Management and operation is very important for an organisation as it carry out different functions in order to utilise resources in an effective way so that customer needs can be met (Alderton and Saieva,2013). Marks and Spencer is British company which was established in 1884and since then they are delivering best quality services and facilities. Thus, Worldwide M&S is known for providing high quality clothing and home product. The main branch of the respective undertaking is located in Westminster, London.

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This report will discuss about the role of leader and function of manager according to different situation within the organisation. Along with this, various approaches of operations management is studied which will help in reducing production wastage as a result, it will ultimately enhance productivity. Moreover, it also states about importance of operation management with different style of leadership. Lastly, it talks about various external environment factor which affect working environment of the business.


1. Introduction to organisation and its management structure

Marks and Spencer is world-wide recognised for providing qualitative product in the field of clothing, luxury food products and home products. Company serve worldwide and around 84,939 employees work for providing benefits to the organisation. Flat organisation structure is followed by Marks and Spencer in their working, under which limited control is shown by top level management and front line managers. In this structure there is less or no level of management between management and employees. It is beneficial for the respective company because it improve communication, low operation cost, motivate and satisfy employees. This was adopted by organisation so that employees get more involved in decision making and working of the firm.

Managers: Managers mainly perform five functions in an organisation such as planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling and majorly all the activities are performed under this (Omansky and Kanner,2014). Managers are present on various levels of the organisation in order to manage working of various departments such as finance manager, general manager, marketing manager, project manager and many more types of manager is present.

Leaders: They are the one who guide team members so that work can be done and business objectives are achieved.  Leaders play an important role in motivating staff so that they can support business in achieving goals and targets. Main aim of leader is to inspire and influence employees in such a way that they make effective performance which directly increase business productivity.

2. Roles of manager in the Marks and Spencer are defined below

Planning: Manager plan the operation of business in such a way that it help in accomplishment of the business objective.

Resource allocator: It is duty of manger to allocate resources such as fund; machine and labour etc., properly to various department of the organisation so that employees related to particular division perform their work effectively and timely.

Characteristics which manager sinks in their personality and behaviour

Confident: Manager of marks and Spencer should be confident about their skills and thought process otherwise they are not able to motivate the leaders to follow their orders.

Patience: Manager of concerned business should be patient so that employees able to tell their problem easily which are affecting the work and overall business profitability (Brandon and Mullan,2013).

Roles of leader are mentioned below

Representation: Leader of Marks and Spencer should sit with concentration in meeting, conference and seminars as they have to represent the business to other people who can get influence and invest in business activities. If they do not know information correctly than it will put a false representation is done in the external world can which affect business’ profitability.

Merge personal goal with organisation goal: By the use of personal skills leader of respective concern able to merge personal goal with business goal. This type of merger motivates employees to work with full dedication as with organisation objective their personal aim is also achieving. For example: if an individual is passionate about developing applications of software than working in IT department will fulfil both personal as well organisational goals. So, here manager must look out for skills and knowledge in order to accomplish the same.  

Characteristics of leader

Positive attitude: In respect to this, leaders undertake activities with positive attitude which encourage employee to work with passion and spirit even in adverse situation. For example: even after loss in achieving certain objectives positive attitude of leaders of encouraging team members will definitely motivate them in performing their activities in a better manner.

Communication skills: Managers of Marks and Spencer leader should have good communication skill in them so that they are able to act as mediator between top level and employees of the team. For example: Superior assign a task to a team and it is prime role of leader that he/she communicate all the related information to its team members in an effective manner so that work can be done in a better way because if leader does not communicate properly than work can get affected.



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