Hotel and restaurant management are considered as bundled together and termed as hospitality or service industry. It compromises of various activities which aid a nation in developing its economy. Organisations which are dealing in this sector, set provision of food, drinks and other accommodations to fulfil quests of customers (Bradbury, 2015). Hilton Hotel of UK occupies a significant place in service sector of London. It offers high accommodations to those people who are willing to pay for acquiring services that rendered to them. In general growth and success of business of hotel industries, is depended on performance level and quality of services, they are provided to customers. Currently, this hotel face various issues due to ineffective services as people who come to stay have to wait for long time during check-in and check-out process. Due to this, they used to switch in other hotels and like to pay more, just to get services on time. Therefore, on this perceived problem, its managers are going to implement a new project to overcome from this issue.

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Under this project, managers of Hilton Hotel offer a proposal in front of employers to gain attention and retention of guests. They have suggested that by convincing customers that company will take less that 15 min during check-in procedure. If time period will exceed from this limit then this hotel will offer first night stay free to them. Through this offer, customers can ensure that hotel will provide good services to them and value their time also. Along with this, managers also assist owners to hire some more employees in reception area who are highly experienced in giving best services to customers on time. Since during seasonal period, people like to spend their holidays with friends and family members across the globe. Therefore, this result to exceed demand of hotel bookings and accommodations facilities (Smith, 2012) . During seasonal period, tourists book rooms for one night stay in hotels a day before departure. As Hilton hotel mainly target tourists of other nations therefore, to cater their needs, this project will prove in exceeding their satisfaction. To work on this project, managers have made a team of seven members and distribute equal responsibilities to them. It includes identifying strategies of other hotels to gain attention of tourists, prepare necessary documents which include scope, time and cost required to implement this project etc. Further, it will represent in front of stakeholders and upper level of management to gain their interest and support in completing such project.

Overview of project

Hilton Hotel is considered as one of the largest brand in world which targets both business persons and leisure travellers. It has more than 570 hotels in different locations in 85 countries where thousands of workers are currently working to give best services to customers. These hotels are found near by airport, city centres and popular destinations. This would help in influencing travellers to take it services before flight. But due to intense competition and presence of various 5-star hotels in same area, profitability of this hotel decreases continuously. During peak period, its managers are much concerned about time taken for tourists to check in. Due to this poor aspect, customers are willing to stay at its competitors who provide fast services and value their time. They are also  agreed to pay higher for room rates just to avoid long check-in process. This leads to create negative brand image of this hotel in marketplace as well as also directly impact on its profitability (Sharpley and Telfer, 2015). In one of its branch which is located near by airport of London, has approximate 400 rooms, where 75% of tourists take rooms to stay for one night only, just before their flight. Therefore, they demand to get check-in and check-out services in less period of time. Along with this, they would also like to even pay more just to get fast services. Therefore, any delay in such case, will tend to move customers towards other hotels. This would directly impact on brand image of organisations or hotels in negative manner.  

To get retention of tourists and attract their minds, managers of Hilton Hotel have made a proposal. It is based on improving quality of services by which high satisfaction of customers can be gained. Under this project, they have suggested that if check-in time of travellers will take more than 15 minutes, then first night will be free for them in hotel. It would help in influencing customers towards its services. In order to get success of this project, managers has also suggested board of directors to hire some high skilled employees in reception during hike period on zero-hour contract. This would aid in providing better quality of services related to check-in and check-out process to customers in less period of time.

If employers give approval on this proposal then this will help in resolving issues related to poor quality of services. It also leads to enhance its customer base and get retention of business and leisure travellers (Bourn, 2014). This would result to generate high revenue and enhance market share also. For example: It has seen that during hike period, more than 80% rooms are booked by customers for one night stay then under such case, let current price of room is £75. Then  under this condition, revenues will be generated as:-

Revenue = (80% of 400) X (75)

