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Tesco Plc is the biggest groceries and general merchandise retailer in the United Kingdom having more than 6,700 stores. This retail chain offers a variety grocery and non-food products at the best possible value to the customers. It was founded back in 1919 by Jack Cohen. Headquartered in the Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire in England, the company has the revenue generation of approx £63,911 million as of 2019. Due to this, Tesco is considered as the third largest retailer by gross revenue and ninth-largest by revenue in the entire world.

Due to its widely known services, university professors can assign with case study writing tasks to students studying business courses. While preparing it, you need to take Tesco case study help as it helps you in discussing its vision and mission that includes balanced scorecard of supply chain management, accounting scandal, e-commerce, data mining, et cetera.

However, while writing the Tesco supply chain management case study, you need to categorize the Tesco plc into three distinctive main phases. According to professional writers of Assignment Prime, the key concerns related to these phases are the only major differentiating factors.

What Is Supply Chain Management? How Tesco Is Categorized in 3 Phases?

Every process that transforms the raw material into the final or finished products with the help of management is referred to as supply chain management. It involves various strategies to maximize customer value and gain an adequate amount of competitive advantage in the marketplace. The same goes for Tesco as well. This company has significantly evolved in the last decade. So, with the help of Tesco loyalty card case study, let’s have a look at all the three phases to understand the changes that have been made by the top-level managers of Tesco plc.

Phase 1: Direct to Store Delivery (1970s)

During this particular time, the suppliers of Tesco had the overall control in an organized manner. While studying the Tesco case study, you will understand that in phase one, the company was severely hit by the operation checkout.

Phase 2: Centralization (1980s)

With the help of Tesco e-business case study, you will understand that back in the 1980s, manufacturers and  suppliers had to supply their products directly to the distribution centres of Tesco plc. Usually, the suppliers provide their products to the company’s store. Back in the 1980s, Tesco has adopted the outsourcing feature. It helped them in controlling the overall price of various products for retail selling.

Phase 3: Composite (1980s & 1990s)

While writing Tesco supply chain case study, you will get to know that back in the 1980s & 1990s the Tesco regional centers were developed to maintain the quality of the products. It had included various vehicles with an adjustable temperature for specific products to secure the quality and avoid waste while transporting the products from one place to another.

Along with this, Tesco had also managed to reduce the need of products as a stock in the stores. This led them in increasing the productivity by optimizing the store space to another level.

Now, when you have understood all the three phases of the company, let’s have a look at the supply chain of Tesco and understand how it actually works.

What Is the Significance of Balanced Scorecard While Writing Tesco Case Study?

To understand how Tesco has become successful, you first need to look at Tesco balanced scorecard case study. It was first developed in the early 1990s by two researchers. According to them, the balanced scorecards retain all the traditional financial measures of the business. When the company has its financial report card, it becomes easy to tell the story of every past event that has happened.

In recent years, the balanced scorecards have been proposed and were widely used to analyze the overall performance of the company. While writing the Tesco tnc case study, you need to include this report card to better convey every information in a detailed manner. However, in our writers’ opinion, the balanced scorecard also has some weaknesses that can not always guarantee the success of any business.

Two reasons for the same may be:

1. Time

While preparing the balanced scorecards, the researchers need to have a lot of time because companies do not invest any sort of resources in measuring the performance of the business.

2. Fee

To prepare an in-depth balanced scorecard, the employees need to have proper training that is indeed costly. Due to this, companies usually avoid this step in most cases.

Due to the above-mentioned two reasons, most of the businesses fail, but Tesco has successfully implemented the balanced scorecards that too without any problem.

So, before having an overview of all the advantages of seeking case study writing service, let us first have a brief introduction to all the scandals that have been faced by the world’s ninth-largest retailer.

How Accounting & Horsemeat Scandals Wiped Millions Off Tesco’s Market Value?

Tesco Accounting Scandal

While preparing the Tesco clubcard case study, you will get to know that the Tesco has always remained under the limelight. Back in 2014, the company admitted that they had shown their profits by £250 million. According to the professionals, this news wiped around £2 billion off the supermarket’s share price in just a single day. While studying Tesco accounting scandal case study, you will get to know that the grocery giant issued a series of profit earnings in the run-up to September 2014. It happened under the disastrous reign of then-chief executive Philip Clarke.

