Unit 2 - Managing Across Cultures - BTEC HNC/D Level 4


Managing global business environment is the challenging task for the organisation to take the business into new manner. Along with that, global environment introduce several diverse culture, skill full employees and other benefits to the business organisations. Present report based on Managing across cultures for which Tesco will be taken into action. Moreover, it will discuss about the cross cultural management. It will also discuss about the challenges and issues facing by the management and organisational behaviour it will furthermore explain about the techniques for managing cross cultural teams for high performance.  Global business involves high range of changes and management skills which will be more impactful on the overall. Likewise, issues, ethical consideration, self awareness, openness and sensitivity to diversity in culture will also discuss in this scenario. What influential cultural differences which may affect leadership and motivation, communications which aff

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Main Body

Cross cultural management

Cross culture management occurs when managers handle mix culture of employees. It gives different working environment and challenges is increasingly common as businesses expand overseas. Companies facing cross culture environment while they regulate their company functions at global level. They make changes according to their new challenges and in different forms (Deresky, 2017). Along with that, Moreover, cross cultural management gives various opportunities and growth which bring new growth and new technologies. In terms of individual level values, cognitive structures and reaction of individuals has been enhanced and get more competitive. Moreover, contribution of discipline in cross culture environment gives extra sometimes which influence others in the managing departments. Cross culture department is very necessary for the company to hold diverse environment which is more prominent and advancing nature of work. Cross cultural management requires specific skills and businesses which helps to accomplish the organisation task. Some features which manage by the managers in the institutions (Luthans and Doh, 2018).

Managing unfamiliar cultures

It is the common feature of cross culture environment in which manager works within an unfamiliar culture. Managers needs to understand the individual values to make the environment productive. For that, they need to adopt different activities through motivation among employees. Besides, before effective training process manager cannot apply the employee motivation and better performance in the company

Managing multiple cultures 

Organisation management when deal or migrate to another country to expand their management team (Bolman and Deal, 2017). They automatically engage with multiple culture and get familiar with that. Moreover, another main objective of the firms is to create more multiple culture in the working environment. Through which manager get more perfectly stable and productive.

Cultural competence and Etiquette

Business focus on the business competency level by influencing the best possible returns.

Managers needs to acquire some productive training and effective growth. Information needs to manage all functional departments to make new productive changes in the business. Managers has duty to manage the sufficient culture to stable the positive environment in the company environment (Swencionis, Dupree and Fiske, 2017). Along with that, it will also measure some productive changes through which company take its own decision making process.

Culture defines different nature, behaviour and productive individuals who belongs from different places. This makes effective changes in the environment. International level of working introduce new productive environment, various employees from different culture introduce new ideas for working. Moreover, cross culture management influence by to know each other team members. In which each employee get interact with each other and form new relationship for work together in more effective ways. Cross culture creates team building management among members. Through which they get more perfectively working with each others. For companies or multinational organisations. It is very important for them to overcome from the challenges which is going to be done by the employees (Yang and Yousaf, 2018).  

Cross culture, intercultural or multicultural management is viewed as a comparatively new phenomenon in modern business world. There is no need of managerial practises before introducing cross culture environment or migration of employees in the business activities. Nowadays organisation facing the issues of regarding budgeting and resources of finance. Another issues for the organisation is to stable the organisation in the long terms market scenario (Thomas and Peterson, 2017). Moreover, it is the important to introduce new external environment or innovative environment in terms to enhance the business activities. The main aim of the company is to understanding the global environment, clients, employees productivity performance and major activity environment. Multicultural management practises is highly organised for making business more challenging and competitive. It is the growing factor in terms of introducing new business environment (Scales, Roehlkepartain and Shramko, 2017). Cross culture is not only to understand various cultures but also about the ability or capacity of employees or knowledge that they use for their organisation purpose.

Issues of management and organisational behaviour

In the management organisation many organisations culture depends. Along with that moreover, another essential or importance of cross culture in the business environment (Shaw, 2017). Besides this also gives the new working environment in the business culture. Individual comes from the different place and environment sometimes due to lack of motivation in the business environment.

Managerial challenges & Issues

Workforce diversity: It is the first issue and challenges because of cross culture environment in the organisations. Managers needs to deal with the people or an employee which comes from the different new culture. Due to workforce diversity it becomes more challenging and complicated for managers (Conrad, Avila  and Nxedhlana, 2018). It gives innovation and complicated environment which is not under the control of managers. In terms of heterogeneous in terms of different genders, races and ethnicity. Every individual religion is different from others and some peoples are not interested to work with more diversity environment. They are not feel comfortable in the business environment. This gives negative impact on the working of employees. So that, performance productivity get down and become slow. In that situation managers facing challenges and it becomes most challenging task to hold the business activities in proper manner (Hornsby, Rutherford and Simmons, 2018). Diversity may become competitive advantages as well by improving the decision making and team performance on complex tasks. It also very essential for offering better quality of services to the customers.