= 320 x 75

= £24,000

According to this calculation, it has evaluated that if customers will book room only for one night stay, then would lead to generate high revenues i.e. near about 24k Pounds. As per this estimation, approximate 720k Pounds business will gain in one month when customers stay only for a night. During peak period, many customers book their rooms on same period, then its natural that workers may consume more than 15 minutes for clearing check-in process. Therefore, in such case of any discrepancies as per proposal, this hotel has to provide first night free to those customers who face delay in getting services. Then under this condition, even if company gives one night free stay to more than 100 of its clients, this will take loss of £7500. This would reflect that in terms of profitability ratio, acquired loss is much less then revenue generated by this offer (Adekola and Sergi, 2016). Similarly, for improving performance and customer service of Hilton Hotel, hiring  more employees on contract basis in reception era, also proves beneficial in giving effective services to customers in less period of time. This would lead to reduce check-in time process through which company can exceed expectation and level of satisfaction of its targeted customers as well as get retention of them for longer period also.

A Statement of Work

It is an important document in the field of project management which defines specific activities, deliverables as well as timelines. In general, it typically includes requirement and pricing in detailed manner, with standard terms and conditions of governance for implementing a project. It includes:-

Introduction: Hilton Hotel is one of the best hotels in UK, which provide high accommodation and services to tourists on affordable price rates. Due to negative feedback of customers, it has identified that this hotel fails to give services related to check-in and check-out on specified time (Van der Wagen and White, 2018). Therefore, in this regard, its managers has made a proposal to overcome from this issue.

Purpose: To give assurance to customers that company will take less time during check-in process of customers and will exceed their level of expectation. The another main motive of this project is to improve quality of service and brand image of Hilton Hotel in marketplace.

Scope of Work: Presence of many hotels in same locations on different-different rates and accommodation facilities, give opportunity to customers to get services as per their choice. But this would lead to give pressure on hotels including Hilton in providing best services to customers (Bonner and et. al., 2012). As tourists belongs to business class are willing to pay high rates to stay in hotel just to get proper services. Therefore, any delay in service-procedure will turn them to get services of other competitors. In this regard, by giving offer to customers that they will get first night free if company will take more than 15 minutes during check-in process. This would lead to gain attention of business class and leisure travellers towards services of hotels. It also helps in generating high profitability in business through which competitive advantage can be gained.

Location of Work: To give proposal to board of directors, owners of hotels and other stakeholder, managers have organised a conference meeting in one of its hotel at London. For this purpose, they have prepared a presentation to inform stakeholders about scope of project and how will this carry out.

Tasks: In order to carry out this project, major activities are make proper introduction about current problem faced by Hilton Hotel (Al-Mubaraki and Busler, 2013). It also includes, aims and objectives, literature review, critical evaluation and recommendation etc. to complete this project. For this purpose, its managers have made a team of 7 members who are highly experienced in conducting a research and draw valid conclusion on the same. In this regard, each member has specific roles and responsibilities to complete this project.

Period of Performance / Deliverables Schedules: In order to complete each and every activity like preparing documentation, formulate aims and objectives, draw conclusion and more, team-mates of Hilton Hotel require near about 2 to 3 months. As per below activity, to determine actual cause behind occurrence of poor quality of service, managers has given responsibilities to two members of group. For this process, they want at least two days to identify issues and make documents accordingly. Furthermore, on the basis of this issue, aims and objectives are prepared by discussing with all team-mates for which, three days are required. Similarly, for gathering data about effectiveness of services offered by Hilton Hotel and further activities of project, different-different time period will be taken as shown in Gantt Chart.

Resources: In order to conduct all activities of present project, the main resource needs by project makers is sufficient amount of funds. Through this process, they can carry out analysis and complete each activity on time. Having proper finance, also boost confidence level of team-mates and encourage them to do their assign task in given period. This would aid to increase efficiencies of project as well.

