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Descriptive Essay is one of the most difficult forms of writing. For presenting an impeccable piece of work, a student is required to have adequate creative and research skills to imprint the image of the topic on the readers' mind. In general, a descriptive essay is a type of essay in which the writer picks a subject and describes it. The subject may be a person, object, situation, feeling, place, etc. Moreover, for striking the right chords, a student should also need to have exceptional writing skills as only then he would be able to connect with the audience emotionally. A student who lacks skills is often seen searching for the best custom descriptive essay writing service.

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Furthermore, insufficiency of time due to academic burden also becomes a major reason why students ask the essay writers for help. If you are also the one who sees the descriptive essay writing task as an impossible one, then the time has come to quickly place your order on our website.

Assignment Prime, the most reliable and trusted descriptive essay help provider is ready to kick out your essay writing worries. To solve the problem of the students, we have recruited the best academic writers having a wide range of experience in the writing industry. Also, the well-qualified researchers, proofreaders, editors, and quality analysts, further assist them in the creation of a flawless academic paper. Before moving further, let us know the language tools used by our experts for writing an essay on descriptive topics.

Language Tools Used by Our Custom Descriptive Essay Help Providers

1.Denotative Language: As the name suggests, it is the meaning denoted by a word in the most precise form, the meaning of which can be easily be found in the dictionary. For instance, the word ‘love’ denotes a strong feeling of attachment or attachment. Our descriptive essay help providers are proficient at writing the essay using this language to make it more precise.

2.Connotative Language: Unlike denotative language, this language consists of words which signify different meaning depending on the context in which they are used. For example, the word ‘love' can denote a strong feeling of attachment between lovers, devotion towards God, parental love, etc. Thus, the word symbolizes different meaning in different contexts.

3.Figurative Language: According to our descriptive essay writing experts, figurative language is a type of language which is used to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind. Use of such language deviates the actual meaning of the word and present in an interesting way so that the readers can connect with it. Figurative language uses different figures of speech which are explained below.

Metaphor: It is a form of speech that relates a word or sentence to an object which is not alike. For instance, the phrase, “Time is a thief” is an example of the usage of metaphor. Here time in literal means does not mean thief but it denotes that sometimes the hours or minutes of the day passes by without noticing. Thus, if you also want to add such attributes in your descriptive college essay, then you must seek help from our essay professionals.

Simile: It symbolizes the comparison between two things. The distinct things compared are joined with words like, ‘like’ and ‘as’. Let our custom descriptive essay writing service provider give you a clear picture of this form of speech with a set of examples.

  • Busy as a bee.
  • They are fighting like cats and dogs.
  • Brave as a lion.

Using such phrases in the descriptive essay is sure to seek the attention of the professor.

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Personification: When the non-living thing, animal, or an idea is given the characteristics of human, the expression so developed is termed as personification. It has vast use in essay writing and our descriptive essay help professionals are capable enough to use them in the academic paper. Some examples of personification are mentioned below.

  • The sun is playing hide and seek with the cloud.
  • The sky is full of dancing stars.
  • Opportunity is knocking at the door.

Symbolism: It is a form of speech in which a word is used to symbolize another meaning. For a better understanding, let us see some of the examples listed by our descriptive essay writing help providers.

  • Usage of a chalkboard to represent the education system.
  • Using fox to represent cleverness.
  • Using red rose to symbolize love.

Alliteration: It is a sound device in which the phrase consists of the words having the same consonant sound. Some commonly used examples are, she sells seashells by the sea-shore, peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, etc.

Onomatopoeia: As per our descriptive essay help professionals, it is again a sound device in which a word is used which is formed by the sound which it makes. For example, cuckoo, sizzle, etc.

Scrolling so far, you must have known some of the tools which are used by our descriptive essay writing experts for glorifying the content in all aspects. Now let us know the procedure followed by our experts for drafting a good piece of writing.

How Our Descriptive Essay Writing Service Provider Deliver Impeccable Paper?

We, at Assignment Prime, make sure to provide the best essay writing service to the students. To meet our goal, we have designed a procedure consisting of 5 stages which are followed by our experts. Want to know the secret behind our success? Here you go.

1.Topic Selection: If your professor has not assigned the topic, then we will choose a descriptive essay topic which is informative and interesting at the same time. For this, our professionals will trawl through a list of topic to choose a suitable one. In short, the topic is the first thing noticed by the professor and therefore, it has to be an ‘eye-catcher.’

