Human resource management is an essential part for every business. The strength as well as activities of the business are tackled in an effective manner with the assistance of human resource. The focus of every firm is on development of measures that can assist in planning as well as implementing human resource activities. In the present study strategic human resource management has been discussed in context of Thomas Cook. The report entails to understand the ways in which strategic management of human resources contributes to achievement of organizational objectives. Further it develops human resource plan for organization. The study also includes human resource policy requirements in business.

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1.1 Importance of strategic human resource management in organization

Human resource is referred to as the function of business that has been designed for the purpose of maximizing the performance of employees. It is concerned with management of people in the business and lay emphasis on policies as well as systems. There is huge importance of strategic human resource management in Thomas Cook. This has been enumerated as under:

Optimum utilization of resources: Every firm has limited amount of resources available with it. The company makes sure the efficiency of the personnel with reference time as well as productivity (Armstrong, 2011). The firm focus on making development of practices that reduces the amount of waste in terms of time and resources. This is in order attain the goals of Thomas Cook in an effective manner. With the assistance of staffing and training the employees can be developed for attaining business goals.

Employee commitment: Through human resource management the firm can analyze the efficiency of the personnel. It acts as an aid in training and developing the employees by the methods that are related with training practices (Lawler and Boudreau, 2009). Thus the commitment of employees can be gained through this.

Securing cooperation: The workforce that is cooperative assists in developing healthy work environment within the business. For the purpose of managing working it is essential to develop effective policies regarding grievance handling as well as fair practices of working.

1.2 Assessing purpose of strategic human resource management activities in an organization

Human resource management plays an imperative role in achievement of the organizational goals. It is due to the reason that the efforts of the workers results in attainment of strategic objectives of the business. There are different purpose of strategic human resource management activities within Thomas Cook. These have been assessed in the manner below:

High performance management: It is concerned with number of interrelated procedure of the business. This has influence on the overall performance of the organization. This can be carried out by people of firm with assistance of quality production, relationship management as well as consumer services (Lynch, 2006). Through high performance the business can achieve its desired targets within specified duration of time.

High commitment management: With the involvement of the personnel in the planning process of the organization has resulted in individual growth. This further results in gaining the mutual commitment of the personnel (Arthur and Boyles, 2007). Through trust of the employees within the business strong committed work force can be obtained by Thomas Cook.

High involvement management: The company believes in the policy of considering the personnel as partners of business. With this effective communication can be established among the different departments of the organization. Moreover the involvement of employees increases the morale of the personnel to carry out the work with effectiveness.

1.3 Evaluating contribution of strategic human resource management to achievement of business objectives

There is greater contribution of strategic human resource management in the achievement of the business objectives to a significant level. Human resource develops strategy that guides the employees of Thomas Cook to carry out the operations in an effective manner. Ever business possess certain objective for which it comes into emergence. The main objective of Thomas Cook is to enhance its sales as well as profitability. This can be effectively achieved through maintenance of productivity with the organization (Rothwell and Kazanas, 2003). In addition to this it also includes retention of the employees so that job can be performed with effectiveness. In order to achieve several business targets the role of strategic human resource management is very crucial.

This is because through this the company can attain its goals in an effective manner. For instance, in case the business has objective to increase the sales as well as profits then it can look over the recruitment of the personnel. This would assists the business in gaining qualified and skilled employees that can bring improvement in the overall sales and revenue of the firm (Nikandrou and Papalexandris, 2007). Such can be attained by Thomas Cook only when it makes appropriate planning in relation to the human resource management. Likewise the employees can be retained only when they are satisfied with the job. This can be achieved by offering proper motivation to the employees. Thus with this the company can focus on attaining its overall targets that results in increasing its performance to a significant level.


