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Need Help with Contract Law Case Study? Here Are the Best Samples and Examples

Contract law is basically a legally enforced agreement. This agreement is made between two or more parties. They assume a legal obligation that has to be completed. Many things that are related to this law, such as buying a car, renting a property, and joining a workplace. This is a very important branch for students enrolled in law courses. If you are a legal student struggling to prepare a case study on contract law, then, avail help from Assignment Prime. We provide the best contract law case study.

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Before, we look into how we can help you with this, let us take a look at the contract formation. This is because it is the contract formation that acts as a foundation for your contract law case study.

What Are the Elements of a Contract Law Formation?

A contract law includes five essential elements in it, which are described below. Keep these elements in your mind while writing a case study in contract law to ensure it is of the right formation.


To establish a valid contract, the first step is to create an agreement that binds both the parties. Here in the agreement, an offer is made by one party which is accepted by other parties. This cannot be a unilateral contract. If you are writing a contract law case study, then ensure you include this point in it.


This is the value exchanged between the parties. It can be any cost, property, or service that one party offers to the other in exchange of their offer. This is the value requested and offered between two parties undertaking the contact formation. Don’t know how to write a consideration? Refer to our contract law case study examples.


This is the ability of a person to enter into any legal agreement. People, under a certain age, having some medical conditions or under psychoactive substances are not eligible to get into any legal binding under some circumstances. Do you have any questions regarding this, then avail our services to get contract law case study answers.


The intention of all parties to enter into a legal binding is very important for this agreement. All the members of the parties should have the intention to enter into this legal relationship. If you don't know your professor's expectations for writing an impressive contract law case study, then reach to us.


The legal contract binding requires some formalities to be fulfilled. The agreement should be clear, complete and certain for binding. Oblivious about writing a case study in contract law? Don’t worry; our expert writers can get you out of this.

These are the five important elements of a contract law formation. Do not forget to include these in your contract law case study.

If you are struggling with choosing a topic for your case study, then you need to look at what our experts have brought for you. Contract law termination, a crucial and interesting topic for your case study on contract law. Now, let us look into the conditions for contract law termination.

What Are the Conditions of Termination for a Contract Law?

According to the common law, every legal agreement should come to an end. That is, there should be either a fixed time period or another way out to complete it. This is known as contract law termination. It can help you write an effective case study. So, include these three categories of termination of the contract law case study.

Grant an Express

In this type of agreement, there are three conditions under which both parties agree to terminate the contract.

  • At Will - This includes granting right to terminate the agreement anytime.
  • Will Notice - This includes granting permission to terminate in compliance with a termination period.
  • Triggered by Events - This includes breach or non-fulfilment of the contract leading to its termination.

This grant an express should be mentioned in the contract to ensure it is legal to terminate. Do not miss this point in your case study on contract law.

Implied Termination Right

In case ‘grant an express’ is absent in the contract, the court finds out that this includes implied right of one or both parties to terminate it. In such a case, it is required to provide notice of termination. You should surely discuss this in your contract law case study to impress your professor.

Subsequent Agreement

In this type of contract termination, both the parties should willingly approve of releasing the other party from their obligations in the contract under some conditions.

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Factors Affecting the Termination of Contract Law

Here are some factors of employment relationships that the court considers for the termination of a contract if it does not include the right. Do not miss these factors of termination in your case study in contract law.


In case of absence of the right to terminate, a situation of breach arises, then the innocent party can terminate the contract. This termination again depends on the classification of the terms like condition, warranty and intermediate-term. If you are unsure how to discuss breach in your case study on contract law, avail our service. Our writers can help you with it.

Failure of Contingent Condition

If both the parties have signed a contract related to an event for which they cannot ensure of occurrence, then it may lead to the failure of contingent condition. Both the parties should give their best and try to fulfill the condition to avoid the termination of the contract. Oblivious of the contingent conditions, don’t worry. Experts of contract law case study can discuss them in your work.


If one party is unwilling or is unable to perform or meet the obligations of a contract, then the other party can terminate the contract under some conditions. Don’t know what those conditions are? Look into our contract law case study examples.


When without the acknowledgement or fault of either party, a contractual obligation has become incapable of being performed, then frustration occurs. Frustrated with the law of contract case study and solution for this? Avail help from Assignment Prime, and we will take care of it.


It is based on the terms of the contract whether a delay can give rise to the termination of that contract. Avail our services and get contract law case study answers to know those terms that can result in the delay and the termination of the contract.

These are the five situations where, in the absence of the right to termination in a contract, the court can take charge of terminating the document. If you are stuck with your contract law case study, Assignment Prime is your go-to.

Why Should Students Take Contract Law Case Study Help from Assignment Prime?

Students face many troubles when it comes to writing a case study on contract law. This is where our expert writers come into the picture. They ensure you get the best quality work delivered. Wondering how? Here we go.


Here are the elements of a contract law to include in a contract law case study. Our writers ensure these elements are well written.

Introduction Clauses

This is the introduction part of your contract. This begins with a sentence like ”This agreement is made on...”. It comprises of date, name of the two parties and other information.

Defining Parties and Key Terms

Here, you discuss the parties. There should be two or more than two parties. Give details of both the parties and include the key terms of the contract.

Statement of Purpose

This is the time to state the purpose of this contract. Give a short and simple statement describing it.

Obligations of Each Party

Here, you mention the obligations of the involved parties. You can include them in detail. This is the key point of your case study on contract law.

Assurances and Warranties

This section is dedicated to the assurances part of the contract. Include all the necessary warranties related to the contract in detail.


Then comes the segment of attachments. Attest any necessary attachments to the contract from each party and ensure it is safely pinned.

Signature Block

This is the last segment of your legal contract. Here, you get the signature of the members of each party, ensuring they have clearly read the contract and are willing to approve its application.

These are the seven elements of the ideal format of a case study in contract law. Our writers use this format for your document.

Legal terms

Here are some essential legal terms to keep in mind and not get confused about while writing a contract law case study. Our writers have years of experience and are well versed with these.

  • Contract - An agreement between one or two people on purpose.
  • Breach - Failing to perform any obligation in the contract without an excuse.
  • Offer - A proposal for an agreement.
  • Acceptance - An approval of a legal binding contract.
  • Performance - Action required to fulfil an obligation.

The format and legal terms of a contract are the important elements to perform a case study on this. So, if you are a legal student, struggling with your case study on contract law, then we can help you with it.

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