Changing demographic of workforce: this is the another challenges which is related to the most challenging environment which is related to the dual career couples, growing number of youngster, gender factor. These are the challenges which gives adverse impact on the organisation behaviour.

Work place issues and challenges:

Employee privacy: it is the another issues which managers facing due to which employee faith get reduce in terms of organisation prospective.  Employees needs to aside their private lives different from organisation prospectives (Bullock, Hansen and Houston, 2018). Moreover, another manager needs to overcome from these challenges and take the best effective method to reduce them in perfect manner.  Diverse culture also arise some risk of terrorism, or with any wrong motive. Diverse religion and culture creates risk and uncertainty among other employees from each others. Moreover, another major objectives is to ensure the employee background to ensure the safety of other employees.

Unionism: from the past years union trend becomes low and diminishing these days. Due to which also impact on the organisation behaviour. Nowadays these trend is remove. This makes negative impact on the behaviour of employees (Allen, Diefendorff and Ma, 2014). Cross culture gives both positive and negative impact on the organisation environment.

Organisational challenges.

In order to manage the cross culture environment organisation facing some challenges and issues in terms of quality of services. Besides, company facing overall reduction in the external environment.

Improving quality and productivity

Due to organisation cross culture or privatisation, globalisation are exposed to competition (Nolan, Houlihan, Wanzek and Jenson, 2014). Moreover, another major impact on quality on employees. Employees get affected from new culture and sometimes fails to adopt different working environment due to which they get affected from the different culture. Employees are the major source of production without the participation of employees company cannot improves its performance or total quality management. It also gives negative impression on customer dissatisfaction. Organisation needs to understand the requirement of employees on the basis which they make essential changes and requirements (Bowe, Martin and Manns, 2014). Moreover, another major part of the organisation. Employees plays a very essential role in the organisation to introduces new changes.

Managing differences in cultural value

Due to understanding the individual behaviour company cannot take employees satisfaction level. Due to heavy impact of different culture employees get demotivated and dissatisfied (Mendenhall, Maznevski and Stahl, 2017). Every culture has different values due ton which occurs over time. These cultural differences create different power distance, individual Vs collectivism, masculinity Vs femininity, uncertainty avoidance and long term Vs short term orientation. These dimension enhance challenges and issues due to cross culture. To overcome from those issues company needs to evaluate individual comfort zone and gives productive training and development process to encourage positive environment in the company. It also needs to cover the importance of each and every company. Moreover, another main objective of organisation is to manage the effective management tools (Cerdin and Brewster, 2014). Moreover, these points are essential to cope with essential points of elements. Moreover, it is the difficult task to perform the major activities or potential level of the organisation. Different culture also creates some conflicts and indiscipline in the organisation due to which company fails to accomplish the organization objectives.

Ineffective communication style

Organisation also facing the issue of language barrier due to which employee fails to adopt the understanding between other employees. This gives adverse impact on the behaviour of  different culture. Moreover, another major impact on the behaviour on organisation. Cross culture creates misunderstanding between the people due to which employees get demotivated and give less interest on business activities (Pyszczynski, Solomon and Greenberg, 2015). Moreover, another major effects of cross culture which creates organisational issues such as low quality, less productive outcomes, less impressive action plan etc.

Impact of techniques for managing cross cultural teams for high performance.

Cross culture techniques and methods to enhance the connection between all others individuals are. Technology is very essential in the organisation for an effective management improvements. Moreover, another essential part of the organisation is that to improve quality management of performance (Stahl and Tung, 2015). International business promotion expand wide range of customers, employees, new business environment, opportunities etc. there are discussing some impact of technology on cross culture environment. Every company has its own unique personality. The unique personality of and organization is referred to as its culture A healthy culture encourages the employees to stay motivated and loyal towards the management. The employees must be treated equally and no one should feel neglected or left out at the workplace.

When people join an organization, they bring with them the values, they have been taught. An organization platform where individuals from different backgrounds come together and work to achieve certain objectives and targets (Christensen and Lodge, 2018). Every organization has a unique culture making it diiferent from the others. While the true impact of culture differences in the workplace is challenging to measures. The biggest challenge to be faced by the organization then will be blending employees from different culture backgrounds.

Developing trust: with the helps of effective technologies cross culture environment starting trust and faith towards organizations. Today's time technology fill the gap between two persons if they both are far from each other. They can easily connect the people through mails, phones, Skype social media etc. organisation adopts all channels of communication to listen the queries or some important facts from people. This impact gives positive behaviour among employees (Uwizeyimana and Mathevula, 2018). So that, they perform in better ways. In which company also needs they also need to adopt all needs. It also needs to acquire some managerial practises for changing the behaviour of employees. In more productive ways. In order to expand the services of advance services of potential environment.

