Human resource management is important for the organization in order to achieve objective combining and the organizational goal. In HRM it includes recruiter people, motivation of employee, performances appraisal etc. this all have beneficial effect on the organization. The present report is present on Burberry group Inc, it is ans English luxury fashion house which is situated in London, England. It is focus in the development of Outdoor attire the fashion house and moved toward the high fashion market. The present report covers, effectiveness of the organization HR practices for achieving the company goal is evaluated, along with this, effectiveness of employee relation is assessed. Apart form that, key area of employment legislation within the organization is outlined.

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Task 1


Burberry overview

Burberry is an English luxury fashion house, which headquarter is in London England. It has a branded stores and franchises around the world. In the Hay-market of London its first shop was open in 1891. it sells various fashionable cloth of men and women. Such as women handbags, shoes, beauty and fragrances etc (Burberry 2016). further company also outlined its plan for future growth, it expended it business all over the world. Online presence  Burberry is very strong and many people buy its product through its online websites. It has big ideas for beauty, including the growth of the sector by 23% in 2015 fiscal year. Moreover, Burberry got huge benefit form the its strong marketing campaign and from its higher price of products.


Human resources management and its main function in line with organization business strategy.

Managerial function and operative function

The managerial function of human resources management of Burberry are as follow

Human resources planning: It is a main function of the human resources management , in which Burberry need the skilled employee which help in accomplish organizational goal (Bhadauria and et. al., 2012). Resources is important part of function, it is necessary to collect the information and analyzed it current and future human resources. It is needed and forecast so that attitude and behavior of employee and their impact on company cane be known easily.

Organizing: In this  all work In Burberry which is organized is allocated to employees and activities are coordinated toward the common objectives (Ehnert,  Harry and Zink 2013). Company strategy is toe establish a relationship between employee so that they work together of achieving a organizational goal and objective.

Directing: Burberry manager direct its employees  at different level so that they work more effectively and efficiently (Allen,  Shore & Griffeth, 2003). When employee get proper direction and motivation  toward their work they will motivated and work hard for the organization. Employee are required to be direct because they need proper guidance in some typical task.

Controlling: After planning , organizing and directing then in Burberry it is required to be judge the employee performance and required to be verified and com,pare with plan (Elmuti and Kathawala 2011.). After checking a actual performances then if it found deviated form plan then is necessary to take a control measure.

The operative function of HRM of Burberry are as follow

Recruitment and selection: At Burberry HR manager recruit highly skilled and experienced employee so they get new innovative ideas to the development (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson 2014). Selection is done on the basis of skill which help in achieving the aim of the  organization.

Job analyzing and design: In the job analyzing it describe the nature of the job and specifying the human recruitment that are skill, work experiences which are required to perform a job (Budhwar and Debrah, eds., 2013). In the Job design employee are assigned a task, duties and responsibility for achieving the objective of company.

Training and development: Burberry provide training and development facility to its employee so that their skills can be upgrade and they can perform more efficiently for the organization success. However training charge high cost form the organization but it very helpful for the success of company. Many employee will give a quality work which liked by customer overall it increase the profitability of the organization


The approaches to recruitment and selection process of the the Burberry:

Burberry follow the systematic recruitment method for the selection of candidate for working in their or


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