Different Theories and Methods of Business Communication of Hotel Hilton

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Communication is the means of exchanging information with each other. This information sharing can be accomplished via verbal or written communication methods. An effective business communication skill involves efficient speaking, listening, presentation as well as teamwork skills. The communication skills helps in achieving business goals by establishing great relationships with customers as well as employees (Powless and Schafer, 2016). The report will enlighten different theories and methods of communication using example of Hotel Hilton which is one of top hospitality industry of UK. Being a hotel industry Hilton requires great communication skill to interact with its target audience. The report will also describe the role of communication within business and management. The report will explain the various factors which influences the communic

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1. Learning styles and factors influencing the business communication

There are several factors and learning styles which affects the effectiveness of business communication skills.

  • The learning style used by sender and receivers influence the efficiency of communication skills. Most of the communication skills are developed as per the visual observation and logical understanding. Employees of Hilton communicate with their customers by logically understanding their requirements. (Halavee, Halavee and 2017).
  • Working environment significantly affects the behaviour of an individual. Thus, their communication skills reflects the behaviour in which they work. For example the management staff and kitchen staff of hotel Hilton will have different communication styles.
  • The efficiency of communication skills also depends on kinesthetic approach used in learning. For instance if some employee learn to deliver message by regularly performing interaction. Then this will develop a habit and employee will develop excellent skills with time.
  • The business communication skills also depends on social learning style of the employees. The personality and behaviour of individuals depends on the society they belong and the behaviour and communication they have learnt from the society. With the communication organisation can easily identify the social and cultural background of customers as well as employees.
  • Functional harmony between senders and receivers makes communication more impressive and productive. If sender and receiver shares a functionality then they will easily understand the information shared. But on the other hand if there is no similar functionality then it may happen that they do not understand the terms and technical details of each other. Such communication can be misleading and ineffective.
  • The effectiveness of communication also depends upon positional impact. For instance communication with senior authorities will be more effective as compare to communication with subordinates.
  • Clear understanding of message, technical expertise and experiences always affects the way to interpret the communication message. Apart from these factors the emotional connectivity between senders and receivers will also influence the effectiveness of communication. The employees use auditory learning style for understanding the message by listening it from the superiors. For providing detailed description managers can also use visual tools like presentations or reports so that communication can be made more effective.

2. Theories of business communication

Cultural approach theory: This communication theory explains that communication approach depends on culture of the organisation. Thus, norms and rules of communication will depend on stakeholders of the business. For example hospitality like Hilton requires more verbal communication while e-commerce and retailers will require visual and written modes of communication dominantly. The levels and standards of communication is greatly influenced by the culture of business.

Dramatism business communication theory: This communication theory analyses the human relationships. As per this theory a sense of identification is required for providing meaningful communication. For example if Hilton want to communicate with customers it first require to understand their needs and expectations. For creating this understanding organisation need to be fluent in communication with its customers.

Organisational information theory: It explains the ways by which Hilton can use information for improving the performance of their business (Hartl and Chavan, 2016). Like if Hilton will focus on information like feedbacks and suggestions it will enhance its profit. It is also mandatory to store customer's information for future reference. It is necessary for the organisations to manage the information by appropriate tools. Some informations are more effective when processed verbally while some are effective when communicated in written and formal mode of communication.

Relational dialectics theory: This theory of communication describes the concepts and patterns of communication between partners of relationships such as between customers and organisation. It also concentrates on struggles, conflicts and tensions involved in communication. The customer's complains or dissatisfaction among employees clearly reflects in the communication behaviour of the individuals.

Kincaid's convergence: According to this theory of communication, a more emphasis is laid on interdependent relation between communicating individuals. Information exchange is carried out in number of iterations to establish a mutual understanding. The organisation and customers both have mutual understanding on fact that quality services must be provided to customers. But to accomplish this various communication cycles take place within organisation as well as with customers (Burgoon, Guerrero and Floyd, 2016). 

