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Computer Network Assignment Help Online for Students

Are you looking for Computer Network assignment help? If you just nodded your head in affirmation, then it’s time to connect with the professional writers working at Assignment Prime. Here, we have a team of the best computer network homework writers who can guide you on the intricate topics of this subject and will help you to submit a well-drafted document in no time. Moreover, our writing services are affordable and will fulfil all your academic requirements to the fullest.Through our assignment help services, we offer writing assistance to those students who are pursuing degree courses in Information Technology, Computer Applications or Computer Science from the colleges/universities.

A computer network, in simplest terms, is a system where two or more computers are connected to each other for the purpose of communication and sharing of data, and information. Though the base concept of the academic subject of Computer Network is rather easy, the theories related to its implementation are considerably complex. Most students consider Computer Network to be the most difficult subject of study. Where other subjects in the sphere of computer science require mostly logical skills, Computer Network is the discipline that requires logical as well as analytical adeptness.

It is evident that preparing an assignment on any topic of Computer Network requires lots of background knowledge in the field. Moreover, one can never underrate the importance of writing skills. It has been observed that even the students who have ingenious intelligence in the field score less in their Computer Network assignments. In such cases, it is mostly because of the inadequate writing skills that keep such students from earning high grades. All in all, Computer Network assignment help has become quite a necessity for the students.

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Explore Various Computer Network Assignment Topics

On the surface, the scope of Computer Network seems quite limited, but when studied in-depth the scope widens exponentially. To get a better insight about the subject, acquaint yourself with its several components.

Types of Computer Network

Anyone who wants to pursue their higher education in the field, must have the basic knowledge about the distinct types of Computer Networks. The categorisation of Computer Network is done on the basis of geographical area it encompasses.

  • LAN: Local Area Network, as the name suggests, is locally managed. The operational area of LAN is the most limited. Such a Computer Network is used for smaller areas like Office building, residence, School Classrooms, etc.
  • WAN: The geographical area covered under Wide Area Network, is much wider than that of LAN. It is usually implemented by combining two or more smaller networks. Most of the Wide Area Networks are built for the purpose of communication among different logical units of a single organisation.
  • SAN: Storage Area Networks are utilised at the most basic level of connection. As the name suggests, its primary function is to enhance the storage functionality. The connection of SAN is implemented in the data storage at Block level.
  • VPN: Virtual Private Network is implemented to help in the creation of a secure Private information transmission level over a wider public network. The mechanism involves encryption/decryption and various security protocols to establish a secure environment.
  • Internet: It is a global level network in which millions of computers and servers are connected. Internet is also one of the most frequently discussed terms in many Computer Network assignments.

Computer Network Topologies

A Topology is logical arrangement of a Computer Network system. The interconnection between remote computer can be done in multiple ways, and Computer Network Topologies simply describe that.

  • Bus: This computer Network is usually used in LANs. There is a single transmission medium to which multiple computers are connected. Each and every exchange of information takes place through this single medium, and this is the reason that such a topology is applicable only for limited areas.
  • Star: The entire Star topology has a centralised structure. There is a central hub to which all the systems are connected. All the data transmission among nodes, has to pass through this central server hub. Such topologies are excellent for the networks that require constant supervision.
  • Tree: A Tree topology has a hierarchical framework. Its structure is quite similar to that of Star topology, however, a bit more complex. Each node (leaf) is connected to a higher level node, and this channel is repeated till the connection line reaches to the centralised hub (Root Node).
  • Ring: The transmission lines, in this topology, are spread in a circular approach. In such systems, the direct communication is possible only between adjacent systems. The data transmission in such a topology takes a good deal of time since, there is a set direction for the flow of data. This network structure is least reliable as well, as disruption of a single node can result in the failure of the entire system.
  • Mesh: It is the most complicated Computer Network topology in which each computer is connected with all the other computers involved in the system.

Common Computer Network Devices

It is considered apparent that all the Computer Networking students must be aware of the various networking devices. All these devices help in setting connection at different layers of OSI model. Most of the devices work at the data link layer, however, networks like SAN operates at a more primitive level. There are numerous Computer Network hardware; the common few are mentioned below-

  • Hubs
  • Repeaters
  • Bridges
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Modems
  • NIC (Network Interface Controller)

As mentioned above, the scope for Computer Network Assignment is quite broad, and these issues, constitutes but, just a brief picture of the entire sphere. Other commonly used Computer Network Assignment topics include OSI model, data packets, data transmission protocols, Secure communication, Encryption, etc. Our team of Computer Network assignment help providers are deft in writing papers on such topics. We provide you with the opportunity of availing the exceptional Computer Network assignment help from the most sought-after experts of the field.

Assignment Prime

Assignment Prime is an online assignment writing service provider which caters the academic need of students.

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