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Task Dependencies for identifying critical path and project schedule of project

Critical path analysis is the most essential of project planning. It is considered as the longest-duration path which describes sequence of tasks. It enables managers of a project to complete each tasks in shortest interval of time. In this regard, a critical path diagram is taken as important tool for controlling a project and scheduling the dependencies (Schuckert, Liu and Law, 2015). For this assistance, it is necessary for project-makers of Hilton Hotel to determine time-duration require to complete each activity. As above mention, the main tasks of project based on hotel management are formulating aims and objectives, carry out research methodologies, further make analysis on the same and draw valid conclusion. Therefore, critical path of task dependencies can be represented in following manner:-

A work-break down structure

It refers to a technique by which major activities or complex task can be completed in efficient manner. WBS system also provides essential framework which includes cost estimating and control in detailed manner. Along with this, it gives guidance related to schedule development and control through which projects makers can make strategies to complete project. For this purpose, it helps in breaking down an activity into smaller segments. Through this process, project manager of Hilton Hotel can distribute roles and responsibilities to each members as their skills and experience. Therefore, through support and efforts of group members, managers gain success to implement project more adequately.

The project team of Hilton can develop the activities of breakdown structure by observing the main functional deliverables and fragmenting those deliverables into smaller segments. Furthermore, these sub-deliverables are then decomposed till responsibilities to group members can be assigned. At this stage, the specific work packages are required to produce the sub-deliverable and grouped together. These packages will represents the list of overall tasks which have to be done for completing the specific unit of work (Page, 2014). By getting details of project schedules, project makers of Hilton Hotel can recognize activities under the work packages, which are needed to be completed by a specific schedule as well as within a certain level of effort also.

Products or Deliverables

A deliverable refers to any product or service which should be completed to finish a project. For this purpose, it is essential to develop capabilities which are termed as deliverables. For example: To develop a product, company should modify its technique first. In context with present project of Hilton Hotel, capabilities required to develop a team will be considered as deliverables. Therefore, under this process, requirement to introduce HR executive for formation and development of team are termed as deliverables. In addition to this, techniques used under this process, like Tuckman model which include the concept of forming, storming, norming, performing and adjoining etc. also included as deliverables (Tukker and Tischner,  2017).

Estimation of Time and Cost

Efficiencies of any project is totally dependent on time taken to complete each activity. If overall activities of a project will complete in set period then it will boost energy level of team-mates to get success in better manner. In context with present project which is related to improve  give services on time to tourists, research team of Hilton Hotel requires near about 2 to 3 months. In addition to this, the main resource they want to complete whole project is sufficient amount of finance (Page and Hall, 2014) . In this regard, by concerning on each and every task of project, managers have predicted that near about 20k Pounds are required. For this process, they have prepared a proper budget plan and assign adequate amount of finance to each department.

Therefore, overall £20K is required to make this project adequately. It includes



Initial Investment



Operational Activities

R&D Activities

Cost to IT Experts

Licensing Fee







Closing Value


Requirement of HR to assemble the project team

To make a project and implement it successfully, major role is played by team-members. Therefore, it is essential for every company who wants to carry out a new project, make a proper team (Buckler and Creech, 2014). For this process, to assemble the project team, it is necessary to hire HR executives. They would help in building a strong team and get cooperation of each member in completing a project. As per present scenario, Hilton Hotel is facing issues related to poor services and delay in check-in and check-out process. Due to this, travellers book rooms in other hotels, which would lead to reduce its profitability and revenues. So, its managers are going to make a proposal to overcome from this issue (Allweil, 2016). In this process, to make this process and implement it successfully, Hilton Hotel needs to introduce HR professionals. They will help in forming team and get better support of them for project management. In this regard, HR generally use Tuckman Theory for building a team. This theory include four main stages as mentioned below:-

Forming: It is an initial stage of team development, under which manager introduce each member who have to work together to complete a project (Tuckman's Theory of Team Development for Project Teams, 2018). At this level, they get information about roles and responsibilities as well as in what manner, they have to work on.

Storming: After formation of team, group members starts to show their capabilities for accomplishment of business goals and objectives. They give opinion and suggestions to each other for performing duties. Therefore, it is natural to rise conflicts between them because all members have own capabilities and skills to complete a work. To manage this situation, HR professionals will use unique techniques for turning negative environment into positive one (Birley and Moreland, 2014). For example: Organise conference meetings and introduce participation of all team-mates to become a part of decision-making process. Under this process, give opportunity to members to give suggestions and share their views for improvement in project, helps in developing relationship between them.

