Integrated Professional Skills In The Digital Age


The internet is a world-wide connected network system that uses TCP/IP to transfer information through several types of media (Baym, 2015). The internet is a network of global exchanges that consist of private, academic, public and government networks affiliated by directed, wireless and fiber-optic technologies. It is utilised by different organisations and society to operate several activities to conduct research to purchasing products online. In present time digital and advanced technology plays essential role in overall development and growth. The report consist of positive and negative use of internet in business as well as society. Along with threat faced by the society and business while using the internet and measure of security and privacy during to internet application or services are used online. Additionally, define communication skills and their feature, application for

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Main Body

1. Compare and contrast the positive and negative use of internet to business and society

Information and communication technology (ICT) is becoming crucial and central in today's world for modern companies and the population. This is obvious by the extensive use of mobile phones, smart phones, emails, video conferencing, the Internet, etc. In Modern ear society like to use internet which is helping in making life convenient and people easily complete their work in shorter period of time. Interest useful as well as harmful for business and society activities. Internet has both positive and negative impact its completely depend upon user how they are using it. Internet is very strong tool for business and society that can be beneficial or not. There are defined several positive and negative use of internet for both business as well as society is mention below in detail:

Positive use for businesses

Internet is very useful for business that provides several chances to get success and growth in their field. A business use internet in several ways to complete task effectively and efficiently in shorter period of time. So internet through an organisation can develop business at large level and expand business activities to maximise profit (Boss and Krauss, 2014).

This is helpful in promotion and marketing of products effectively. When any business wants to launch new product in the market that time use internet to reach targeted customer. A company can advertise and provide product & services easily to customer in innovative and creative manner. The business adopt different ways to promote products through marketing such as social media, ad on google, email marketing, search engines, websites and blogs in respect to increase market opportunities.

Now a days business wants to satisfy customer so for this conduct research to understand their their taste & preference. Such as manufacturing company of soap conduct market research to analysis market trend and which type soap they like most. After providing services to customer take feedback regarding to product & services that helps to improve business position in market and satisfy customer through facilities. Internet provides different payment option to business like pay-pal, debit cards, google pay, credit cards and many more (Donohue, 2014).

Negative use for businesses

To conduct business activity people use internet in huge way that show negative impact on the growth of organisation. Many times people hack sites and server of other companies to misuse of data that become reason of fall down in the market. Security can be considered as major drawback for a business. Important information can be accessed by the unauthorized person and hackers and hack bank accounts.

Internet increase competition between companies which belongs same field. It helps to new business to conduct business activities at digital level. As a result increase competition for other business and develop competitive environment. It will show impact on the organisation's sales as well as profit and customer easily select best option from different products.

Many companies are using internet to distract of customer and harm of organisation's reputation that show negative impact on business. People give negative reviews regarding to products & services which is impact in negative way (Ellaway and, 2015).

Positive use for society

Internet used by the people in different ways such as chatting, communication, business etc. By internet people easily connect with each other in any part of the world where communicate through emails, messages, social networking sites and many more. An individual can do video and audio calls with their family, friends or anyone.

Internet is helpful for students to find out detail information and take classes online. It helps to reduce time and getting information about anything. An individual can find out any thing from anywhere to get right information. With the help of internet people assesses news and updates of world and know different cultures.

Internet defined as innovative way of learning new things and get information about any topic. The information utilised by the society for learning new things and help to home makers for cooking new dishes ad many more.  It is defined as a platform to acquiring knowledge and gain endless information in much better way. Society can get free education by using internet in right manner (Fraillon and, 2014).

Negative use for society

Due to increase, use of internet there are some adverse effect, as it eliminates human intervention contact. Individuals can connect by mobile or other modern technologies, but they  forget individuals surrounding them. By providing digital people with more significance compared to people near to them. This will impact the friendships and raise a person's isolation.

Through the Internet, there are many illegal activities that can be carried out. This could have a negative effect on society as these actions can hurt people. Internet also increase cyber crime activities at society that impact on the lifestyle of people. Such as hacker hack person's bank account and transfer money in their account.

With the help of internet people can access any type of information and upload porno graphical material. As a result it impact in negative manner on society as well as young minds will be more attractive regarding these activities and addict for wrong habits.

Through internet people addict for online games that impact on the time of individual. The Web can be seen as a key reason for children's addiction in this era, as they are more likely to be involved in video and mobile games than physical exercise.

2. Threats faced by the organisation and society when using the internet and identify the measures of security and privacy that should be taken when internet applications or services are used online

In present time modern and digital age depended on internet applications and their services. With the help of internet transfer information and doing work in innovative way. But with different benefits of internet it also has dark side. There are several disadvantage of internet that show effect on the society and business (Goldie, 2016). There are mentioned some threats which face by the organisation as well as society such as:

Threat faced by organisation

Security issues: In present time mostly companies face major problem of security. In digital world every company adopt advanced technology for business operations. Without internet company can not properly complete function but more use of internet become reason of less security. It is a major problem that impact in negative manner on business activity.

Disputes with customer: Customer is essential part of any organisation as conflict from them can show negative impact on them. Dissatisfied consumer can become reason of economic set back and for revenge they spread out negative rumours regarding to organisation through internet. It is big platform where people connect with each other and trust on these rumours so it can effect reputation of company and deduct customer base (Gretter and Yadav, 2016).

