This is mainly in context to today's modernised era of business where customers are positioned at number one position to depict as the spectacular stakeholders of the establishment. It is therefore important for almost all sort of enterprises to consider them as one of the most important asset by duly satisfying their factual needs and demands. This is basically in association to their changing preferences that is continually altering with this changing period of time (Aaker and Smith, 2010). Such modifications are constantly urging the organisations to adopt some contemporary practices of managing their work procedures by bringing necessary changes to it. This implies some significant areas of business with a major exposure of their employed practices of sales and marketing. In context to which, they are hereby required to adopt some coherent practices of promotion that together relates with the satisfaction level of the employees by raising it at a higher pace. This in turn benefits the overall enterprise where they can timely accomplish their ascertained goals and targets of intensifying their profitability ratio.  

Background of the study

The below survey has defined such prominent arenas of research where it is basically carried to identify the marketing means of Ryanair that is a profound airline company of UK. The below study is based upon a similar acquisition of their marketing procedurals to ascertain a requisite presence of social media in it (Bernhardt, Mays and Hall, 2012). It has also drawn the affluent factors of social media marketing to enhance the satisfaction level of the customers. This carried investigation has however focussed upon students of an education institute named UKCBC where they have reflected to be the regular customers of Ryanair who often tends to acquire their services. The survey has thus focussed upon discovering their interests in the marketing activities of Ryanair.

Social media marketing is the concentrated arena of this research work that has stipulated the major consent of today's progressive clients and users. Social media marketing is not only referred to be beneficial for the firm but is also considered as an eminent tool to attract more number of consumers to obtain the advanced services. It is basically to correspond with the  present-day epoch of business where social media marketing has become one of the most common tool of marketing (Drury, 2008). This allows the businesses to perform in a more considerable format of work by adopting some highly enlightened practices for fetching a liable interest of the clients and users.

Research aims and objectives

The leading aim of this survey is “To analyse the effectiveness of social media tools in influencing purchase behaviour of customers: A study on Ryanair airline”. On whose basis, below outlined are the framed objectives that are required for a precise arrangement of the investigation-

  • To understand the effectiveness of social media marketing in airline industry.
  • To assess different type of tools employed by Ryanair for promoting its service range.
  • To identify the range of factors that influence purchase behaviour of customers.
  • To recommend effective ways through which Ryanair can attract customers through social media practices.

Research questions

Below mentioned are the research questions that are based on the above framed objectives of the study-

  • What are the effective traits of social media marketing in airline industries?
  • What are the different types of tools that has been employed by Ryanair to promote its service range?
  • What are the influential factors that impacts upon the buying behaviour of Ryanair's customers?


This section is one of the most important part of the study that necessitates the investigator to rationalise the reason behind selecting a particular theme to carry out the research work. In context to which, the recent study is hereby based upon clarifying the marketing means of an airline entity named Ryanair in fulfilling the modern day preferences of their customers. It is with another major consideration of analysing the factual role of social media in amending the level of consumer satisfaction (Evans, 2012). This section has also referred the contributory factors that has encouraged the investigator to carry out the research work. It is with a foremost constituent of the interest level of the surveyor in electing this particular topic with another subsequent measure to evaluate the marketing practices of Ryanair. These components are with an eventual element of the emerging significance of customer satisfaction in the businesses. It is where the social media is referred to be a momentous platform of marketing to promote the offered products and services. It is also in context to a rising level of competition in the market that is continually ascending at a very higher pace.

Due to which, the airline industries are showcasing an intensified rivalry in their existent marketplaces that is endlessly troubling the associated airline ventures to retain their clients. Ryanair with a similar set of work is facing another major issue in contacting new set of users by together being unable to hold their routine consumers. With reference to which, Ryanair has however adopted the strategy of low pricing services to battle with the intense state of contention in their market. In addition to which, they are also moving towards a newer adaptation of social media marketing to meet the discovered requisitions of their consumers (Ghodeswar, 2008). Hence, in order to justify the factual cause behind selecting the topic, it has been stated that the surveyor is keenly interested in acknowledging the role of such online means in social mead in order to dignify the contributory part of digital marketing in it. Along with which, the researcher in the current subject matter is also interested in gaining a liable insight about the adopted tools of social media by Ryanair. The increasing outlook towards customer satisfaction in almost all sort of organisations has represented to be yet major consideration of the surveyor as an encouraging mean to select this particular theme.


This section is yet another vital subdivision of the survey with a critical analysis of its preceding objectives. This classification is basically in order to represent well-defined standpoint of distinct authors to ascertain the intended goals of the research work. It was with a foremost objective of comprehending the impelling measures of social media marketing that is being used by the airline industries to attract more number of customers towards them. In context to which, Kanter and Fine (2010) has hereby argued that marketing is the elementary mean that is required to be stipulated by each and every organisation. It is therefore irrespective of the nature of work that has been carried out by the enterprises. All sort of cooperation's are thus required to apply some pivotal tools of marketing that aids them to maintain an interactive term with their users.

With an antonymous reference to which, it has been debated by Nan and Heo (2007), that marketing in airline industries requires a specialized approach of the marketeers to combat the prevailing measure of competition in the industry where there exists enormous contenders in a similar set of market. This has reflected a prior sense of working as per the contemporary norms and standards of business that entirely relies on the gratifying the modern day demand of the users in the market. In context to which, there exists a great number of young clients in the market with a foremost choice of referring to a meticulous prospective of work. It is where they are tremendously indulged in varied online activities with an active association of internet.

Senn (2012) has stated it to be an emerging cause of social media marketing that substantially attracts more number of customers as compared to another methods of marketing. It is basically with an ease of communicating with the clients and users where the customers can also make a quick consideration of the offered services by the airline industries. It is fundamentally with a leading possession of an official website that will assist the consumers to easily refer to some other affiliated measures of the entities.

Wollan, Smith and Zhou (2010) has hereby stated that the airline industries via some potent tools of social media tends to deepen up the relationship with their consumers by continually modifying their brands to meet their altering preferences. Wherein, they distinctly utilize the social media accounts in varied forms that involves the measures of serving customers with continual up-gradation of promotional offers of sale. This tends to provide a diverting glimpse to the clients where they continually acknowledge the adopted practices of the firms that keeps on modifying as per their changing needs and demands. This is for instance to state about the social media account of an airline company named Ryanair who has some active accounts in almost all social media tools like Facebook and twitter, etc., that assists them to render amiable services to their societal savvy flyers.

Barefoot and Szabo (2010) has hereby enlightened about their frequent posts on Facebook that is being shared to update the community people about well-defined initiatives of the firm where they also tend to share the stories of their employees to fascinate the customers. There exists varied other tools of marketing that are being utilized by the airline industries that includes a unique form of advertising. This is for example to illustrate about a prior initiative of Delta airlines where they have also opted for some traditional methods of advertising by launching a specific theme called Sky 360 Lounges. It was basically to attract full fledged public at food festivals and sports event where they have also distributed free sample food to the participants. These measures are together evident to influence the buying behaviour of customers at a hi

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