Internet and mobile are now ruling the world. From small to bigger things every now and then internet and mobile are used. The promotion of the products is now done with the help of electronic media. In today's world, many companies take the help of social and electronic media to promote their products. This has started the concept of Digital Marketing. In the Australian, marketing has been developed to the use of electronic media and mobile for the promotion of their products. This pace has accelerated in the coming years. Today, each and every new product from food items to clothes, footwear, housing and much more are done with the help of social media. There will be a discussion about the advertising with the help of mobile phones in Australia, how the performance of the organization in Australia is being enhanced with the use of Digital Marketing with emphasis on mobile advertising, what are the environmental and technological factors affecting the mobile advertising influence and advertising. Lastly, there will be the discussion about the reaction of consumer's and customer's response toward mobile advertising.

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Mobile Advertising in Australia:

The influence of mobile phones in Australia has created a new way for advertising and promotion of products called mobile advertising (Iqbal, 2016, p.56). Mobile phones and handsets are becoming a new medium for promotion of products. Mobile advertising has connected the target customers with the emerging and the established market in Australia. This has made the concerned products reach to a large number of people and effectively build the brand value of the products and has greatly enhanced the Australian capitalist economy. Mobile advertising has more impact compared to the other forms of digital marketing as it is more private and personal compared to the other forms of marketing((Jung et al. 2016, p. 252). The number of peoples using mobile in Australia is huge. This has made the essence of Mobile Advertising in Australia also extreme (Kamal, 2016, p. 62). Mobile phones allow the product manager to make one to one audio and video contacts with the consumers and hence help the customers to understand the value of the product and hence its importance (Eastin et al. 2016,p. 215). SMS or the short messaging service is highly successful in this area.  Smartphone technologies have made changes in the global market. Among them, there is an increase in the content. It has also led to the spread of online methods. Using this method, companies present a part or all of their products and services online (Vyas et al. 2016, p. 22). Mobile advertising is flourishing because it is both individual and interactive. It is fast and effective for interaction between consumers and marketing companies. Messages can be generally delivered to the consumers which make the consumers easily interested in the products and services (Ahmed et al. 2016, p. 134).

Mobile phones technology has helped marketers to establish a bond and relationship with consumers and understand their requirements about the products (Vyas et al. 2016, p. 22). This would enhance the company and consumers awareness of the common requirements of both of them and thus helped to develop and market the product. In Australia, today each and every form of marketing whether it is through websites, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Digital mix all are made mobile friendly so that the consumers do not face any difficulty. In this way, customers have a better understanding of the product which increases the acknowledgment of the product. Mobile advertising has very less cost significantly lesser for marketers as compared to other advertising formats offline and online (Lin et al.  2016, p. 104).  Many products mobile ads are cheaper than their desktop ads which are something marketers are taking advantage of in order to enhance brand awareness and drive the products among their mobile audience. Mobile Advertising allows the business executives in Australia rely on mobiles and to do everything from locating a vendor office to viewing demos of products on their handsets (Iqbal, 2016, p.56). Mobile advertising allows the marketers to reach their target audience almost instantly as opposed to email or other channels where the marketers have to wait till the customer checks his mail or comes in contact with that message. Mobile marketing and advertising have become a necessity for many startups and Business to Business (B2B) to build their base and increase their value. Digital marketing has helped the train stations to develop into a shopping complex and thus has increased its value (Kerr et al. 2015, p 392).

Digital marketing affecting the organizational performance with special emphasis in mobile advertising

The organizational performance is greatly enhanced with the introduction of mobile advertising and digital marketing. In Australia, it has enabled the organization to make their products accessible to a wide variety of consumers. Mobile advertising in the form of search and paid mobile ads and SEO’s and SMO also allow marketers to reach customers at their feasible and important times (Eastin et al. 2016, p. 215). This basically means the time when they’re searching for some urgent product or during times when they are buying first time any product online (Iqbal, 2016, p.56). Marketers and Traders in Australia now generally utilize Advertisement extensions such as Click-to-call service which is provided by Google which basically allows consumers to contact the businesses by clicking directly on an advertisement. It thus helps the consumers to reach and acknowledge the concerned products. Digital marketing also allows the marketers to reach their target people based on criteria such as location, device type, etc. (Vyas et al. 2016, p. 22). This allows marketers to capture their audiences using highly personalized advertisements tailored specifically for them. Let’s take an example of Australia where, marketers can now not only tell that the product prospective based on geography but could also tell whether the product is near to the home or office thereby providing more information about the product (Kamal, 2016, p. 62. By identifying where the prospect will be when they are reading your ads, you can further customize your advertising to your target audience. The importance of digital marketing by mobile advertising is only going to increase in Australia in the coming future, with emphasis on more specific requirements and more targeted customer acquisition strategies. The impact of online reviews and ratings through ORM is also an important technological factor contributing to the impact of the organizational performance (Ahmed et al. 2016, p. 134).

