Power in Cadbury stay with its managers and leaders. Such control in the organisation is essential as it facilitates a systematic way in which organisational objectives can be achieved. Organisations are political structures. They function by distributing authorities and set up a platform for exercising power. These three elements share a relation of mutual causality.

Management Power, Control and Politics in Cadbury

Cadbury adopts task culture. They focus on getting the task done. Employees are brought together to achieve a specific task but ultimate power stays with specialists in the teams. Failure in the function of one team affects the working of other teams. This power helps them to manage their teams effectively and monitor their work closely which eradicates any scope for errors.

Cadbury facilitates control over each resources used in the company, mechanical or human. Efficiency of each resource is thoroughly checked at every step and is modified or trained according to the needs of the company. Tasks in teams are allotted by the leaders and the performance of employees is monitored and controlled.

The political structure of the company is Democratic. The director of the firm discusses strategies and issues with interested employees. Their feedbacks are taken and suggestions from employees are given equal importance at Cadbury. The ultimate decision is the one which suits all the people present in the discussion. It helps to bring employees together which leads to their motivation.


Management Power, Control and Politics are necessary for an organisation if used in a healthy manner. Constructive conflicts, equal distribution of power and equal opportunities to employees to introduce innovative ideas is a definite pathway to success. These elements are crucial for the survival and profitability of organisations.


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