Tourism is the most quickly flourishing sector in the country which has a significant impact on the growth and economy of the United Kingdom nation. Travelling in the modern age is concerned with exploring new places so as to get space from the daily routine of the life. It has evolved over the period of time. Main objective of the present study is provide readers with an insight of activities of travel and tourism sector and the influence of government on the industry. It also highlights the concept of demand and supply as well as the impact of tourism on UK and TUI group (Lepp, Gibson and Lane, 2014).

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Travel and tourism is the essence of every economy as it aids in the growth of GDP. It provides wide range of job opportunities for the people as there are several departments which provides wide range of services. The structure has been highlighted underneath:

Airlines and railways: These are concerned with booking the tickets of the passengers and determining the fare prices for the voyages. They aid the people to travel from one place to another by using the means of airlines, railways or ships (Murphy, 2013).

Travel Agents: They are mainly concerned with providing the clients with the overview of several packages. They determine certain seasonal as well as family packages for the people who love to travel in vacations.

Accommodation: Room Division is the major department of T&T sector so as to provide a safe and relaxing stay the restaurant (Routledge, 2013). These are also involved in providing hospitality services to the visitors so as to facilitate the customers with healthy and friendly stay at the hotel.

Local transport: Passengers are unaware about several place in the native country. They require transports in the form of car, local buses or cabs, in order to move from one area to another. These are also a means of travel and tourism sector wherein the tour operators arrange cheapest means of transport for the tourist to visit the historical places (Sirgy and Uysal, 2016).

Leisure and fun: People love to explore new place. They travel so as to crave fun and entertainment by experimenting varied means of leisure activities in form of paragliding, swimming, coasting, river rafting, etc. All these are provided by the tour operators as well as the sectors involved under it.


Impact of Political Changes

Date: 2nd December 2016,

Travel and Tourism Publication,

Political factor play an imperious role in creating demand or supply of the travel and tourism services. These changes constitutes of the terrorism, alterations in political bodies, laws and norms of the country. It can be ascertained that the political environment of the United Kingdom is quite stable which cause the tourist to visit London over and again. Visitors prefer secure and safe environment where they can stay safely. Therefore, terrorism causes huge threats on the minds of the visitors. Apart from it, with the change in the political bodies, new norms and policies are also inlaid which sometimes may hamper the tourism sector. However, the government of UK has introduced a new policy which states that Citizens of China are provided with the visit visa of 2 years keeping in mind their significant contribution of 5200 million GBP in the growth of the country. This almost 112 percent more than the previous year data. Contradictory to this, it has also been ascertained that with the change in the president of the China, there is much more improvement in the political conditions of the said country. It has significantly contributed in the promotion of Outbound tourism. Therefore, it can be said that political factors have a consequent impact on the tourism industry.

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