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HPE Assignment on Touch Football

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Training Program

Touch Football focuses on all rules which are applied to different games; however this involves a basic rule in which the player carrying the ball is required to be touched by a member of the opposite team to end a down. In order to improve individual and team performance, it is crucial for all the players to develop suitable co-ordination among each other (Gallo, Cormack, Gabbett and Lorenzen, 2016). In this respect, training plays crucial role in developing the team players in the most effective way. Thus focus has been laid on training methods which can be used to impart training to football team players for improving the overall team performance. Thus, to improve the performance of team members, Isotonic training and Fartlek training will be given to the team players to make them more capable in handling the game.

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Analyse and evaluate fitness components and energy systems

Each and every fitness components has a duration and intensity which is directly associated with energy systems and that allows the body to complete the work. In the context of football, a high duration and low intensity activity is required in the aerobic energy system. This will make the team member to regain the energy while playing football. Moving on the fitness components, it is essential for the team members to emphasize on skill and technique, speed, quickness, balancing, strength & power and flexibility (Fitness Components and Human Physiology. 2010). Along with the same, it is also essential for the team players to focus on aerobic endurance as that enhances physical fitness.

 analyse the strengths and weaknesses

As per the above image, 1 denotes power, speed, max strength and agility; 2 denotes sub max strength; 3 denotes hypertrophy and anaerobic fitness and 4 denotes muscular endurance and aerobic fitness. Along with this, fitness testing is also required to be conducted to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of all the team players (Chrismas, Taylor and Stark, 2017). Prior imparting any training, it is also vital to focus on aerobic capacity because that denotes how long a player can run while playing football. While implementing the training program, it is essential to measure the ATP for energy along with the rate at which ATP dictates the energy system. Specific control is also required to be placed on movement which happens through the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Hence, each of the fitness component needs to be aligned with these systems so as to respond appropriately in a specific way. In this dimension, some adaptations can also occur in both nervous and musculoskeletal systems as a result of training in specific fitness component (Rossi, 2017). However, in this area body weight of the players is required to be measured so that they physical strength and capability can be identified.

Evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of two major training methods

In this respect Isotonic training method will be used because that aids in contracting the muscles. This is also useful for shortening movement in the muscle. This includes much consideration on physical activities and exercises. This training method is useful for strengthening the muscle throughout the range of motion (Jagim and et.al., 2017). It will also be adopted because it is suitable to all different sports. However, on the other hand it can generate muscle soreness which generates after exercise due to high stress levels. Muscles are useful in gaining more weight; therefore at the time of having stress, it can be the weakest point of action.

Chief emphasis is laid on physical fitness as football requires continuous running. The players will also be guided to develop static strength to manage the energy level and also to hold the position in the game (Pitchford and et.al., 2016). Similarly, the training will also be considered as significant because it enhances the physical stamina through blanking the blood flow level. However, this should be avoided especially when having heart problems.

Another recommended method is Fartlek training which includes continuous training; however it has difference in intensity and the type of exercise. For instance- a running session could include fast walking, jogging and sprinting (Rossi, 2017). All such exercises are good for sports activities; hence it should be appropriately adopted as per the games. It can be said that both the training methods are useful for Touch Football team so enhance the strength and mental capability of the players.

Since, energy systems need more consideration; therefore prior delivering training session, it is crucial to emphasize on exercise physiology principles because physical activity and fitness are closely associated with lower prevalence of chronic disease such as heart problem, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure (Stevens and et.al., 2017). However, on the other hand physiological adaptions comes from regular exercise training which enhances cardiorespiratory capacity and strength. All such aspects are highly beneficial in terms of encouraging football team players to manage the performance of overall team.

Recommendations to make the program more effective next time

Therefore, concluding the entire work, it can be said that in order to make the training more effective, all the principles related to exercise physiology should be applied. This could include all the necessary aspects about the game; hence performance of team players can also be developed accordingly (Tokish and et.al., 2017). Moreover, all the team players are required to develop suitable coordination with each other so that they can developing balance in the game especially while playing it. Apart from physical activities, the training session should also include use of different tools to regain the energy in all domains. Therefore, it is vital to consider human physiology because it has a direct relationship with energy, nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

In terms of recommendations, it is suggested that while organising such events and training session, it is crucial for the trainer to specify the need of aerobic system as that works in encouraging physical strength of the players (Wright, Hurst and Taylor, 2016). Moreover, while organizing such events in future, it is recommended to organize it on higher extent so that it can create more awareness among football players. Since, it includes different requirements for sports players; therefore trainers must accentuate on including diverse physical activities.


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