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Tourism Samples
  • Importance of Quality Management

    Introduction Looking at the present market circumstances customers are highly concerned about the quality of products and services. Particularly, hospitality industry is a sector in which leisure and comfort ability is given the major priority (McAdam, 2007). Thus, companies operating in should...ReadMore

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  • Sustainable Tourism

    Introduction to Tourism industry Tourism industry is largest and the fast growing industry in the world. This industry is influenced by the various aspects which determine the overall functioning of this industry. They require the sustainability to carry out its operations. Sustainable tourism...ReadMore

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  • Legislation and Ethics in Travel and Tourism

    Introduction Travel and tourism sector is the most important that makes their presence at the local and global level. Thus, there are various sectors but this is one the most contributors towards the social and economic development. Also, there are large number of passenger are travelling across...ReadMore

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  • Legislation and Ethics

    Introduction Any organization that conducts business on larger scale needs to consider legal and regulatory aspects for protecting the interest of customers (John Wiley and Sons.Quinn, 2012). The study has been describing surface, sea and air transport law in relation to the carriage of passengers...ReadMore


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  • Marketing in Travel and Tourism

    Introduction to Travel and Tourism Tourism is esteemed to incorporate any action concerned with the impermanent here and now development of individuals to goals outside the spots where they typically live and work, and their exercises amid the stay at these goals. (The Tourism Society, 1979) This...ReadMore


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  • Sustainable Tourism development

    INTRODUCTION Sustainable tourism is considered as a concept of visiting a place as a tourist to make positive impact on environment as well as on the economy (Barth, 2008). By considering the above element, present report has been prepared on a tourist destination to Nepal because the number of...ReadMore


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