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Human computer interaction is a technique used to determine how individuals make interaction with computers (Baecker, ed., 2014). It is also used to identify the development needed in computer science for user friendly interactions. HCI is studied by many major corporations and institutions to understand the interaction of humans with computers. McDonald’s is the food delivery company in United Kingdom.

It delivers food through its mobile application. Present report describes about the latest developments in human interaction systems. In the present report, impact of HCI at the workplace has been discussed. Issues to the chosen food delivery application are explained as well. Apart from that, there is discussion on modelling interface for food delivery app and analyation has been done.

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TASK 1-Comparison of Developments in HCI, User Issue and Modelling Techniques

Various developments have been made in human computer interaction. McDonald's delivers food products through its mobile app (Lazar, Feng and Hochheiser, 2017). Technological developments in application are required to make it user friendly for individuals. Company has made various developments in its application like use of GUI, command prompt and touchscreens.

Various Developments in Company

HCI developments in technology
Developments in HCI
User Issues
Developments of Systems

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Skeuomorphic,Flat Design and Impact of HCI at Workplace

HCI Developments in Technology
Developments in HCI
User Issues
Developments of Systems
Modelling Techniques

Description Of HCI Interactive Elements

Human computer interaction have following elements:

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Task 2-Evaluation for the chosen McDonald's food delivery app can be done using Shneidermans's eight golden rules for interface design .

Questionnaire for Evaluating the Systems is as Follows:

Q 1. Do you think food app is working properly and delivering better results?
(1) Yes (2) No (3) Can't say
Q 2. Are you agree that the food application is striving for consistency?
(1) Yes (2) No (3) Can't say
Q 3. Is application allowing for the use of shortcuts for frequent users?
(1) Yes (2) No (3) Can't say
Q 4. Does the food application platform an option of informative feedback?
(1) Yes (2) No (3) Can't say
Q 5. Do you think that system is offering simple error handling techniques?
(1) Yes (2) No (3) Can't say
Q 6. Is the food application providing easy change of actions performed on app by mistake?
(1) Yes (2) No (3) Can't say
Q 7. Provide suggestions for making improvement in the application in 100 words.

Suggestion for the Application Improvement

It is recommended that app should have consistency in the actions performed on it. It should allow frequent users to make use of shortcut keys to perform actions in a speedy way. For any action performed by the user on app, there should be some feedback come from the system. Application is lacking in error handling options. It is required that app should have detection system to find and correct the errors done by user.

Task 3-Redesign And Creation Of Human Computer Interaction System

Redesigning of the Existing Food Delivery Application System can be Done in the Following Steps:

Principle Used in Redesigning of System

In redesigning of the food delivery application, system 10 usability Heuristic of HCI theory has been used. This theory works on 10 principles which provide guidelines for effective user interface system. Guidelines are as follows:

Critical Evaluation of Testing and Feedback

In the testing phase, interface and functionality of McDonald’s food delivery application are tested. Various techniques have been used to test the system among which some are like:

Functionality Testing

Testing is done to examine the functionality of application interface (Hoc, Cacciabue and Hollnagel, 2013). Validations have been applied on each field like menu, register, login, track and home. It has been evaluated that register and menu functions are working properly whereas login page is redirecting back to the register page. Apart from that, track order page shows invalid information.

Usability Testing

In usability testing, simplicity of the application is tested. Interaction of the application means how easy and simple the app for user is tested. Expert users are able to interact with application and they are not facing any issue regarding interface. However, new users are facing some issues in the operating app.

Platform Independent

In this testing, app is examined on each application platform. It has been evaluated that application was working on android and IOS platform. On the other hand, it is not working smoothly on IOS as that on android platform.

On the basis of feedback got from users, weak areas of the application have been identified. Some errors are in the app which need to be resolved for interaction of app with users.


It is recommended that login page was not working properly as it was redirecting the user to register page. McDonald's food delivery requires rectification in kinking of its app pages. Code used in making of page requires modification where redirection link should be set to login page. Another problem was occurred in track order page in which itwas not showing the required information.

Amendments in coding of track page is needed to show the relevant information. In login page, password textbox was not accepting special characters. This problem is needed to be resolved as password section should accept special characters to avoid password hacking. “Contact us” page of the application was only showing number of the food delivery company but it has to show address of food organisation as well.

Result Interpretation and Actual Test vs Expected Test Result

Expected Test Results

While touching on homepage section of the application, it is expected that it should redirect on the home page of food app.
Login page on application needs to give sign in to user in the app.
Menu bar of the application is expected to show complete information about all the products available.
Track order page is expected to show the tracking information of product ordered by user.

Actual Test

Actual test was same as expected result and it was redirecting to the home page of food delivery app.
It was redirecting to the register page where user has to refill resister credentials in repeat mode.
It was working properly and was showing information which is required by the user.
It was not showing the tracking information of order and was redirecting to the blank page.


Summing up the above report, it has been concluded that human computer interaction is highly important for any application to be effective and user friendly. It is essential that interaction of app with the user is simple and easier. It is important for the app to be user friendly as it helps him/her to deal with application appropriately. Skeuomorphic and flat design are the latest approaches used in HCI. It is recommended that the chosen food delivery application needs to resolve errors and bugs in application so that user can easily operate the app.


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