Unsecured devices: Different types of system does not provide guarantee of security as a result it can lead to misuse of data and confidential information steal by the person. This is a threat for company as it can leak past information of a company that utilise by any person for wrong work. Unsecured and unauthorized system show diverse effect on the organisation.

Based on technologies: In present time every organisation adopt advanced technology that based on the internet. It is defined as threat for company because without internet company does not conduct business activity properly. If any fresher and untrained worker use advanced technology without any knowledge so it shows negative impact on the business.

Thread faced by society

Cyberbullying: In current world many people bullying by the cyber activities. It is a common threat which is faced by those people who use internet for every work and using social networking sites. Mostly crime happen through internet so there is many chances of spending false rumours. It will impact on the physical and mentally health of an individual in order to handle and problem. It is done by people by fake identity and lead to serious torture to some one.

Theft of personal information: It is largest threat which is faced by many individual due to loss personal information and also private. Through internet an individual easily track the location and steal bank accounts and other personal information. Due to hacking misuse of videos and pictures of an individual (Huda and Teh, 2018).

Pishing: It is a defined as fraud activities that is applied by any person to gain sensitive information. There is tracking a person activity to click dangerous and malicious links. This is a part of cybercrime that effect on the personal and professional life on an individual person. These types of people apply several types of trick in order to gain information and blackmail to do some thing wrong and illegal.

There are defined several tools & techniques that adopt by an individual in order to maintain security and confidential information during to use of internet application or service. Different measures are mentioned below to keep security and privacy for data:

  • Check privacy setting: Before visit any sites assure about the privacy setting and social networking sites. It will help to keep data secure and safe as nobody can access it without permission. There is various social sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and many more. Due to uses of these sites without checking privacy setting increase chances of lose of data.
  • Use secured passwords: Many sites are providing option to set password as security reason and also set question for user. It can be safe and no other person can utilise it without permission of user. It is essential to set password for important things which is required to keep secure from other peoples. As a result it keep data safely and locked with user only (Huda and, 2017).
  • Review permissions: During to uses of mobile application and browser they take permission from user to access information from their phones. These application take permission of access contacts, media, camera, storage and many more. User should carefully read all things after that provide permission otherwise not.

3. Two different unified communication providers to compare and contrast their features, applications and discussing their suitability for businesses

Unified communication define as phone system that compound with several communication methods in the context of business. Such as mostly companies utilise different ways to communicate such as video conferencing, instant messaging, SMS, Fax and many more. It is helpful to intensify the procedure of communication within company and adopt selected ways for communication. It is defined as an answer of communication that carry out several path for flow of communication with other businesses. The main reason behind of UC is to carry everything staff members required to interact both internally with superior and externally with customer. Mostly companies are used unified communication system and develop business concept to connect with business communication policies (Jacobs, Amuta and Jeon, 2017). There are defined some companies name such as Vongue, Avaya, Sonus, Oracle, Mitel, Microsoft etc.

Comparison between Microsoft and Cisco unified communication

Microsoft is leading organisation that conducting different services of IT sector. The company provides top IT services from starting years. It is conducting many business activities with great collaboration, videos, audio and supporting to work place with values to acquire set goals and objectives (Reamer, 2013).

Features: The features of Microsoft company support to communication flow in effective and efficient way. It is working on the reboot flagship software that defined as major feature. It lead to connect strongly ans collaborate abilities. The main feature of company such as:

  • Co-authoring
  • Smart looks
  • Better Skype and one drive integration
  • New charts in excel
  • Planner

Application: The Microsoft office is provided few and effective application that supporting in unified communication. The company apply different types of application like MS word, PowerPoint and MS excel. This applications are working in effective manner so it provides platform a business. Microsoft business application  is not only move in computer but also smoothly work for other system like Mac, IOS, Android OS also.

Sustainability: Microsoft office is very supporting toll for business entity and offer value to its business partner. It is advantageous for proper planning and consult with stakeholders (Twining and, 2013).

Cisco is a famous brand name that is offering unified communication platform to other businesses. It is dealing into different services such as cloud calling, licensing call control, collaboration management, assortment of application and telephone extension that are included in unified communication umbrella.

  • Features: The main feature consist of Embedded packet capture (EPC), Embedded event manager (EEM), configuration archives and warm reloads. All of them are supporting and help in cooperate and unified communication with business.
  • Application: The application of particular company allow new services as per the particular needs and wants of customer. It consist of application control, infrastructure, business data centre and so on (Walker, Bowkett and Duchaine, 2018).
  • Sustainability: Cisco trust on the environmental sustainability as it is captious for economy for a reason of international people. It helps for minimizing negative effect on environment for good future.


As per the above report it has been  concluded that internet is effective tool which is utilised by the every organisation in order to get growth & development. It plays very essential role in society as well as business. Most enterprises are cutting travel and hotel accommodation costs by using internet-based technology such as web conferencing, video conferencing and teleconferencing etc. To connect with digital age, organisations can handle several issues or threat during to use of internet. It is a set framework which is linking with several techniques of communication that supports in increasing communication procedure. It is leading in cooperating and productivity of business by improving communication.


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