Customer experience is the interaction between an organisation or a customer by which they can discuss about a specific product. By having this experience of conversation customers can get satisfied and able to set their mind in order to purchase goods and services from the firm.  In this assignment Bincho restaurant has been selected which is one of the best London based Japanese restaurant was formed in the year of 2007 by David Miney (Bharwani and Jauhari, 2017). It is headquartered in London UK. This restaurant cooks different types of Japanese food like skewers and dense coals etc. Further discussion will be based on needs and expectations of market segment for service industry and customers experience map. After this it will investigate the impact of digital technology in customer relationship management Lastly, customer experience management within service industry will get covered.

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P1. Value and importance of understanding the wants, needs and preferences of target customer groups for service sector industry.

At present scenario customers plays very important role within restaurants as well as business firms. They always beneficial for an organisation as they give effective feedback to firm and make them attractive in front of others. On the basis of customers, respective restaurant can easily determine their needs, wants, tastes and preferences, so that they can modify their services accordingly. It helps them to build strong relationship with customers for long duration at marketplace (Chathoth and et. al., 2016). Along with this there are several demographics by which they can easily segmented their customers on the behalf of age, income, gender and so on. There are few significance for customer's segment along with their needs are explained below:

Variety of customer

                     Various sort of customer needs

Gym Instructor

Chocolate flavoured protein printed on menu

Good for health

Best protein

Hospital patients

Light food

Fast services

Nutrition food

Disabled customer

Food filled with extra Calories  
printed on the menu

Nutritious food

Good services

According to the above mentioned information manager of Bincho restaurant can easily known about customer's choice, tastes and preferences. As per the above segmented category of people this restaurant can easily provide food as per their choice and it helps them to make good relations with them. Therefore, segmentation by various category helps this restaurant to make efficient and attractive services for their overall customers.

For instance, this is very essential to consider every category of customers for the betterment of future (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). By having this tool and strategy they can determine various needs of people and able to bring new innovative ideas which will attract the large number of consumers. Through giving lots of different services to customers they can give better feedback to the organisation/restaurant. With the help of this consumers can get better experience and able to make good relations with restaurant, so that firm can sustain in market for long duration.

P2. Various factors that influence and drive customer engagement of different target customer groups in the service sector.

Customer engagement is the process of interacting with any firm for particular goods and services. This engagement is much essential for each and every kind of business whether the food industry or any business industry. With the help of this firms can differentiate customer's several demand on their own perspective. It shows that customer engaged in firm and able to give its choice or preferences to the firm (Srivastava and Kaul, 2016). In context with Bincho restaurant manager always considered their customer's choice first and make food accordingly, so that they can stay in the market for long time. There are some essential factors, those are necessary for balancing customer engagement within Bincho restaurant are given below:

Ambience: It is based on overall design and interior of any hotel or restaurant as well as different places. In reference with Bincho restaurant, it is essential to make unique and attractive interior with lots of colourful lights, paints, designs and so on (Gruber and et. al., 2015). It will highly satisfy customer's needs and wants and positively influence them.

Pricing Strategies: Which strategy followed by Bincho restaurant is very attractive as they put few cost on their products and provide better quality of foods. They also gives discount offers on some product to satisfy customer's requirements on time. With the help of effective pricing strategies they can easily attract huge consumers.

Services Offered: There are different types of services which is offered by Bincho restaurant to satisfying customers needs (Carlson and et. al., 2016). Those services are includes in fine dining, Wi-Fi facilities, Bar, customer support and many more. By having these services customers can get huge satisfaction and able to increase firm's profit as well as productivity.

Quality of Food and Services: The following restaurant always provide better quality of goods and services to their customers. Along with this they also considered customer's choice first and prepare food accordingly. On the basis of this they can make huge potential customers that makes them attractive and valuable in marketplace.


P3. Customer Experience Map for selected service sector.

It refers to the particular process by which firms provide better quality of goods and services to customers and then they experienced. There are several types of stages by which Bincho restaurant can considered first customer's perception and choice. It will helps them to increase overall growth of restaurant together with productivity (Kim, 2015). For betterment of future respective restaurant should evaluate appropriate needs and wants of customers by observing their reviews from social sites and online web results. With the help of they can make better forms for good experience to customers. There are few sources which are provided as below:

Restaurant Environment: It refers to the internal environment of restaurant which influence customer's needs and wants positively. As restaurant always attract consumers mindset as well as their behaviour, nature and so on. By having positive culture in restaurant customers gain better experience and increase business profit as well as productivity.

Websites: These are the most attractive part in restaurant or any organisation for customers. In context with Bincho restaurant they are giving this facility to their customers so that they can easily check overall reviews and able to choose so many things. This thing make people happy and increase brand identity efficiently.

Restaurant Staff: Staff members plays an important, this is because they are the only one who knows exactly needs and demand of customers. In reference with Bincho restaurant their staff members always listen to their customer's first and serves food accordingly. Along with this, they behave positively which influence customers in a positive manner. By having this type of culture in restaurant customers gain better experience and give excellent feedback to restaurant (Bjelajac and et. al., 2016).

Therefore, respective firm should conduct different types of research, post purchase and pre purchase forms. With the help of these sort of services firm can make better impression in front of customers and they get good experience from the food industry.

P4. Explanation of customer touch point to create business opportunities for customers in selected organisation.

Touch point can be defined as the way in which customers can easily interact with business or business firm, whether it person to person as well as through websites. When consumers comes in contact to any business entity or touchpoints then they have opportunities to differentiate their prior perceptions and form of an opinion. According to Bincho restaurant, it is necessary to analyse overall demand or preference of customers. By having overall analysation from customers mind set respective business should improvised some new things in order to make their business attractive. It will increase customers satisfaction and confidence as well towards firm (Maier and Prusty, 2016). For example: By observing the appropriate role of waiter within an organisation like Bincho restaurant who always make strong relationship or contacts with customers at present days. So the conversation in between customer and employee, explained below:

Employee: Good evening sir.

Customer: Good evening.

Employee: Sir please tell me what you want to eat today?

Customer: I just want one French fries with clod-rink.

Employee: Sir please wait your order will be ready in 10 minutes.

Customer: Sure, You can take time.

(After 10 minutes)

Employee: Sir your order is ready.

Customer: Thank you. How much is it?

Employee: Only £50 sir.

Customer: Okay. Here it is.

Employee: Thank you so much sir. Have a good day and visit again sir.

From the above conversation it has been observed that employees from Bincho restaurant are very well good in nature. They also behave positive with customer. It influence customer's mind set in a positive way and make them happy. These sort of touchpoint always increase opportunities for business and make them attractive at marketplace.


P5. How digital technology is employed in customer experience with particular examples.

In competitive world, Digital technology playing important role in each and every organisation in order to satisfying customers needs and wants (Lanier and Hampton, 2016). Whereas, internet comes under digital technology as it provide different forms to customers by which they can read and listen anything anywhere. In reference with Bincho restaurant, digital technology and internet connection helps them to achieve their goals effectively. By having digital technology in restaurant they can satisfied their customer's wants and needs as well as gives them better experience. There are few ways of digitalisation that supports and improve customer's experience, gi


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