Tour operators are regarded as one of necessary stakeholders in whole tourism industry. In United Kingdom, tourism is one of the rapid developing sector and it also generated the more revenue at market place. This sector provide its contribution in Gross Domestic Product of nations. In context to this, purchasing power of persons enhancing which assess business firms to create various as well as sustainable plan on the basis of expectation and requirements of various target groups (Barratt, Choi and Li, 2011). This assignment is based on Thomas Cook Group Plc organisation which is leading leisure travel firm in all over world. In this firm more than 22,000 staff members are working and it operates its business from 17 source markets. Under this mention report discuss about effects of existing as well as recent developments and trends on tour operations sector. Suitability of various methods of contracting various elements of holiday and also various kinds of tour operator.

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Task 1

1.1 Effects of current and recent trends and developments

In travel and tourism, current trends many impacting whole sector in both ways which can be negative or can be positive. Current position of this sector is to developing very quickly and also attract large number of consumers. In the market of United Kingdom, tourism forms have more scope and also have many attractive locations for existing visitors and make changes on the basis of current trends. Thomas Cook Group provides many advantages to consumers and also provides attractive travelling packages for specific destination and which is Thailand to them so that they can travel in all over the world. Sector is reshaping structure to deliver the maximum services as well as comforts to consumers on the basis of their changing demands (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014). On the other hand recent trends in this industry has impacted business firms in context to customize according to the trends. The impact of recent as well as current trends and developments given below as above:

Technological changes- In past time, people go to airport, railway station for ticket booking so it was more expensive and time taking. But from changing in technology in this present time period, consumers book their tickets through online. Thomas Cook Group us using its own mobile application to facilitate consumers at the door step in order to deal with the travel packages as well as tickets. In this, consumers can book their tickets as well as cancel them. Internet became a necessary part of modern era and it puts its efforts to attract more consumers on the online interface.

Enhance purchasing power- Maximising power of the consumers is to leading towards luxurious trips and travel. Consumers are more expecting many facilities them at the time of tourism period. Customers are more seeking for any speciality in amazements and comforts for tour. Thomas Cook Group provides many holiday packages and also continuous programmes in order to meet needs of consumers whose income is varied.

Dynamic packaging- Consumer are demanding its travel packages for own tour packages as independent as well as personal tours (Dietz, 2011). Under this, visitors are selecting own attractive destinations sin order to visit in effective time. Thomas Cook Group provides offers as well as vouchers to its loyal consumers.

Cost effectiveness- The firm is running its business online, consumers provides facilities in context to compare travelling packages and services of Thomas Cook Group with the other business firms. If cost of travelling packages will be reduced then in this case large number of visitors will be attracted towards it and profit level of firm will be enhanced effectively.

Task 2

2.1 Stages and timescales involved in developing holidays

The people of this modern era are regarded tour as life time experience and also want to satisfy their needs from tour operators. The Thomas Cook Group enveloping the travel packages on the basis of demand of consumers and also fulfil them in a systematic or proper manner at destination at Thailand. In United Kingdom, there are various attractive locations which satisfy needs of consumers in an effective manner. Some of the stages of developing holiday plans for visitors given below


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