Managing the task: Technology and advanced techniques also reduce the time cost of task through which company makes new development plan. Along with that, techniques enhance the business purpose and growth, cross culture techniques such as training development skills and advanced technologies (Mattsson and Vacik, 2018). This makes interest between the members which is very essential for managing the work between the management goals. Moreover, another main goals of the company is to accomplish the objectives or task.

Marketing people: Techniques also helps to manage the balance between peoples or managing task. Along with that, most important thing is to get the benefit from the changes. It also needs to make new productive environment in order to make new changes in the environment (Linehan, 2018).

Managing language and cultural issues: with the help of potential technologies employees can easily get the best possible action plans. Moreover, the another main point is to make effective changes. Present report based on business law which is must be according to the nature and objectives (Mendenhall, Maznevski and Stahl, 2017). Moreover, On the other side it becomes most challenging task for the organisation which needs to set on the behalf of customer behaviour. Moreover, it also

Flexibility in organisational context

In cross culture flexibility is very essential forb the organisation. It makes effective and productive environment in the organisation. Moreover, flexibility of employees helps to make the make effective working environment in the organisation. Through which employees adopt effective management goals (Allen, Diefendorff and Ma, 2014). Moreover, change is the another essential term in the organisation which creates challenges and impactful culture on the behaviour of employees moreover, another flexibility occurs new change in the environment. Along with that, it will also make the positive impact on the behaviour of employees. Change make flexibility in the environment. Such as staff of employees or workers. Give positive impact on the business organization it gives new productive environment and diversity in environment. Without flexibility in the organisation company cannot improve its behaviour. Moreover, another main concern of the organisation is to adopt the changing environment. International market is the huge market in which different companies deals and earn effective environment.  Moreover, another major objectives and skills will also give negative impact on the organisational context. Changes is the necessary terms which brings positive behaviour among the employees or also gives positive impact on the development of techniques (Cerdin and Brewster, 2014). This changes enhance performance of employees by introducing new training and development session. Moreover, another essential changes are very much required to adopt new opportunity in the environment for the better meet of company future. Changes is must have required to make more impressive effects to get new productive product and services. This would have given new impressive changes such as think creativity like creativity changes are beneficial for the employees' performance (Pyszczynski, Solomon and Greenberg, 2015). Along with that, another major factors are to enhance the opportunity growth for the organisation to keep the points essential to make more changes. Along with that, another major objectives of the international business Moreover, those who tend to stick to the same tried and true methods are likely to have decreased flexibility and will resit change. Moreover, another major effects of flexibility is to adopt changes easily. Besides, flexibility also relate to the better performance. Employees can do much better work in case f flexibility. It will also give impact on the nature of necessary environment.

International businesses and big MNCs facing huge issues and challenges managing the cross culture environment in the business organisations (Stahl and Tung, 2015). Global issues has gives huge impact on the behaviour of employees. Global issues has given direct impact on the global economy and on the business goals (Christensen and Lodge, 2018). It has three dimensions of globalisation commonly found in academic literature, political globalisation, cultural globalisation.  The aim of the global economy is to enhance the economic growth by getting more business growth and transactions. They maintained the financial balance in the country. Global business has plays a very essential role in terms of growing more profit and customer satisfaction approach. Company needs to adopt all required business ethics, global impact, along with that. It will also make some good impact on the behaviour of customer effects. Effective management skills needs to give positive behaviour of along with that moreover, another main objective of the organisation is that to accomplish the overall objectives. Along with that, another main purpose of the organisation is that to accomplish the organisational objectives (Pyszczynski, Solomon and Greenberg, 2015). Such as to maintained the proper arrangement in the organisation company also needs to adopt ethical environment in the working atmosphere. This helps to adopt necessary changes in the working environment.  Along with that, corporate social responsibility helps company to hold its position in the competitive environment. Moreover, another major goal of the company is that to produce new effective learning process. Ethical environment is the pervasive environment of the organisations. It is the required thing in the organisation. Moreover, another main objective of the organisation is to promote the best productive services. Global economy main concern issues are international trade, financial stability and inequality, relief, international migration, food security, intellectual property rights. Along with that, it will also help to make the good impression on the behaviour of effective management. Moreover, another main objectives of the business is that to accomplish the organisational behaviour (Bullock, Hansen and Houston, 2018). Along with that, effective management skills are also very necessary to implement the best possible action plan. Moreover, moreover another major objectives of the organisation.

