Unit 20 Sales Planning and Operations Pearson


Sales planning is the purpose in the steps of sales in management field. It is effective techniques which involves sales predicting, demand management, management of targets, function in the procedure of sales management process. Sales planning is an effective method interest based game to be play to increase sales and business. Sales planning is the method of arranging activities that are important to achieve goals of business. The plan includes a calculation to results out the profit based business and achieve goal(Autry, 2013). It can be used to present to reach the goals. Sales planing includes two parts such as information and to maintain the strategy to achieve goal. It is a fundamental quality of behaviour in business. It usually follow the new formation of product, as L'Oreal plan for that. It is the basic part in the management process. The cited firm always plan the different techniques according to the environment an



Now days L'Oreal plays an important role as personal selling. There are various products like cosmetics, hair care publications etc. the sales are considered to promote the launching product or new changes or techniques are applied to increase business(Winston, Carter, 2013.). As the sales increases demand and expectations of customer increase and give the priority to make changes according to customer requirement. Merchant can personally attend customer and satisfy customer and solve their issue. Personal selling is not to sales the product, it to promote the products and make belief by their product and make regular customer. Personal selling creates the relationship from different customer and make more and more customer.

There are few aspects which increase the promotional mix are as follows:-

  • To advertise programmes – It cab be high priced and need to plan forward to meet the expectation of customer, and maintain the public relations.
  • Struggle will succeed - if it has been ideas, corporate and set the target on the desire of customer and set the willing results.
  • Sale promotion – It need to be very effective and managed by their objectives for promotion and to calculate the results.
  • Direct marketing – It gives the benefits and profit for the organisation by using the whilst and whatever the customer choice and does the different activities for the product of L'Oreal .
  • To represent sales – It promote the sales for achieving goals to increase the business of cited firm and for motivation,target, training are the skills to develop business and effective.


There are various stages for customer decision making as why they should purchase the product are as follows :

  1. Recognition is needed – It is sometimes determined as the most important activity for the customer to take the decision that the product specification and the product they are purchasing  and for buying recognition is compulsory.
  2. Information search – It is the important step for the customer to search about the information of product either on external and internal environment and to find out the results and various information  which is related to buyers choice.
  3. Evaluation of alternatives – It  the factor which heavily includes the customer attitude and nature and the involvement of other significant which encourages the evaluation process.
  4. Purchasing decision – The premium stage is to buy is the most important and difficult which take place. It states two factors such as negative and positive feedback from other customer and reach the level of motivation and promotion.

There are the few factors of sales programmes in L'OREAL  as follows :

  • Sales objectives
  • To apply sales strategies
  • To forecast the sales
  • To form sales structure
  • To design the area
  • To maintain sale records and budgets
  • to evaluate the expenses of report.

Sales forecasts apply as an instrument for calculating the capability of the targeted destination. Sales structure acts as support to carry the team of sales by using resources of organisation. Sales budget is the estimation which observe and restrict the expenditure of money or the sales costing.

M1 Role of personal selling in marketing process

Personal selling helps in influencing the buyer's interest towards the company's product through communicating with the targeted customers in friendly manner. Through personal selling the company can gather information about demands and needs of targeted customers and accordingly customized their product in order to fulfil their requirements which maximises level of satisfaction of targeted customers.

D1 Marketing strategies in personal selling process

There are different marketing strategies such as offering discount policy, innovative products etc. which help in attracting large number of customers. The company should need to collect feedback from the targeted customers and then customize their product to fulfil their requirement. Offering discount on product may lower the profitability of company.


Personal sales builds the strategy on the roles which is taken by the team of an organisation, which achieve goals easily with responsibility. The role of sales in the cited firm which are listed below:

Market segments

The role which is examined by the members of cited firm for sales is depend upon the segment of market. Such as L'Oreal is segmented by by geographical location as their team members generally responsible to provide these products in each and every region. The cited firm segment by the age,team members which are responsible for the market and play important role.


As the team members know how to represent the product according to the segmentation. Each team members are responsible for sales in particular region and address the particular needs of customer. The role of entire team to judge and develop the marketing strategy for the needs.