2.1 Analysis of business factors that underpin human resource planning

There is existence of several business factors that underpin human resource planning in the organization. These factors have been analyzed as under:

Growth of business: With the assistance of new innovations as well as strategic alliance the company like Thomas Cook has ensured major growth in the present era. In order to manage such opportunities it is essential for the organization to make recruitment of new and highly skilled personnel. Thus this assist the employees in dealing with the changes that occurs with the internal environment of the organization. This can be effectively carried out by the means of organizing training programs (Finegold and Frenkel, 2006). In case when the business is at declining phase then they may not develop new products rather the company has to rely on the existing product for attainment of its targets.

Changing nature of work: The company like Thomas Cook is changing the nature of its work. This has been done by making introduction of new technologies and policies for improving work environment. Appropriate training can be offered so that employees can be made comfortable with the changes that emerges within the firm. With the assistance of this the company can effectively increase its productivity and efficiency.

Cost of labour: In order to control the cost of labour the company is engaged in offering training to the existing personnel. This is results in cutting down the cost of hiring the fresh talent within the firm.

2.2 Assessing human resource requirements

The human resource requirement of the business is affected by several factors. This is in relation to enhancing the size of operations, expansion and reduction plan of the business. It is essential for the company to develop planning in relation to internal and external factors that affects the requirements for human resource. In case the company is planning for its expansion in other countries then for such it has to determine the number of manpower required. Further it addition to this the company has develop personal specification plan that includes skills, experience and qualifications that are needed within the personnel.

The major task with the company is to match the personnel to the requirement of the organization (Fong and, 2011). This implies that Thomas Cook is required to determine whether or not the ability of the manpower is effective in achievement of the desired targets of the business. The internal factors includes labour requirement, skills requirement and workforce profiles. Such has huge impact on the human resource requirement as they guide the type of manpower that is needed for the purpose of achievement of business objectives. In contrast to this there are external factors which involves demand for labour, supply of labour as well as government policies.

Such factors influences the labour requirement within the business. In case the demand of labour is more and the supply is less then the company will have to pay huge amount to the employees and they are limited number of manpower in the market. Such results in affecting the overall operations of the business to a greater extend.

2.3 Developing human resource plan

In order to develop human resource plan series of steps needs to be followed by the organization. These have been enumerated as under:

Recruitment: It is defined as the process through which potential job applicant is searched. This is in order to persuade the people to apply for the vacant job position. This assist the business in achieving its goals in an effective manner. For performing such the company has to define predefined approach of selection (Gloet, 2006). This is designed in the manner that the needs of the company with respect to skills required within manpower is fulfilled.

Retention: Human resource plan cannot be accomplished without retention policies. Thomas Cook can carry out such by motivating the personnel in an effective manner. Moreover such can be conducted by appraising the performance employee in order to boost their morale to perform the job with effectiveness. Thus for retaining the employee the company can offer financial rewards to the personnel so that they can be offered with job satisfaction.

Development of employee: With the assistance of planning, the development of employees can be ensured. Thomas Cook can perform such in an effective manner by offering adequate amount of training to the personnel.

Re-skilling and up-skilling: At this stage the company can determine the learning requirements of the personnel (Saunders and, 2007). In accordance with this the company can make arrangement regarding the programs that can be organized in order to update the skills and knowledge of the personnel in an effective manner. With this the aim of the company can be achieved.
Succession planning: The data that is gathered from the above mentioned stages is utilized in the particular step. Such activity results in providing effective plan for succeeding in the future time period.

2.4 Critical evaluation of ways in which human resource plan can contribute to meeting organizational objectives

The role of human resource planning is crucial in hospitality sector. This is because such assists the firm in monitoring the performance of an individual or a team in an effective manner. Thomas Cook has make alterations in its working with the changes in the needs as well as preferences of the customers. The skilled personnel plays critical role in achievement of the organizational targets. In each department there is requirement of qualified staff that can perform the business functions with effectiveness (Hutchinson, Quinn and Alexander, 2006).

Human resource planning is critical in infusing the strategic fit within organization. Such can be done through alignment of business goals with that of individual efforts. In addition to this the role of employee involvement as well as performance measurement is major as it contributes to the entire procedure. This develop feeling of belongingness within the employees of Thomas Cook. This results in increasing their loyalty towards the business and thus affects their morale to a greater extend. This has overall impact on the performance as well as productivity of the firm. The needs of the company can be effectively met only when it make forecasting of human resource plan. With this the flaws can be determined which can be improved with the assistance of development programs.

