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Training And Development

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Training and development is a function in organisation where they aim to provide the better job performance to the candidates. Training and development is educational process which is concern with the gaining of knowledge, changing of attitudes to enhance the performance of the employees (Ehrhardt and et. al., 2011). In present assignment ten forces which influence the working and learning of employees has been described. Qantas airways which is largest airline by fleet size with international flights and destinations.

Assessment 1

The ten forces which influence the working and learning of training and development are as described below.


The centre for sustainable design has designed the training and development programmes for the private and public organisation. In sustainability, training is delivered into three areas such as sustainability and marketing, sustainable product development and design,sustainable innovations.


The work force of employees are affected by the globalisation policy. Through the training and development the managers of Qantas airways can provide the a focus on abstract concept which will clearly defines the roles of employees in company.

Increased Value Placed on Intangible Assets and Human Capital

If the organisation is providing proper training and development programmes to employees then it will increased the value of goodwill of the firm in competitive market (Grohmann & Kauffeld, 2013).

Focus on Link to Organisation Strategy

At the work place the manager has to focus on the organisation strategies that which are using to provide better training to employees. The appropriate and best strategies must be used for improving the knowledge of employees. Qantas airways has to make proper strategies which should be link with the organisation objectives.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

The managers have to retain the talent employees for a long period of time. For the organisation the manager can accurately find out the employees for the company need, provide the right programmes to develop them and offer the incentives and reward which keep them attracting and royal.

Changing Demographics and Diversity of Work Force

The change in demographics is crucial for the enterprise success. The organisation have to conduct the proper programmes for the drastic changes in the ethic, age, population growth etc. and these are drastically change ahead for the workplace.

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Whenever there will change in the technologies Qantas airways has to provide proper training and development programmes so that they will aware about the new technologies. Through this they can increase the knowledge of employees and efficiency regarding their work at workplace.

Economic Growth

Whenever there will increase in the amount of products and services with the increase in population, the company have also to increase their prices there. The economic growth will increase the GDP of the country and employees will also improve their life style. The contribution of Qantas airways in economic growth is approximately 0.7% .

High Performance Models of Work System

High performance work system are those group which are separated but they are interconnected with the human resource practices. The proper training and development programmes enhance the employees effectiveness for the achievement of business goals (Rooney, 2010). Through the employees get motivated, skills are improved and get the more opportunities to perform their work in efficient manner.

From the above nine forces, high performance models of work system and customers services and quality emphasis is most important at the work place. Through the high performance models of work system, Qantas airways can provide the proper training and development programme to the employees which will increase their skills and knowledge regarding the work. Through this will provide the quality of services to customers which will also satisfy their needs.

Customer Services and Quality Emphasis

The quality of service is critical for the organisation to retaining the customers and also to enhance the long term profitability. In order to ensure the quality of services it will also ensures about the customer satisfaction. Qantas air line have to ensure about that they are providing the quality of services which also does not affect the working of employees (Moser, 2012). In customer services the manager must be ensure bout the providing the quality of services which will retain the customers for a long period of time. If the employees are not performing their task properly it can be happen because of they are not satisfy with their jobs and this may be fault of organisation. The organisation should stop on blaming the employees but they have to adopt the proper system of work which will also improve the performance, behaviours and attitudes of employees. The author has used this model because through this the organisation can provide the quality of services to customer which will enhance the needs of consumers.

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A stands for analysis, The manager of Qantas has to find out the needs of customers that what kind of service they want from the company. They should also analyse the participants of current capabilities which invest the large amount of funds in fulfilling the needs of customers.

D stands for design, what are the leaning objectives which are taken by the company in order to fulfil the needs of customer. The managers have to learn about the activities which have to perform by them in organisation.

D stands for develop, The managers have to create the prototypes which includes the some models or samples so that they can built a test to replicate the things or to learn from them something.

I stands for implement, The managers of Qantas has to applied the proper training and development programmes which will took place in the organisation. The training should be provided in appropriate manner so that the employees can deliver the quality of services to customers.