Leadership and motivation is the part of the human resource  the link between these two activities which in  influences the business and organisation culture. It is very important to culture influences on the leadership styles and motivations. Motivation is related to the leadership, without motivation it could be not  any leadership. Motivation is the word derives from motive word means influences to some one they ready to do some work. So motivation is very necessary part of the leadership and it is basic concept of the human resource. It is the key word of a high performance as it encourages to work hard and achieve a common goal og the business. Individual pay means of motivation of employees to get high level of motivated in order to achieve goal of the business and their expectations (Nolan, Houlihan, Wanzek and Jenson, 2014). Maximum employee are influences this type of cultural like they depend only reward quality of the work performance.

Leadership and motivation influences also international comparison pay system some employees different culture background and they facing a difficulties  in appraising  a second culture organisation. So incorporation make a new decision and techniques , there are  number of  information in correlativity between individual behavioural and influences cultural. National cultural the ratio of many pay formulae and method. Motivation is very important every organisation to feel the employee an ease work environment. The culture influences basic needs also and satisfaction level also if any employee are not satisfied his work or workplaces so it is cultural influences. Culture influences in meeting all the expectations to the employees it is different cultural gives new opportunities (Conrad, Avila  and Nxedhlana, 2018). Leadership is very important function of the management  it is helpful to team member and it is help full to minimizing the efficiency of the work. A leader providing a guidance  and creating a confidence to the employee and supporting to other. A leader is the representative of the whole team member.

Motivation plays a very important role in the organisation culture quality of work and speed of work . Leadership influences the fast collaborations of team culture being a team leader responsibilities to create of fast and strong relationship with other team member. They always motivate and take a corrective action . Motivation and leadership is very important foe every business without these two word management not create a better cultural to the organisations. International organisation needs to give positive impact on the behaviour of environment. Moreover, another main objective of the firm is to make the impactful impact on the organisation (Mendenhall, Maznevski and Stahl, 2017). Changes and global culture brings so many effective challenges for the organisation to brings innovative environment. Along with that, another major impact of the organisation. Is that to hold the major objectives. Moreover, on the other side effective impacting is the essential type of organisation which makes process easy and qualitative. Decision making process is the effective process of working. In which company needs to make decision on the basis of global changes and on the basis of ethical consideration. Major impact of the organisation is to adopt ethical consideration. On that basis required impact are essential for given impactful growth to business growth. Moreover, another concern of the organization is to make the proper changes in the environment (Cerdin and Brewster, 2014). It is very necessary for international business to adopt new techniques and changing. This makes the effective environment technique which grows the market essentialist in the organisation culture. Global economy is the effective economy which gives positive impact on the organisation behaviour.   Along with that, another major growth of the organization culture is to adopt across culture in order to make productive environment in the business activities. It makes new changes in the environment. Along with that, cross culture is the impactful process in terms of making new objectives and target. Moreover, another big challenges facing by the company is that to make effective environment in the business environment among employees. Cross culture makes productive environment in the business activities and introducer new changes for the organisation growth (Bowe, Martin and Manns, 2014). Along with that, cross culture environment gives new opportunity to expand the business into new level. In order to making effective management skills leaders of the company has to face some challenges during new effective environment. Moreover, leaders has responsible to make needed changes in terms of introducing new goals and effective environment in business. Along with that, cross culture leaders needs to adopt some techniques and strategies which introduce better understanding between new employees which belongs from some other state. They require some good relationship which given the motivation to perform new task and productive performance. Leaders must be well behaved and talented through which they can easily give new productive environment to the business objectives (Allen, Diefendorff and Ma, 2014). Moreover, another major objectives of cross culture is to adopt new technologies and ideas from employees to enhance the company growth.

To make cross culture successful and impressive it is very necessary for company to adopt potential techniques and strategies to make the objectives full fill and target achieved. Moreover, another main concern of the organisation is that to adopt effective changes which is required to adopt and make potential challenges. Moreover, another major concern of the firm is to make the impactful factor of the organisation. Another major concern of the organisation is that to make the proper changes in the form. With the help of productive and positive environment (Mendenhall, Maznevski and Stahl, 2017). Organisation objectives become full fill to adopt cross culture environment.  


From the above section, it can be concluded that, managing across culture is very necessary these days. For that, company needs to acquire some strategies and methods to bring new changes in the business culture.  Moreover, another main challenges which is facing by the global company is that heavy competition in the business environment. Moreover, another main aim of the company is to grab the business opportunities. Moreover, cross culture brings diversity in the business environment which is very essential for the organisation. Apart from that, it also very essential for the firm to adopt ethical, accountability and flexibility with employee to attract towards the organisation goals. Moreover, present report also discussed about the international management in the context of business organisation. Through which company can easily make effective changes and growth for company development.


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