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3.1 Purpose of human resource management policies in organization

There is greater requirement for the human resource policies in organization like Thomas Cook. Policies are referred to as guidelines that is in written format. Such assists the organization in carrying out its functions with effectiveness. The main aim of the human resource policy of Thomas Cook is as follows:

Appropriate recruitment and selection: It is the referred to as the recruitment as well as selection activity of the firm that results in generation of employment within Thomas Cook in an effective manner. The policy of assortment of the company is based upon the fact that is related to hiring of the suitable employee within the corporation (Jackson and Seo, 2010). In order to attain the objectives, the organization needs to make appointment of the talented personnel who can effectively perform for the recruitment objective of the business.

Labour as well as human right: The major goal of this policy is to restrict the practices that affects the interests as well as rights of the personnel. For the purpose of dealing with the situation the company has to incorporate the laws that are related with the rights of the workers (Kallunki, Laitinen and Silvola, 2011). Such activity has resulted in maintaining the level of motivation of personnel with Thomas Cook.

Training and development policy: The company has ensure achievement of such with the organization of programs on monthly basis. This results in development of personal as well as professionals skills within an individual.

3.2 Analysis of impact of regulatory requirements on human resource policies

There is huge impact of the regulatory requirement on the human resource policies of the organization. This acts as an aid in binding the legal framework of the business with that of the policies of Thomas Cook. The impact of regulatory requirement has been analyzed as under:

Equal pay act: This policy assist the management in making adoption of the effective measures that related with remuneration as well as payment policies. This policy requires the firm to minimize the discrimination within the firm (Shamsudin and, 2012). This is in order to reduce the disputes that might arise with the management of Thomas Cook. It is essential for the company to treat each employee equal. Further it prohibits the discrimination of the employees of the basis of races, class, religion as well as status etc.

Employment act 2008: This policies reflects the development of fair practices in relation to employment practices within the organization. Thomas Cook is required to develop fair policies in relation to recruitment and selection thus this ensures selection of an individual without any biasness.

Sex discrimination act 1995/1997: The discrimination on the basis of gender needs to be prohibited. Thus this implies providing an equal opportunity to all the individuals.


4.1 Analysis of impact of an organizational structure on management of human resource

Organization structure is referred to as the procedure of hierarchical arrangement of authority as well as responsibility within an organization. This assist the business in defining the relationship between the authority as well as responsibility in the organization like Thomas Cook. The structure within Thomas Cook affects the management of the employees to a significant level. The impact of organization structure on human resource can be analyzed in the following manner:

Communication system: The various levels of management in the company follows effective way of communication in which the information flow can be carried out appropriately. For the purpose of managing the flow of information it is essential to manage time at which the visitors visits the hotel. Thus required knowledge can be transferred to them in an effective manner (Sonenshein, 2010). With suitable communication system the personnel can perform the task in proper direction. Otherwise they work on be able to carry out the work in desired manner.

Delegation of authority as well as responsibility: With the effectiveness of delegation of the work as well as management the structure within Thomas Cook is influenced greatly. Through existence of flexible structure within the organization the reporting system is affected. As this assists the human resource to make proper reporting of the work done by them. Moreover with this the accountability in relation to the work can be set in an effective manner. Thus this assists in enhancing the performance of business to a greater extend.

Effective skills of leadership: With the effective structure the skills related to leadership inherited by the personnel is affected to a greater extend. The presence of strong workforce acts as an aid in growth and success of the business. Further the leaders can effectively provide guidance to the employees regarding performance of the work in desired manner that results in achievement of the target.

4.2 Analysis of impact of an organizational culture on management of human resources

Organization culture is defined as the individuals behaviour that is taken as an important part of the business. This concept has positive as well as negative influence on the management of human resource within firm like Thomas Cook. The culture within organization such as Thomas Cook is affected by leadership concept. This acts as an aid in promoting innovation within the organization. The role of leader can be effectively seen in determining the policy of HR in an effective manner. For instance in case the company adopts the leadership approach of autocratic style.

