Customer Experience refers to the process with the help of which interaction in between organisation's products and customers is made good. With the help of this experience, customers makes their mindset whether satisfiable or not regarding the products and services of an organisation (Bharwani and Jauhari, 2017). The company chosen for the completion of this assignment is Global Buffet Restaurants. The company chosen for the completion of this assignment is JRC Global Buffet Watford which was founded in the year 2003 and is headquartered in London. The assignment will start with making its focus on importance of knowing customer wants, exploration of different factors influencing customer engagement, various customer engagement factors. In addition to this, it will also make its focus on the different target customer groups, customer experiences map, customer touch points, detailed customer experience map, influencing customer touch points, use of technology in managing customer experiences. Lastly, the evaluation of the use of digital technologies for managing customer experiences along with critical evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of CRM Systems which are used in service sector businesses for acquiring and retaining customers for long period of time.

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P1) Explanation of Value and Importance of Understanding Needs, Wants and Preferences of Customer Wants in  JRC Global Buffet Watford

Not only in the Restaurant Organisations but also in other organisations as well, customer plays an important role in ensuring proper growth and survival of the company. With the help of customers, it is possible to know about their needs, demands, tastes and preferences so that services could be made according to their suitability and customer could be attracted and retained with the organisation for a long period of time (Gruber and et. al., 2015). Focusing on customer's needs and preferences will also help the company to maintain a long term and good relationship with their customers. There are different demographics on the basis of which services are made available to customers as such on their age, gender, income and many more. The discussion of some of the important customer segments and their demands has been provided as under:

Type of customer

                     Different types of customer needs

Disabled customer

Menu in Brail

Sufficient space to pass between table

Access ramps

Hospital patients

Easy to eat food

Instant services

Nutritious food

Gym Instructor

Calorie information
printed on the menu

Nutritious food

Pool side services

So on the basis of above provided information, managers of JRC Global Buffet Watford could know about the needs and demands of their customers. Considering these three segments, the demand of disabled person, hospital patient, gym instructor. In the needs of disable person, ramp availability is important along with providing Brail menu for those people who are blind so that it could become easy for them to take move in the premises without any issues (Peppers and Rogers, 2016).

In addition to this, importance of considering hospital patients is also essential as good quality food is needed to be provided to them so that it could not impact negatively on their health. Gym instructors are also health conscious and this makes important for them to consider about their diets which should be nutritious. So working along with needs and demands of customers will help the company to provide their customers with the bets possible experiences and engage them with the organisation for a long period of time.

P2) Factors Impacting Upon Customer Engagement of Different Targeted Customers

Customer Engagement refers to the process or the interaction in between the external stakeholders of the company and the restaurant as well. This engagement is also important as this works as a connection in between the two parts. Different factors are needed to be considered at the time of interacting with customers and influencing them in the right path so that they could engage in the organisation for a long period of time. The description of some of the important factors which needs to be considered for maintaining customer engagement for JRC Global Buffet Watford are provided as under:

Ambience: It refers to interiors or designs of any hotel, restaurant or any other place. This consideration is important for JRC Global Buffet Watford as good interiors such as wall paints, designs, lights, light music and many other things will impact positively on the mindset of customers.

Pricing Strategies: Looking over the pricing strategies of this company, it could be easily said that there is these policies are good enough to attract the customers. The level of customers visit tells that pricing strategies of JRC Global Buffet Watford is good enough and is not charging high prices from their customers.

Services Offered: The following organisation provides their customers with different products and services with the help of which customers are satisfied. These services includes dinning, bar, Wi-Fi facilities, ram access, charger points, enquiry office, and many other services which provides satisfaction to the customers (Chathoth and et. al., 2016). Out of these services, some are provided free of cost to their customers as well.

Quality of Food and Services: The quality of food products and services provided to the customers is also of high quality and should also focus on making continuous improvements in the quality of their food products and services. This will help in making potential customers in real customers of company and will help in providing better satisfaction to customers.

