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Most Trusted Academic Writing Help by Expert Writers! 

Academic writing is a formal style of writing. A paper must be clear, concise, focused, well-structured, and consist of evidence to look formal. This type of writing is mostly used by students to produce the best academic paper. This is because when the professor finds students' work impressive, he gives excellent marks. But, it is not easy for students to write impressively without committing any mistake, and thus, they seek academic writing help. 

There are other types of writings also that are different from academic writing. Let’s get to know the difference between academic writing and other styles of writing in the upcoming section. 

How Academic Writing Is Different from Other Writings?

  1. This type of writing is given to students by their teachers to judge their knowledge and writing skills. In non-academic writing you can write on any topic or field, nobody will judge you like academic writing. 
  1. You are free to deliver the information the way you want to in non-academic writing whereas you have to follow the guidelines while writing any academic paper. 
  1. Academic writing requires you to write formal whereas there is no need to write formal in non-academic writing, your sole purpose is to impress through expression. 
  1. Anybody can read non-academic papers, whereas academic papers get read by only teachers. 
  1. Non-academic writing has no rules and guidelines whereas academic writing has them. 

Let’s know some academic writing examples with explanation and some non-academic too. 

  • Research PaperAs the name implies, it requires extensive research to write it. You can present your arguments and observation in this paper.  
  • Dissertation :This is a research paper given in PG or Ph.D. program. A student has to submit an original piece of paper in the form of a dissertation, and it sometimes takes a year to complete it.  
  • EssayIt is a short formal piece of writing. An essay mostly deals with a single subject. It is an important academic paper to check students writing skills. 
  • AssignmentIt is given by a professor to judge the students' knowledge regarding the subject. The teacher gives the marks accordingly if he finds whether the paper is meeting all the expectations or not. When students can’t write assignments themselves, they seek academic writing help services from experts. 
  • Thesis :To test students' understanding of their field of study, a thesis is provided by the professor to write. It is considered the most lengthy academic paper after dissertation, and because of its lengthiness, students sometimes seek professional academic writing help.
  • Conference PaperIt is generally used to introduce new ideas. You can present your research questions in this type of academic paper and make people aware of what new ideas you have explained. Valuable feedback is also provided by the readers on the conference paper. 

Now, know little about non-academic papers. 

Non-academic texts are personal, emotional, and subjective in nature. You are free to write the way you want to, unlike academic writing, where you have to write under some guidelines and have to be formal while writing.  

So, let’s know what these are below.

  • Book : It is a collection of texts, images, facts, information, and stories. The page numbers of the book vary as per the context in which you are writing.
  • Novel : According to skilled academic writers, a novel gives you more freedom to write imaginary things. It is narrative fiction and is called a novel because it includes unique and different stories.
  • Magazine : It is a general-interest periodical. It is written for a specific field like politics, agriculture, fashion, and lifestyl Magazines come at particular intervals like monthly or weekly. 
  • Biography : It is also called life writing, and according to some academic writers online, it is totally different from academic writing.
  • Comics : This type of paper is mostly written for kids. It includes pictures more than text, whereas, in academic papers, you have to write more text in comparison to pictures.
  • Memoirs : It is considered more focused than a biography and is written from the perspective of the author. It is written to tell about an important part of life.
  • Letters : This is written for a purpose. It is used to deliver a message or inform something important about a person, organization, system, and more.  
  • Emails : Academic writing services providers believe that email is used to deliver a piece of particular information, whereas academic papers are used to judge students' knowledge.

Now, you must have understood how academic writing is different from other styles of writing. 

Students have to face various issues while writing because they have to follow rules and guidelines, so they sometimes seek assignment writing help.

Here are some other reasons that drive students to seek help from professionals. Let's know what are they below.

Why Students Seek Academic Writing Help?

  1. When students don’t have excellent writing skills, they seek help. This is because clarity in the sentences and proper presentation of the argument is possible only with excellent writing.
  1. Poor expression of information can irritate the professor, and he can give you bad marks. When students can't convey information flawlessly, they move to professional help.
  1. Sometimes, students don’t have time to write their papers; as a result, they seek experts’ help for fast delivery. When students do a part-time job or are busy with extracurricular and co-curricular activities, they hardly get time for writing and seek academic writing help assistance.
  1. The topic selection is no easy task, and most of the students can’t find it themselves, even after extensive research. For the excellent topic, they move to professional academic writers to seek assistance.
  1. Flawless structure plays a crucial role in making any paper outstanding, and if this is not created heedfully, then it can affect the entire paper. 
  1. When students don’t know where to do the extensive research from and what are the reliable sources for it, they mention vague information in the paper and end up getting poor 
  1. When the deadline is very close, and students could not complete their academic paper on time, then also they seek assistance from academic writing services.
  1. If students get sick because of any reason and can’t write the paper themselves, then seeking help from experts becomes mandatory.

So, these are the problems that students face while writing. In this situation, experts offer help in different types of academic writing like a dissertation, assignment, essay, thesis, and others.

The professional writers have academic writing skills and write according to the students’ requirements.

Let’s know how they produce amazing papers for students. 

How Academic Writers Produce Excellent Papers?

  • Select the Best Topic : This is the base of an excellent document The expert research for the right and interesting topic by checking important sources related to the particular field. They understand how important it is to come up with an amazing topic to produce an exceptional paper.
  • Conduct Extensive Research : Without research, no paper can be written impeccably. You have to give ample time to collect authenticated or reliable sources for research. This helps the experts to write correct information in the paper. The professional academic writers also consider if the student is asked to use some particular research method by the professor.
  • Structure Entire Paper : The skilled writers who offer academic writing help services always create a structure for every small to big section of the paper They even organize the arguments to make them more readable and clear. They structure proper headings, subheadings, and main points of the topic.
  • Use Hook : If the content does not have any impressive words or lines, then it will look boring to the reader, and it is possible that he would not read your paper further. So, the professional writers always try to include some hooks in the introduction and conclusion, which are mostly questions, quotes, phrases, and statements.
  • Write Original Content : Your paper can get rejected if you mention copied content in it. Experts make sure that they don’t include any copied information in the paper; rather, they write it in their own language. Some academic writing services online also provide a Turnitin report through which you can check the originality of the paper.
  • Edit and Format Properly : Once they finish writing, they check whether the document has any mistakes or not. They correct the connectivity and bad sentence formation. If they find out that some important information is missing, then they include it in the paper.
  • Proofread Multiple Times : This is the last step of writing, but the most important one. Academic writing help providers proofread and eliminate mistakes like spellings, grammar, capitalization, and many others from a paper.

So, these are the main things a professional writer always consider to produce an exceptional paper for students. You have to check whether the websites offer help in your course or not? Is it very important to know before seeking help from academic writers online.

Let's read the next section to know what are the courses they provide help in.

What Are Different Courses in Which Academic Writing Help Is Offered?

  • Arts and humanities
  • Engineering and technology
  • Medical and health sciences
  • Nursing and midwifery
  • Teacher education

These are the few course names, but Assignment Prime offers help in many other courses also. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. level writing help in all the above courses and many others also. Subject-specific writers offer help with academic writing assistance to students.

So, if you can’t write like a professional but want excellent help, then how would you find the best writing assistance?

Well, in that case, you don’t need to go anywhere, as the next section will let you know about the best help in academic writing.

Assignment Prime

Assignment Prime is an online assignment writing service provider which caters the academic need of students.

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Let’s know the benefits for choosing us.

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Academic writing is not only different from other styles of writing; it is even tough also. That is why various students seek academic writing help from professional writers. You will not have to worry about your subject or course while taking assistance as we offer all types of academic writing assistance.

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