E stands for evaluate, in last the members of the organisation have to evaluate that whether the knowledge of the employees has increased or not regarding to provide the quality of services. They have to monitor all the results properly so that they can take appropriate actions with in time period.

The development of training is important which will help the employees for the improvement of their skills and knowledge which will help them to improve their performance for better performing of their roles in organisation. Qantas airways has to develop the skills of leadership through the adopting of different leadership styles. It will help the employees who are working in team for improving the knowledge (Salas and et. al., 2012). In team there is always a one leader who guides the other members. If there is an effective communication in team the employees can easily share their issues which are related with their problems. Through this the organisation will also able to came to know about the where training programmes are needed.

Assessment 2

Training design process can be understood when there is clear objective has been produced by the company. Through training it clearly defines the goals of Qantas airways which have to be achieved by end of the training programmes. The phase of developing the training involves the determining the evaluation procedure, learning objectives, planning steps for the achievement of business goals and so on. Training design process includes the seven steps which are described as below...

Conducting Needs Assessment

The manager of Qantas have to analyse the organisational goals so that the task can be allocated in appropriate manner to the employees. It is the duty of manger that they have to allocate the task according to the capability of employees so that they can perform their task properly.

Ensuring Employees Readiness for Training

The members of the company have to analyse that where they need training. The organisation have to provide training which motivates the employees and develop their skills and it will also increase the efficiency of the employees. The training should be provided in appropriate manner so that employees ill encouraged and will able to achieve their targets.

Creating a Leaning Environment

The learning objectives should be provided to emplyees and take the feedbacks form them time to time. So that if they are facing any problem then appropriate actions can be taken with in time period.

Ensuring Transfer of Training

The manager of Qantas have to ensure about the transfer of training. The manager should support the employees whenever they are facing the problems. If manager support the employees then they will perform their task properly.

Developing an Evaluation Plan

After the transfer of learning the managers have to identify the learning outcomes which will increase the efficiency of employees. They have to evaluate the design which has been chosen for to providing the proper training and development programme to employees so that they can analyse the cost benefits in proper way.

Selecting Training Training Method

After developing the evaluation plan, the manager have to select the training method that which method is useful for the employees. The training method are traditional and e-learning. Both methods are useful now a days.

Monitoring and Evaluating the Program

In last, the managers of Qantas, have to conduct the evaluation programme so that they can monitor all the activities which are performing by the employees in organisation.If there any changes are need to be taken then appropriate actions can be taken and make the improvement for the program.

The environmental forces affects the organisation in providing the different types of services according to the customer needs. It affects the operational activities which are performing by the companies in order to achieve their targets. The company have to provide the services according to the needs of customers which are changing from time to time. Australian organisations are affected by these forces because they have to provide the services according to the customers needs or which are highly in demand. The organisation have to conduct the proper market research to identify those sources which can directly and indirectly impact on the organisation objectives (Truitt, 2011). In modern era, Australian organisation have to provide the proper training and development programmes to employees according to the needs of customers so that they can retain for a long period of time. These organisation have to set proper strategies and should be implemented when it is required so that organisation can maintain their good reputation in competitive market. The environmental forces includes the economic, political, demographics, culture factors which influence the objectives and targets of the company.The organisation have to analyse these factors time to time so that they can provide quality of services and products to customers to satisfy their demands.

Strategic training helps the employees and other members of the organisation to accomplish the goals which are set by the company in appropriate manner. Strategic training gives the numerous advantage to the organisation. Training requires the different strategies such as concentration, internal growth, external growth and disinvestment. Through the strategic training the organisation can achieve the long term goals and can get the success in competitive market (Wilson, 2014). The high authority of Qantas airways has to provide the proper training to staff, employees which will describe the goals of the company. Through the training they will improve their performance and increase the knowledge which for performing the specific task in appropriate manner. The training should be provided while considering the environmental forces so the employees will aware about these forces and can perform or provide the better quality of services to customers for retaining them for a long period of time.


From the above assignment it can be concluded that the organisation have to provide the training and development programmes time to time to new and existing employees so that they can provide the better quality of services to customers. At the work customer services and high performance of work system is important which is also giving an opportunity to existing employees to improve their performance for the better achievement of goals.


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