Norming: Resolving problems related to personality clashes and disagreement on a common concept, will tend to occur great intimacy. Through this process, team-mates will now start collaboration with each other and give cooperation to work as a team.

Performing: After clearing above stages, HR managers get success in building a strong team. Further, to get high contribution and support of team-mates, they use different techniques for boosting their morale (Mistilis, Buhalis and Gretzel, 2014). For example: Adopting effective leadership styles like democratic and give opportunity to each members to work in own manner, help in influencing them towards achievement of common goal. Through this process, group members will now give best efforts to complete a project.

Therefore, through all these processes, it has cleared that for project management, managers of Hilton Hotel must involve HR executives also. They will help in forming and assembling a team for completing the given project.


Risk management is essential for successful competing and execution of task and projects. It is considered as an terminology of containing the risk factors and assessment of possible risk factors in projects. As Hilton hotel is facing a challenge subject to management of customer relations. Guests have to wait due to lag in check in process. Managers have implemented a change policy that would be beneficial for guests to compute the changes and requirement of check in on time (Mortara, et. al., 2014) . As per the new policy guests are provided free hospitality services for first day if it takes more than fifteen minutes time in check in process. The management process also associated with creating changes and requirements in more significant and effective manner. The process also helps in determining the staff satisfactions and managerial skills for compelling the risk factors.

Staff and workers of a Hilton inn are hoping to execute new well-being estimates following the passing of one of their associates in near future. The representative was caught in a stroll in beverage at the hospitality services. Provoking calls from different rooms for upgraded measures to keep another risks away form management. It's an offensive model, yet it's one of numerous threat that undertaken by organisation working in effective coordinative business. an administration calling where the business is about individuals and client benefit.

Risk of facilitated change in staff members

A successful risk administration technique is basic for individuals from the cordiality business. Risk management causes workers to recognize, dissect, evaluate, and ideally, maintain a strategic distance from or alleviate dangers originating from an assortment of sources, for example, monetary furious, legitimate repercussions, mishaps, catastrophic events, information or digital security ruptures, and some more. In this exercise, we'll speak more about some particular examples of dangers in the various organisations.

Risk of having lagging substitutive services

This is also one of the risk factor that impact the potential factors like regular check in services, other assistance services, food and beverage services etc. If hotel fails to reduce the lag in process of check in for guest then they have to provide free hospitality services for one day that can be a cost increasing factors for organisation and it may impact the profitability of organisation (Amersdorffer,  Bauhuber and Oellrich, 2012). The process also hamper the interest of other guests. There are chances to lose the consistent changes and requirements in hospitality business after commencing the new policy. The procedure also may impact the existing scale and charge to compensate the challenges for better change and management.

Assessment of project quality

This part is also essential aspect in a project which gives information about quality of each item through proper measurement techniques (Avermaete, 2012) . The assessment plan entails process of auditing of quality items. It includes documentation, task schedules, budget, skill level of team-mates, project plan and more. This would help project-makers to convince stakeholders that certain project will be completed in defined manner on pre-determined data. Through this process, they can easily get approval of stakeholders and gain their support in completing the project successfully.

Provision of project closure

It is the last phase of a project where managers are required to formally close project and give information to stakeholders about overall success (Soteriades, 2012). Project closure includes passing documentation to business, deliverable to customers, releasing team members, cancelling supplier contracts and finally give information to upper level management about closure of project. Therefore, under this process, managers of Hilton Hotel are needed to create a Project Closure Report by ensuring that all mentioned activities have completed in desired manner. After approval of stakeholders, closure activities stated in report are actioned.


From this report, it has analysed that in order to get retention of customers, hotel industries are required to give them satisfactory services. For this process, managers of organisations deal in hospitality sectors, must concern on effectiveness of services that are provided to guests. Any delay in service or discrepancies leads to loose retention of customers. For this process, they have to develop projects by identifying area within business where modifications are necessary. In addition to this, managers are needed to formulate necessary documentation which includes type of project, purpose, activities, requirement of cost and time etc. This would help in managing and controlling the activities of project so that it can be completed on pre-determined time.


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