017). Denmark, Copenhagen has a temperate seasonal climate dominated by humid westerly winds. The nations is surrounded with oceans and climate is also cool. There are so many reach people out there and also the life style is also amazing. Traditional environment is also good and culture diversity is also popular in nation. One of the most important ethical consideration of Denmark employees that they are loyal and integrate with business and its activities. They work hard and promoted after a certain amount of period effectively. There is no corruption in this nation. Some crucial factors should be considered by business in terms of ethics that there is a fear of unknown and male money makers. The people have low sense of business and and also relatively low in international thinking that strategies must be formulate by business owners in order to expand business activities and operations. The total number of people out there is 57.3 lakhs according to the 2016 data analysis (St Clair-Jones and Quinn, 2018). The growth rate is 0.4 which is good for the business. The environment is also cool that coffee shops will be loved by local people. The nation is also very effective in terms of tourists that number of people visit for the travelling purpose. Transportation is little difficult but possible in many ways. Based on location, business is able to fin its suppliers and people who can help to expand business activities. There are also some structural considerations should be followed by firm such as laws and legislations maintained by the government in order to run business smoothly and effectively. The trading environment is good and also supported by government in order to enhance economy and country development. Agriculture is taking place in Denmark and also compatible with the needs of social, economical, political and sustainability (Calabretta and Gemser, 2015). The main competitors for the firm will be Democratic coffee, Copenhagen and The coffee collective effectively. Hamburg and Frankfurt are also the main competitors and must be considered by firm in order to manage and control their business operational activities. There are so many coffee shops in Denmark that people love coffee out there because of the coll environment. Staff welfare will be main point here for the business that employees obligations and rights must be considered. Overall, Denmark is good for business expansion and operational activities in order to enhance profitability and production (Sheldon, 2018).

2. Marketing mix

Marketing mix is important for the business that it helps to understand plan and strategies in order to offer products and services in the market for the purpose of business expansion effectively (Rosenberg Sr, Chauvet and Kleinman, 2016). The model will also help to capture and promote unique selling points of business products and services, differentiate and analyse competitors. This will help Hank Marvin and Patty Smith coffee shop business to be expand in Denmark effectively.

Product: The first P from four P's of marketing mix model is product and service. Product can be a tangible or intangible service that fulfils customer requirements and demands (Rosanne Burson and Dianne Conrad, 2016). The coffee shop business products are Coffee with finest beans from Gumutindo, suppliers are from Uganda, high quality tea, cold drinks, snacks and pastries are also available for customers in Denmark. Variety of products and services will help business to manage their expansion in Denmark towards customers ef


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