27 Jun 2022 4710

THE BIG QUESTION: How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement?

Here's how experts create a solid thesis statement for your documents. Basic steps, placement, & more!

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15 Jun 2022 4023

Short Essay Structure: Ideal Outline to Follow

Know how to write a short essay, structure, guide, and examples from Assignment Prime's experts.

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09 Jun 2022 507

Everything You Need to Know About Professional Reference Letter Writing

Learn everything about reference letter writing from our experts to get an idea how to write a reference letter.

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04 May 2022 1241

Nike SWOT Analysis: Detailed Overview (2022)

This blog shares insights of Nike with the help of SWOT analysis, and also includes some interesting facts.

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22 Apr 2022 1067

Apple SWOT Analysis That Will Reveal the Truth

This blog will help you imbibe the apple swot analysis with the help of examples.

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23 May 2022 4760

Easter Week Celebration in Australia 2022

Read this blog to know how you can celebrate Easter in Australia.

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11 Mar 2022 1401

SWOT Analysis and How to Do It Right! [With Examples]

This blog shares the techniques on how to use SWOT analysis & includes a brief of various companies.

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18 Feb 2022 1794

Purposive Sampling: Definition, Types & Examples

Know the definition, types, and examples for the purposive sampling method with proper explanation.

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22 Feb 2022 1108

Clinical Reasoning Cycle: Definition, It's 8 Phases & Benefits in Nursing Industry  

This blog tells 8 phases of the clinical reasoning cycle, which benefit the nursing industry.

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22 Jan 2022 706

How to Write an Appendix? The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

The Blog discusses aspects of appendix writing by answering the What? Why? & How?

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