Marketing plan

the responsibility include the decision on motivational activities for market segmentationand pricing it includes the team work together and to protect the image of the cited firm while meeting  the requirements of market segmentation and to maximise the profit.


The effective and relevance balances the conversion of demand  of sales to achieve approach and taking responsibility  

When a team member does not meet objectives for a particular segment, the role of other team members is to offer support to help improve performance. While each team member takes responsibility for achieving the targets for business. Their work should be effective which determines success.



The middle for the strategy of sales which works in bound on regular basis and to build and implement the successful strategies which L'Oreal apply for the importance and their roles  to be success in market activities.

The roles are determined as follows:

  • To target the product – The first step is for developing in the marketing strategy which try to reach the goals. It is to set out the clear identification of product in the market.
  • To publish high frequency – to give the information of their high quality and quantity which aimed on the frequency which is used to published in well mannered. The experts of marketing they have the instrument to assists the service with customer and make sure regular and trusted customer.
  • To centred on lead generation – The best way to establish in market by simplifying the action and give the resolution on the question rising by the customer and how it is formulated and it can lead according to the new trends or new customs of customer.
  • Using proper instrument – The best way to apply the right way to resolve the issue such as for wrinkles the cream is to be used which specially manufactured for the wrinkles. The cited firm generates the networking through mails,online,google and further website.
  • Centred on ROI in market – The most important reason which focuses on the inbound enterprise by management and the certain option. If there is absence of focus which indicate the long gap and lack of content and lots of interest for employees.


Selection and Recruitment- The  process in which numerous selection are received from the  participants and from that some of the applications are selected on the basis of job profile. On the other hand recruitment is process to identify the employees on the basis of selected applications whose post have arrived for the organisation.

The significance of applying  recruitment and selection in hire a new member to join the sale team of L'Oreal company selects the member according to the need of the company profile job. The company will not choose those member who are not doing their work timely which are allocated to them(Burrows, Cecere, Hackett, 2012.). When the organisation select the right person for the job, then they give training to them for well performance and treat appropriately because the people are not only for to give good result but also for a longer stay in organisation to achieve the organisational goal on time. Recruitment process is necessary to recruit those members properly for which they are selected which will give the benefit to the company in a longer time period. In a sale team it is necessary to select those people who are willing to that work and trained them properly to sale the products in the market with strong power communication skills.


The below presented are the roles of effective motivation, remuneration and training on sales management in an organization.

The concept of Motivation is an important and crucial task and plays and important role in the organisation and for the sales management motivation works as a booster to the employees because it impacts both mentally and physically and brings out many positive changes in the individuals. An employee who is highly motivated and have a willingness to achieve the goals could increased the productivity, revenue. Whether remuneration is to motivate the employees through rewards and compensation for the work.  There are two types of remuneration price rate or time rate. And  training it is essential for the sales and marketing segment. To provide upgrade information to their salespersons, trained them according to the market trends is important.

Like any other organisations L'Oreal depends upon these functions as it is a leading company of beauty essentials so the marketing and sales department should be effective and highly upgraded with the sales and marketing techniques, they must have a knowledge of new sales techniques if any and for this motivation and remuneration provide boost up to them.

There are some training methods which L'Oreal company uses:

Ongoing training- This method of training is helpful in train people on various fields so that they can update with new technologies and also perform better in achieving the goals of company.

Training on particular products- This kind of training method is use by company in increasing their selling skills at the time of launching new products. If the sales skills of employees will be increased that they can convenience consumers properly.

CPD- It is commitment which is developed though employees in order to improve their communication skills as well as knowledge. It is necessary that the sales employees will use this method in making the employees professionally competent and updated.


he following are the activities which are to be carried out by L'oreal company will plan for organizing the sales activities and measures to control sales output:

Planning and Organising the work with in a time period- The company will first make the plans and organise them with in a time period(Huang, 2016.). The plans regarding the how to sale the product in the market, what strategies should be follow, whether this product will satisfy the customer needs or not etc. now organise these plans in the different department clearly. So the employees do their there work in a particular point of time.

To divide the work- the work should be divided on time to the employee according to their capacity.

It does not consume time, not very expensive- while organising the sales activities it does not time consuming and expensive.

Sale activities should be done in a allocation of budgeted resources.