3. Implementation of research tools and academic skills in business communication

The quality and the performance of business communication is influenced by various research tools and the academic skills. If there is an understanding gap between sender and receiver due to academics or technology then communication will not be much effective. For instance the employees of IT department of Hilton will not be able to efficiently deliver an information regarding the networking aspects to the employees in sales or front desk. There will be certainly lack of understanding. Thus, organisation always focus on establishing communication only with the concerned person.

For achieving organisational goals Hilton also uses various research tools so that customer's behaviour can be analysed accurately and organisation can develop strategies accordingly(Rosemann and vom Brocke, 2015). For analysing the feedbacks and suggestions Hilton use social media tools so that quality related issues are resolved at the earliest. Similarly, for analysing the competitors Hilton hotel communicate with its customers with the use of research tools like survey, search engine optimization and other market research methods. By establishing brand value with the help of these communication tools Hilton can make strong communication relationships with its customers. 

4. Role of effective communication within management

Effective communication skills plays a crucial role in management related activities of hotel Hilton.

  • When managers and leaders are not able to give proper outline of the problems then it will be difficult for other employees of Hilton to figure out the suitable solution. Thus, the efficiency and results of problem solving approach may not meet the expectations of customers as well as organisation.
  • Motivation encourages employees that they provide their best efforts to ensure the best quality services for the customers. Management can provide motivation to its employees only if managers and leaders have communication relations with the other team members.
  • Being a hospitality industry hotel Hilton requires regular interaction with guests from different corners of world who have different culture. Thus, for Hilton it becomes more necessary to communicate with their customers with fluency. Otherwise, the management of organisation will not be able to understand the requirements of customers and hence will definitely fail to meet the expectations of the customers. Thus, the communication skills will directly influence the customer relation and profit of the business(Lee, Yun and Han, 2016).
  • Without communication management will not be able to create awareness about polices of organisation. So staff members of Hilton will find it difficult to analyse that which strategies need to be followed and which strategies need to be ignored.
  • The management of Hotel Hilton must be fluent in communication skills because for social media and other marketing strategies also these skills are mandatory. Without communicating about the organisation it will be impossible to pursue the business.
  • Hilton hotel management may also face situations like conflicts or disagreement on views. These conflicts must be resolved quickly and effectively to avoid huge losses. Organisation can resolve these conflicts only by the means of communication because only communication can develop understanding (Berkenkotter and Huckin, 2016). 

5. Impact of different methods of communication

Within an organisation various methods of communication can be used to address the operational aspects of business.

Verbal: Hilton hotel use this method of communication for interacting with customers as well as for execution of management strategies. For providing instructions to employees management prefers verbal communicate followed by written communication. This communication method also establish the emotional connectivity between sender and receiver.

Non verbal: This communication includes the communication via gestures, body languages or language tone. For instance when manager monitors the quality of employees they use facial expression to express their judgement.

Written and formal: Written communication follows rules and regulations strictly. It can be carried out by letters or printed notes, email conversations and reports. Written communication are more formal than verbal communication and are necessary for validation of management activities. For framing polices and guidelines management of hotel Hilton will always use written method instead of verbal or non verbal communication.

Social media communication: With the advent and expansion of digital technologies this method of communication is one of the most popular method. Hilton hotel use this method for influencing greater amount of audience and to provide more effective quality services as per the requirement of customer.

Face to face communication: For executing routine operations various staff members use this method of communication. The customers of organisation also uses face to face communication or the verbal communication. This method develops more understanding between sender and receiver (Ellis and Beattie, 2017).

Usually business involves combination of these methods for management of their activities. For instance for distribution of work Hilton first use verbal communication to identify the capabilities of team members and then for providing formal acceptance and validation a written notice is also provided. Team leaders and managers prefers informal communication for motivating employees but for evaluation of their performances they use written communication.


From the report it can be concluded that without communication the existence and success of an organisation is questionable. Each and every organisation uses some methods of communication. The report has explained the role of communication in business. It has also explained the various theories of communication which are applicable in business. The report has explained the various factors which affects the communication. The report has described the impact of efficient communication skills in management related activities. Thus, it can be concluded from the report that organisations must focus on improving their communication skills because they play significant role in managing business activities.

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