Environmental factors influencing mobile advertising

Technological factors influencing the effectiveness of mobile advertising

There are various technological factors which are affecting the mobile advertising like the ability of websites and web pages to run on different platforms i.e. Android, Unix , whether the website or the webpage of the product company is coming on the front page of Google, whether the company is using black hat, white hat or grey hat SEO for promotion, whether the consumers is able to view the different ads of the product which otherwise could be blocked due to the use of Ad blocker or use of different operating system (Kamal, 2016, p. 62). The use of different types and formats of advertising also affect the effectiveness of Mobile advertising. The most important challenge faced by marketers in Australia is the emphasis build through different Ads (Iqbal, 2016, p.56). There is also the impact of online reviews and ratings through ORM are also an important technological factor contributing to the impact of the organizational performance. There are various types of technological factors on mobile advertising like the impact of paid and organic social media, sponsored retail content through online (Eastin et al. 2016, p. 215). It has been found that technological factors have a great impact on marketers than consumers in Australia especially in Perth (Lin et al.  2016, p. 104).  Marketers have to consult with the designers regarding the website design so that the consumers have no problems in acknowledging the products irrespective of whether the website is running on mobile, handsets, tab or desktop or PC (Jung et al. 2016, p. 253). There are various other important technological factors in mobile advertising. It includes what programming languages like Java; Python is used (Vyas et al. 2016, p. 22). What technology is used to create the backend of the website like ADO.Net only NET is used? Which scripting is used for making of the website is it HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Use of Java Applets is used or not. Whether the website is built by ASP.NET, Java, RUBY or RAILWAY (Ahmed et al. 2016, p. 134). In this Australia area, people and users are much more using technology. They are more prone to social networking sites like face book twitter and instagram. This has made the marketers to strategize their marketing based on this scenario (Gainsbury et al., 2015, p.389). This has made their tasks easier and they could easily send their products.  It has led to the birth of face book marketing. This is the form of selling the product with the help of face book and instagram. Here people are getting a better understanding of the product. Face book marketing is becoming popular day by day. It is reaching a large number of people and generating more customers.

Consumer’s response towards mobile advertising

Consumers have different sorts of responses towards advertisement through mobile. Many users who are in older age group do not accept the advertisement through marketing. If the data and information provided through ads are relevant and provide a touching benefit to the audience, then users would certainly accept mobile advertising (Iqbal, 2016, p.56). Users do not like when the ads are intrusive. The impact of online reviews and ratings on other customers also can't be ignored. The user also believes in performance use relationship if mobile advertising through digital marketing system has a high perceived usefulness. It has been shown that nearly half of the population in Australia considered that mobile advertisement is useful for them. This has helped them to give the information of many products which they were searching but could not find it. The mobile advertisement is more accepted by the younger population of Australia and is searching for usefulness, relevance, monetary incentives, entertainment and information from the mobile advertisement (Ahmed et al. 2016, p. 134). There are  differing opinions among consumers about mobile marketing .In Australia, for example, there were different groups of responsiveness among consumers  were found; those that are not responsive, those that are neutral and those that are responsive and are therefore willing to receive mobile advertising(Kamal, 2016, p.62). Consumers between the ages 21 and 30 were found to be most responsive and consumers above the age 31 were the least responsive. Consumers are more responsive if the mobile advertisement is relevant. The main reason for the dislike from the population of Australia is due to the increase of commercial clutter.

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Responsiveness among users to mobile marketing in Australia is more related to demographic factors such as gender, age and income (Jung et al. 2016, p. 251). According to a study regarding Digital Marketing, it is demonstrated that men and women differ in respect to responses to mobile marketing. Moreover, in general, women tend to more actively responsive to Mobile Advertising. Age also has a significant impact on response among customers. According to the results consumers in the age group of 36- 45 years were the most responsive more than 21-30 age. Income has no effect among the consumers in Australia (Padmanabhan et al.  2016). The cultural setup of Australia is more common to Britain where most of the responses are from the younger population (Vyas et al. 2016, p. 22). Consumers in Australia tend to believe that digital marketing through mobile advertising has led to improving their purchasing power capacity. Australia 51 percent of the users in Sydney was favorable 29 percent toward the advertisement they had received through their mobile and the rest were fairly satisfied (Jung et al. 2016, p. 254). Moreover, if the advertisements are carefully then customers will surely find the advertisement relevant and may give the response to it (Lin et al.  2016, p. 104). In the year of 2016 nearly sixty-three percent of the respondents in Canberra, had responded to at least one of the advertisement through mobile they had received. According to a study, it is indicated that messages which were entertaining, informative and concise have received the most responses. In the study, it has been found that consumers respond to mobile advertisements that grab their attention by being straight to the point and either informative or entertaining (Eastin et al. 2016, p. 215). Customer response have also grown due to the fact that digital marketing through Instagram and face book has helped them to change view above the following products and make them accessible (Gainsbury et al., 2015, p.389). It has made the response of customers towards products very positive. Facebook marketing in Australia has been very fruitful and generating more consumers. Customers have also been attracted towards Instagram as it is effective in finding the right customers. It has shown that Instagram and face book have been able to establish the very new startups and thus they are able to make their place in market of Australia (Kerr et al. 201


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