To control the measures of sales output can be done through the comparison between the last year sale and current year sales output(Hulthén, Näslund, Norrman, 2016.). If in the last year there were very expensive cost while measuring the sales output then it should be control and in limits of the funds. The work which are divided to their employees should not face any kind of difficulties.


Sales department must have a database for managing data regarding the different sales activities of the company. L'Oreal uses Information and technology for storing all the information regarding consumers and employees. This record is beneficial for facing any problem regarding activities in the future (Zanjani and Nourelfath, 2014).  The sales team of the company takes proper care regarding security and safety of such confidential data so that competitors cannot take any advantage of information leak. Database saves time and efforts for storing important information and this organising of data helps in better analysis for future slaes strategies.

M3 Specific skills required in sales team

The sales member need to have good communication and convincing skills which helps in influencing buyer's behaviour towards their product. The sales members should also have skills of understanding the buyer's behaviour so that he can sell their company's product according to the requirements of targeted customers.



In order to have effective promotion of sales, the management of Loreal need to be focused towards sales plan. In this respect, there are number of activities which must be accomplished in desired way for sustainable development (Meyr, Wagner and Rohde, 2015). Classification of activities can be as:

Stage of plan

Time period (Months)

Determination of mission and objectives of sales plan


Evaluation of present market conditions


Identification of key performance indicators


Development of strategies


Implementation of strategies


Evaluation of outcomes


By having assistance of this, the objectives can be accomplished in appropriate manner. Issues in regard to sales can also be overcome in desired manner.

There are some necessary points which are included in sales planning:

Setting goals- It helps in achieving the target in a proper manner. So, in context to this, it is necessary for L,Oreal company to set the organisation goals in an effective manner. It will be beneficial for future. This firm wants to enhance its sales by 30%.

Target market sales- In this step, company set a target of sales. With the help of collecting data company can target the new market and increase its sales in a decide time period. It can only be possible if it will provide the better quality of products.

Time frame- It is necessary that management of L'Oreal company should maintain the time management in order to accomplishing expected sales,. It will be helpful in future.

Development of Strategy- IN this, manager should formulate effective strategies n achieving the organisational objectives. The top management of this firm formulated strategies by including top management.


There are number of opportunities that Loreal can attain in order to meet goals and objectives. Company can focus on internationalization policies so that key elements can be consider in appropriate manner. It will allow to have improvement in service quality and product features. International work policies can also be adopted in order to have sustainable development. Moreover, expansion in developing nations is one of critical aspect which must be referred in appropriate manner (Pepe, 2015). Company can also take the advantage of technology advancement over there. The company can gain the advantage of off-shoring in other country for making profit in international business.

Firm can using the selling concept for selling its products and services in an international market. With the help of this employment will be minimize and profit  level of company will be increased. It is a biog opportunity for L'Oreal company. With the help of using this company cited company can sell its good wide wide.


For effective accomplishment of objectives and make sure that Loreal is having better opportunities in the market. Business firm can focus on trade fairs and exhibition. It means the hair style exhibition and skin care trade fairs can be attend by company for sustainable development. By participating in trade-fairs and exhibitions, managers of Loreal can assess wide range of opportunities in new emerging markets (Reuter, 2015). Along with this, it will also assist in improving brand awareness and lead business firm to impressive level of success.

The L'Oreal company can also organize a beauty contest and also a trade fair for its consumers. In this, firm will attract the large number of people from its beauty products. It helps in making the products of firm successful.  It is an effective kind of promotional activity. In the beauty contests company can direct contact with consumers and can develop an attractive impression.

D3 Conducting trade exhibition to attract targeted customers

Loreal company should need to conduct beauty contest in which they invite people to take participate. This will helps in identifying targeted customers and getting more attention from them. Through this the customers may show their interest and willingness to purchase their company's product. This will help in improving sales of product as well as attain strong position in competitive market.


From the above report it has been that it has been  carried out analysis an effective marketing and sales planning for high growth prospect for L'Oreals. Unique business strategies are designed by L'Oreals in order to make relation and attract maximum buyers for the products and services offered. Therefore, the significance of recruitment and selection procedures for the organization is evaluated and also the motivational theories used by the management and role remuneration is explained.


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