Customer Mind Map

The following term refers to the process with the help of which consideration is known about the perceptions of potential customers in relation to the products and services of an organisation with which they are engaged. There are several stages which are included under this process. The following process will be applied in case of JRC Global Buffet Watford and this will help in knowing about customer's preferences as the growth of organisation is possible only when the company is having proper knowledge about customers needs and demands. The sources with the help of which evaluation of the products and services of an organisation is done is related to websites, review sites, e mails, restaurant environment and many more that helps in knowing and impacting on the customer behaviour for any related product or service. The sources are provided as under:

Websites: The first and most effective option for the companies such as JRC Global Buffet Watford where an organisation could make improvement in their brand image and brand recognition in the marketplace. As with the help of this option, an organisation could share the pictures and images of their products and services along with specifications so that customers may check, taste them by going in the restaurant and provide their reviews on the basis of their experiences which they came across in JRC Global Buffet Watford. Further, the company could also take feedback from customers regarding their perceptions and related improvements needed to be made in the working of organisation so that customers could be provided with more enhanced services.

Restaurant Management: There are different activities which are performed in an organisation whether belonging to Hospitality or any other industry. The managers of the company are enrolled in different roles and responsibilities which helps in enhancing brand image of the organisation (Bjelajac and et. al., 2016). There are different activities which are followed in the organisation and ensures about its proper survival and growth as such cooking, purchase, sales, serving, accounting and many more. So focusing more on improving the quality of services of JRC Global Buffet Watford, it will be possible to provide customers with the best possible experience to their customers.

Restaurant Staff: Staff Plays an important role in the success and failure of an organisation as they come into direct contact with customers an knows exactly about what the customers are expecting from their customers. They will be able to put their needs in front of employees only when they interact with them in calm, polite manner than will impact positively on their behaviour and thinking. A good impression will be created on their mindset and improve their satisfaction level as well.

Restaurant Environment: The internal environment of an organisation also impacts upon the nature and behaviour of customers in an organisation. As customers in restaurant organisations interact with the employees working in an organisation such as JRC Global Buffet Watford. So their coordination, nature, behaviour, interaction with each other will also impact upon the mindset of customers as they notice everything (Kim, 2015). Peaceful and delight environment is more preferred by customers where they could have their dishes in a peaceful place. Along with this, good food also makes their customers to spend more time and visit again as preferences is related to spending more time with people they love.

Review Sites: The impact of reviewing sites from online site is also important as this is one of the important stages which provides knowledge to organisation. When customers makes their visit to the restaurant, so they provides their review and share their experiences on the sites of that organisation so that other customers may also make their decisions on the basis of reviews provided by those customers. On the basis of feedbacks and positive reviews from customers, the improvements in the processes and services of JRC Global Buffet Watford could be made.

P4) Explanation of Customer Touch Points Creating Opportunities for JRC Global Buffet Watford Throughout Customer Experience

Touch Point refers to the some specific points or instances where customers makes judgement of performances of people (Maier and Prusty, 2016). These days there are many applications with the help of which an organisation makes collection of reviews of customers so that services could be made according to needs and preferences of people to the possible extent. It is the way with the help of which interaction in between customers, people, brand, product and customers are changed in relation to their products, services.

As from the perspective of customers, it is related to taking services from those organisations which is having good reviews of their customers. So this makes important for JRC Global Buffet Watford to work on their services and make related improvements in them according to the tastes and preferences of customers (McColl-Kennedy and et. al., 2017). With improved services, the organisation will have good reviews and improvements in their number of customers as well. The contribution of employees working in an organisation is very important and plays an essential role in impressing customers in a positive way. For example, considering the role of waiter in an organisation such as JRC Global Buffet Watford who makes contact with different customers during a day. So the script of conversation in between customer and waiter of JRC Global Buffet Watford has been provided as under:

Employee: Good Evening Ma'am.

Customer: Good Evening.

Employee: Please tell me what you want to have today, Ma'am?

Customer: I want one Chicken Burger and one Orange Juice.

Employee: Please wait sometime Ma'am, it will be ready soon.

Customer: Sure, Please take your time.

(After 10 minutes)

Employee: Here is your order, Ma,am.

Customer: Thank you. How much does it costs?

Employee: Only £40 Ma'am.

Customer: Okay. Here it is.

Employee: Thank you so much Ma'am. Have a Nice Day. Visit Again Ma'am.