You will be amazed to know that CEO Philip Clarke left the Tesco retail chain, just before the accounting scandal sent the shock waves through the entire market back in 2014. In 2017, Tesco reached to an agreement with the authorities over the accounting scandal that they will pay £80 million in compensation as the payouts to shareholders and £129 million as fines and costs.

Tesco Horsemeat Scandal

Accounting scandal is not the only scandal that has been faced by Tesco. Back in 2014, the food safety authority of Ireland had tested a range of cheap frozen beefburgers and have found 29% of horsemeat instead of beef. With the help of the Tesco case study, you will understand that most of the beef ready meals also contained the DNA of pigs but not the horse. No one expected that any burger could also have horsemeat until the food safety authority busted this fraud.

With the help of Tesco horse meat scandal case study, you will know that the Tesco had faced a huge loss that wiped off approx £300m from the market. Due to this bad publicity, the Tesco had suffered 18% fall in an FTSE 100 which was indeed a major setback back then.

So, the above-mentioned are two shocking moments or controversies of the company in the past years. But, there are certainly many reasons that make Tesco customer favourite.

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How Tesco Became E-commerce Retail Case Study Favourite?

Despite the accounting and horsemeat scandal, Tesco remains customer-favourite retail chain in the entire United Kingdom. According to the case study writers, Tesco has shifted its originality of “stack ’em high, sell ’em low” as the practical approach. With the help of Tesco case study, you will understand that the company believes in providing various products at the most affordable prices with an exceptional convenience and customer service as well. This trait can still be seen in the Tesco’s physical stores and e-commerce sites alike.

With Tesco e-commerce case study, you will get to know a few reasons why customers love to shop from Tesco.

1. Excellent Customer Service

Tesco reflects the strategy of brand commitment to value and convenience by simply catering to the needs and wants of their customers effectively. According to the experts, the key reason for having an astounding success of the brand is the initiatives to keep the customers happy. They develop every product with the mindset of achieving customer-orientation. With the help of the Tesco case study, you will get to know that the team of Tesco undergoes rigorous consumer testing and ensures that every store is stocked with the items that visitors really want. It is indeed an example of having excellent customer service.

2. Product Diversification

While writing the Tesco case study, you will have to research everything about the company. At the same time, you will know that to get an astounding success, Tesco had used the marketing strategy of product diversification. It is the practise of expanding the target market for a product with the help of increasing the sales of the company. According to the Tesco data mining case study, customers can expect to have everything under one roof. It is because the management of the Tesco has aimed to serve as the ultimate one-stop-shop for everyone.

3. Insane International Expansion

Most of the people know that Tesco has its presence and dominance in the market of United Kingdom only, but in fact, the company is also considered as an international force. While the retailer pulled out of the US in 2014, it has enjoyed the company’s growth in the eastern Europe and Thailand as well. However, Tesco has developed the global e-commerce marketing strategy in order to maintain the customer base and even increase the same.

With the help of Tesco case study writing, you get to know a lot more than this when you seek case study writing service from our professional writers of Assignment Prime.

Why Should You Seek Tesco Case Study Help from Writers of Assignment Prime?

According to the previous track record of serving more than 200,000+ students, Assignment Prime has proven its dominance as the best assignment writing service provider across the world. Most of the students who are studying in the top universities like University of Melbourne, UNSW Sydney, et cetera prefer to take assignment help from us.

Along with the previous record, the guarantees that we provide to students help them trust us more in comparison to any other writing service providers. Let’s have a look at all the services and guarantees that you will be getting when you seek case study writing help from our professional writers.

1. On-Time Delivery

Whenever you seek Tesco case study help from our professional writers, we make sure to deliver your document before the submission date. According to the Assignment Prime team members, this is not just a promise but a guarantee that every customer get. When you have your case study written as per the university guidelines, you can easily get the grades that you want.

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