2.Beginning Research: After finalizing the topic, now comes the time to begin the process of research. Moreover, we assign the task to the high-qualified experts of descriptive essay help providers. Doing so reduces the time consumed in the research process as they have easy excess to the authentic sources of information.

3.Picking the Academic Writer: We have a team of the best academic writers having at par writing skills. Moreover, the task of writing an essay on descriptive topics will only be given to the individual having a wide knowledge of the chosen topic. Such writers can easily express their views freely while maintaining the connectivity.

4.Time for Proofread & Edit: After the writer is done with the writing task, the academic paper is sent for proofreading and editing. Proofreaders identify the mistakes related to spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, etc., whereas the editors are responsible for rectifying the errors. In this way, we assure you to provide the best custom descriptive essay help.

5.Final Examination: It is the final phases in which the quality of the descriptive essay is examined by our team of quality analysts. They make sure that all the specifications listed by the student in the order form have been included. Only when they show a green flag, the academic paper is delivered.

Reading so far, you must have learned that the descriptive essay passes through 5 stages before the delivery process. Therefore, it has zero probability that your essay will not land you excellent grades. Such best descriptive essay writing procedure helps us deliver a premium quality essay. Some of the features of the document has been listed below.

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Features of Our Descriptive Essay Writing Service

100% Plagiarism-Free Work: Gone are the days when students used to submit copied content and still managed to get an A+. Now, the professors use online plagiarism checker tools to identify the wrongdoing. The student found guilty is obviously given poor grades. Want to save your valuable grades? If yes, then consider choosing our descriptive essay help. We guarantee that your academic paper will include original and authentic content written from scratch.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: Customers are our first priority and we strive hard to satisfy their needs. Due to this, we have employed the best academic writers, researchers, proofreaders, editors, and quality analysts, who work day and night in meeting the expectations of the student. Furthermore, we have also recruited a dedicated team of customer executives who are available round-the-clock to resolve the query of our clients. Well, that's not all, the free descriptive essay samples available on our website will further ensure our clients that their essay will also include the same attributes.

Money Refund Policy: Unlike other fraudulent websites, we are not here for ‘business' but for ‘assistance'. And therefore, we leave no stone unturned in providing an unmatched Descriptive essay help to the student. However, even if our efforts fail to meet your requirements then we have a 100% money-back policy. According to this policy, we will refund the amount to you. The refund policy is quick and instant.

100% Timely Delivery: We know the value of delivering the essay before the deadline, and therefore we never fail to submit the essay timely. The main reason behind this is to make sure that the student has ample time before the deadline so that he can have a complete overview of the document before the final submission. Are you also looking for the best descriptive essay writing service provider? If yes, then you have successfully landed on the right website.

These are some of the features that make us the most genuine descriptive essay help provider. Also, for providing the services at a budget-friendly price we offer many additional benefits to our customers. Keep reading to know more.

Dissertation Essay Writing Service Is Now Available at Exciting Offers

Amazing Add-Ons: Apart from receiving a top-notch descriptive essay help, you will also receive many amazing freebies. List of some of the freebies is given below.

1.Unlimited Free Revisions: Assignment Prime provides its customer with an awesome facility to have any number of changes in the document for free.

2.Free Plagiarism Report: To ensure that your descriptive essay writing work is genuine and has no traces of plagiarism, we offer free Plagiarism report.

3.Free Title Page: We don't charge a single penny for providing title page. The title page will contain several information, like the name of the topic, university's name, name of the student, submission date, etc.

Exciting Discounts: To offer the best descriptive essay help at an affordable price, we provide the following discounts to them.

1.Get flat 40% off on the first order. Also, the offer is applicable to all academic papers, such as thesis, assignments, dissertations, research paper, etc.
2.Avail 5% additional offer by placing the order from the mobile app. Our app is compatible with iOS and Android.
3.Order 3 essay and pay only for the 2.
4.Place your 4th order for the essay and get a discount of flat 20%.
5.Earn quick cashback of up to 5% on each order.
6.Refer our services to your friends and get reward points of up to $25.

Having read so far, you must have known some of the features that have helped us to grab the No.1 spot in the essay writing industry. If you also want to receive premium help from the best descriptive essay writing service, then quickly tap the ‘Order Now’ button. Our writers will be more than happy to help you. Furthermore, we are known across world to provide assistance with many academic papers, such as assignments, thesis, dissertations, research paper, etc. Want to get assisted in an academic paper other than essays? If yes, then without giving a second thought choose our services.

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