P5) Use of Digital Technology in Managing Customer Experiences Along with Specific Examples Within JRC Global Buffet Watford

In today's world, Digital Technology is of great importance in an organisation with the help of which customer satisfaction and their experience is enhanced. As internet is counted under digital technologies, so with the help of this medium an organisation could provide services to their customers and make value of their brand. With the help of Internet and other Digital Technology, it will be possible for JRC Global Buffet Watford to increase their reach and access to customers so as to identify the needs and demands of their customers in order to provide them with a good experience from the services of the company (Carlson and et. al., 2016). In order to improve customer experience, there are some ways of digitalisation that supports improvement in customer experience:

  • Chatbot: The following is a new way with the help of which improvement in customer experience is made. It works as an assistant which focuses on providing support and guidance to their customers by providing them support, through message, voice, website, mobile app or through any other device. This helps in improving customer satisfaction and experiences.
  • Big Data Analytics: In this approach, the consideration is related to ask customers to share their related data and other things with the help of which the organisation may provide the with relevant personalised offers and discounts. This also helps in providing with good customer experience and retaining them in organisation for a long period of time.
  • Internet of Things: With the help of this tool, it is possible for the companies to make better relationship with their customers so that companies could maintain proper relationship with their customers such as in between digital and real world activities (Srivastava and Kaul, 2016).

The following organisation is making their operations in Hospitality Industry and is mainly focuses on the maintaining effective relations with their customers in order to ensure their proper growth and success. The ways by which CRM helps organisation in making improvement in overall customer experience is been provided as under:

  • This software will help in maintaining proper records of their customers as well their data so that customers regular feedback could be taken such as with the help of e mails and creating value for them.
  • Gifts and greetings could also be sent to customers with the help of this software.
  • Additionally, personalised services could also be provided to their customers such as free home delivery to regular customers of the organisation (Lanier Jr and Hampton, 2016).

So these are some of the ways that helps in maintaining proper relationship with their customers to every organisation.

P6) Customer Service Strategies in JRC Global Buffet Watford

In hospitality Industry, customer are the king of the market which makes the organisations working in this industry to make their focus on continuous improvement in their services so that it could become possible to attract customers as much as possible. This is the only way to ensure their growth and survival along with earning revenues and profits. Good services help companies in maintaining long term relationships with their customers so that long term relationships could be made with them. Long term relationships with customers helps in making good relation with their customers and attaining good brand image in the minds of customers. So some of the strategies have been provided as under:

Attention to Guests: It is important for JRC Global Buffet Watford to take into consideration on the words of their guests that what they want so that they could be provided with only those things about which they are asking (Gopalakrishna, Malthouse and Lawrence, 2017). So as to make improvement in customers satisfaction, effective services is important.

Delivery of Promises: Taking the example of quality, an organisation makes promises related to so many aspects to their customers. So it is important for the company to fulfil it so that customers could have faith in them.

Reward Loyal Customers: The JRC Global Buffet Watford could give different rewards to their customers who visit their restaurant on regular basis. This will also help in creating potential customers to change in real customers as they are rewarded by the company. Along with this, good services of company will be appreciated by customers in front of others people as well, this promotion is said as word of mouth as is more effective than any other form of marketing (Ma and et. al., 2016).

In this way, it will be easy for the companies to make improvements in the satisfaction level of their customers and for the betterment and growth of the organisation as well.

P7) Development of Customer Service Strategies Along with Customer Experience

Customer Audit Trail and Critical Observations

Name of hospitality business visited:

JRC Global Buffet Watford

Date and time of visit:

1th October, 2019

Ambience and First Impressions:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Musical instruments played were very attractive.

The interiors and designs were attractive.

Improvement will be made in wall decorative.

Signage, Tariff Boards, Labelling, etc.:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Symbols placed were attractive as from images it was clear what it want to say as such fire extinguisher, danger and many more.

Non Separation in dishes made customers confused.

Differentiated list of dishes.  


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Some food items were cost effective as well as economical in price also.

High prices charged from customers in bars.

In case of changes, prices will be lowered to some extent in comparison to other bars.

Range of Products:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Availability of differentiated food items.

Bad taste of Italian food.

Italian Chef will be hired.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Employees were cooperative and helpful.

Due to less employees, delay in work occurred.

Employees will be hired in appropriate manner.


From the above assignment, it has been concluded that customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in hospitality industry so it becomes important to make services according to tastes and preferences of customers so as to ensure long term survival and growth. In addition to this, it has also been concluded that long term sustainability could be achieved with the help of ambience pricing, good quality services and some more concepts. Lastly, the conclusion has been drawn about use of CRM to maintain good customer relationships and is an important tool that will help organisations to maintain long term and good relationships with their customers an to provide them with the best possible experience.


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