This implies that under such culture the personnel are forced to accomplish the work in an specified duration of time (Tabassi and Bakar, 2009). Such result in discouraging the personnel which affects the overall performance. Further it also minimize the productivity of the firm to a greater extend. In contrast to this the in case participative style of leadership is followed at Thomas Cook then such can result in improving the performance of the organization to a greater extend. With the assistance of such healthy work environment can be developed which assist the business in carrying out the work in an appropriate manner. It has been determined that organizational culture plays crucial role in affecting the human resource of the business significantly. As such it directs the actions of the employees in a particular direction (Vouzas, 2007).

The culture of Thomas Cook acts as an aid in defining the code of conduct. This is in relation with dress code, employee reaction as well as situation handling. The workforce that is belonging to diversified culture can be united with the assistance of common culture within the firm. Such facilitates the corporation in creating the brand image of the business for longer term. In addition to this it helps in promoting sound relationship among company as well as employees.

4.3 Ways in which effectiveness of human resource is monitored

The monitoring of the effectiveness of human resource management can be carried out with the assistance of comparison of employee's action with that of the organization's strategic goals. In order to measure the effectiveness of the human resource several tools have been determined. This includes performance indicator. The company like Thomas Cook has defined certain pointers that are in relation with the skills and knowledge of the employees.

This is referred to as the qualitative approach. Thus on the basis of such factor the performance of the personnel within the organization can be assessed in an effective manner. Moreover this would act as an aid for the business in measuring the effectiveness of the human resource policy that is being followed in the corporation (Raghunath, 2014). In addition to this the company makes use of quantitative approach that assists in measuring the effectiveness of human resources. Under this the company set output for each individual. This is expressed in terms of figures. Thus the actual performance is compared with the set criteria. In case there is match between the desired level of output as well as actual performance then this can be judged that work performance is effective. Otherwise it can be judged that improvement are required in the performance in order to match with the set targets.

Corrective measures needs to be taken for the purpose of increasing the performance of the employees (Human Resource Management Models, 2015). With this the long term goals of Thomas Cook can be attained in an effective manner. Further training methods can be employed by the organization in order to bring improvement in the areas where deviation has been determined. The current position of the business can be assessed by gaining insight to the effectiveness of human resource that are operating within the firm.

4.4 Recommendations to improve effectiveness of human resource management in organization

The organization has effective sales revenue as well as brand image in the market. The company is amongst the top most hospitality companies. But there are certain issues faced by the organization that affects the working within the organization. These are in relation with disputes among the personnel. Further it involves problems related with the cultural diversity. This is influencing the image of the brand to a significant level.

This is due to increasing dissatisfaction among the personnel that are influencing the quality of the services. Thus effective work practices within the business is affected significantly. In order to resolve the particular issue it is advised to the company to bring enhancement in the training programs that are being designed by the firm. With the assistance of this Thomas Cook can provide motivation to the personnel in an effective manner. This results in increasing their morale which enhances their job satisfaction. In addition to this it is essential for the company to incorporate employees feedback system in order to gain insight to the grievances of the personnel in an effective manner (Gloet, 2006).

Thus with this their satisfaction level can be enhanced which results in overall development of the firm. It is essential for the business to improve the retention of the employees. This can be effectively carried out by offering proper performance appraisal to the personnel. Moreover suitable rewards based on the performance needs to be provided so that the morale of the employees to work in the best manner can be enhanced to a significant level.


It can be concluded from the study that there is crucial role of human resource management in maintaining sound working environment within the business. With the assistance of effective human resource plan the company like Thomas Cook can achieve its targets within an effective manner. It is essential for the business to determine the type of manpower required in order to fulfill the requirement of the firm. It has been inferred that manpower needs to be offered with appropriate training and motivation so as to increase their satisfaction level. This in turn would increase their morale to carry out the work in an effective manner.


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