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Sample Document on Organization Behavior

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Introduction on Organizational Behavior

The concept of organization behaviour is concerned with field of study that investigates the influence of groups, structure and individuals behaviour within the organization. The impact works for the business process improvement. Moreover, human behaviour is unpredictable as different by nature but they are valuable for the business firms. Hence, the following paper is developed by our expert writers of assignment writing service to comprehend interactions of human beings at McDonalds for integrating their attempts towards realization of common objectives. The content is elaborating evaluation of leadership, culture and structure adopted by McDonalds for the management of teams to undertake several activities of restaurant. To fulfil the requirements, the corporate arrangement of bistro is compared to other business organizations for understating influence of distinct setting on performance and behaviour of human resource.


Different organization culture and structure

In relation to McDonald’s structure, it follows divisional settings at the restaurant level. The company organize separate divisions with responsibility for individual product and service groups. In normal operation, the general manager controls all subordinates and employees are mostly concentrate on providing services or selling food stuffs.

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The following are main culture types:

    • Control (Hierarchy) – These are controlled plus structure with an emphasis on stability, efficiency and doing right things like McDonalds. It follow control culture, as the manager always stress or think upon service standardization and efficiency.
    • Compete (Market) – This is result oriented culture with a concentration on achievements and competition. General Electric under the Jack Welch leadership (former CEO) is the best example of this culture type. He announced that if all divisions of business were not be on first or second position in the market than they will be sold.
    • Collaborate (Clan) – This culture focus on nurturing, monitoring and performing things together. For instance, the American firm Tom’s of Maine producing soaps, toothpaste and hygiene commodities follows this culture by providing fulfilling and safe environment to employees for allowing them to learn and grow.
    • Create (Adhocracy) – It is entrepreneurial and dynamic with a concentration on innovation and risk taking like Google. The company creates advanced web tools, take advantage from software engineers and cutting-edge technologies or processes. It has become the market leader through its ability to quickly capture market share and introduce new services (Duggan, 2015).

Task 2

The way used by managers two motivate employees

Both above mentioned managers of McDonalds and Tesco uses several effective motivational techniques to encourage its staff members:

Motivation in McDonalds – Every employee in the restaurant receive bonus each month on the basis of unknown buyer scores. The manager at bistro believes that maintaining exciting and fresh recognition schemes is key to increase motivation of employees. Therefore, assessments of 100 regional skills held in the restaurant to determine top 2500 staffs by giving them opportunity to work in restaurants at the time of common wealth programs and Olympic games (Hassan and et.al., 2013). The selected employees are provided with accommodation at good hotels in London, where they allowed to enjoy facilities like lunge zone, wellbeing zone, football tables, ping pong, etc. In addition to this, the organization helps departmental staff to make them eligible for President’s Award scheme at global level. Every year, the manager choose five winner from nominations made through team of organizations executive. Hence, Taylor scientific theory is adopted by McDonald’s manager for employee’s motivDifferent organization culture and structureation by giving them different tasks to perform and then judging their effectiveness or output.

2. Motivation in Tesco – The Company adopts Mayo theory to motivate its staff members. According to this theory there are some factors that encourage employees at workplace, such as:

      • Communication – It is an essential aspect in employees motivation, so the retail manager one to one make discussion with each staff either through intranet. Moreover, regular meetings are held with team to update all members regarding required operations and activities to be performed to gain valuable performance (Oetinger, 2004).
      • Training and development – Tesco’ manager encourages employees motivation by providing them development and training opportunities. The staff receives training to not only perform their current role in well manner but also get leadership training to grow at the workplace. Moreover, the manpower is provided with strategic career planning for support individuals in attaining extraordinary returns in their own progress (Lee, Cheung and Chen, 2005).
      • Personal development plans – The manager build personal development plan of each entity through 360 degree feedback. It supports individuals to achieve their potentials by enhancing self-assessment and giving them advancement by ongoing sessions of training. Also, this enable workers to take their own development responsibility (Manning and Robertson, 2011).

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It can be conclude form the above paper that is a business firm is created by human being for undertaking several operations and enhancing productivity or profits. With an aim to increase performance, a company should be effectively managed by applying different management and leadership approach, which can support in motivating employees to attain best outcomes. In addition to this, the manager of firms must attempt to keep an open or friendly culture at workplace where employees can share their opinions and experiences with others.


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