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Vast and complex syllabus of Social Science is enough to dissipate enthusiasm among the students. Social Science is the study of society and the relationship between society and individuals. The subject revolves around collecting factual information of the past, memorizing historic dates, recollecting statistics regarding the vegetation and climate conditions. Remembering so much information exhaust students mentally. As a result, they lose their interest in the subject and try to postpone their assignment writing work, and in the end, reach out to our online social science assignment help services to get their job done.

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Assignment Prime is an online assignment writing service provider which caters the academic need of students.

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Assignment Prime is a leading online assignment help service provider which is committed to provide the best writing assistance to the students. We have a team of proficient researchers, proofreaders, and academic writers having in-depth knowledge of different academic disciplines and are qualified enough to help you with your social science assignment writing. Before moving further, let us take an overview of the subject and its academic disciplines.

What is Social Science All About?

As stated earlier, social science is the branch of science dealing with humans and their inter-dependent relationship with the community. Just like natural science (physics, chemistry, biology) is based on natural phenomena, in the same way social science deals with the social aspects of the phenomena related to humans.
Social Science covers a broad spectrum of syllabus including Economics, History, Political Science, to name a few. Obviously, covering such a vast syllabus is not an easy thing to do therefore, students seek help for their social science assignment writing from us.

Our Experts Offer Social Science Assignment Help on the Following Academic Disciplines

1. History

The term ‘History’ has been derived from a Greek word ‘historia’ meaning inquiry or knowledge gained by an investigation. History is the study of the past. It includes information regarding the ancient events through pieces of evidence. Thus, studying history requires appropriate selection material such as documents from the past, quoted texts from the epics, sculptures, etc.

Academic writers at Assignment Prime have done their Masters in Social Science from some of the best universities across the globe; hence they have authentic information of the past. Historical evidence are ambiguous in nature, but taking our online social science assignment help will solve your problem.

2. Political Science

Political science is the branch of science which deals with the study of the judicial system. Formation of government, duties and rights of an individual, and rules and policies of an organization are some of the topics highlighted by political science. In the era of Globalization, it becomes necessary to have a broad knowledge of the functioning of the government and human rights.

Political movements and events that paved the way for the formation of government and judicial policies require critical skills and proper knowledge to have a command of the subject. Our experts have the required experience and qualification to offer you the best social science assignment.

3. Economics

Economics is the social science which is concerned with the production, consumption, and distribution of the goods and services. In simple words, it is the study that demonstrates how businesses, organizations, and government can utilize their limited resources efficiently to gain maximum output.

Economics is broadly classified into two parts

Macroeconomics- It is the wider view of the subject which focuses on the economic growth or analysis of a nation, region, state, or world. GDP, unemployment rates, interest rates, and price index are some of the economic growth indicators which are a part of the subject.

Microeconomics- It focuses on the economic activities or analysis corresponding to individuals, industry or an organization.

We have recruited some of the finest economists having vast experience for your social science assignment help to our clients.

4. Anthropology

It is the study of the human past and it's evolution. It primarily focuses on the social, cultural, biological, and linguistic development of humans and society from the ancient period to the present. Various civilizations of the ancient period, burials of humans, such as bones, teeth, etc., and the resemblance of humans with primates are used to study the advancements of humans.

Different parts of anthropology are described below

Social Anthropology- It is the study of the development of human society.

Cultural Anthropology- It deals with customs and cultural differences.

Biological or Physical Anthropology- It is a scientific discipline that focuses on the biological or physical evolution of humans.

Linguistic Anthropology- This study emphasizes the role of language in establishing cultural beliefs and ideologies.

5. Sociology

It is the scientific study of human behaviour in society. It deals with different aspects of society, such as marriage, behaviour, health, religion, etc., and how these aspects tend to affect human behaviour. It is a broad field that enlightens an individual about the community and makes him see the society with a different perspective. Our experts take references from all the theories associated with sociology so that your assignment for social science is original and properly researched.

6. Philosophy

It has been derived from a Greek word ‘philosophia’ meaning love of wisdom. Philosophy refers to the curious approach of humans to know about society, the universe, or the world.

It is traditionally divided into five major areas of study which our social science assignment writing services have explained below:

Metaphysics: It is a part of philosophy which studies the fundamental nature of all the reality that exists in the universe.

Ethics: It is the branch of philosophy which aims to define the right and wrong conduct of an individual in the society. This academic discipline is based on moral values.

Epistemology: Also known as Theory of Knowledge, it is concerned with the nature, origin, and limit of human knowledge.

Logic: Philosophy of logic is the study of reasoning involving valid arguments and principles.

Aesthetics: It is the study of beauty or the appreciation of beauty. It refers to the visual attractiveness of a product.

7. Archaeology

Derived from a Greek word ‘archaia’ meaning ancient things, it is the study of human’s past with the help of ancient structures, underground burials, artifacts, and cultural landscapes. Through the recovery and analysis of ancient evidence, the human activity is studied. Archaeology involves three basic processes which are surveying, excavation, and data analysis.

8. Linguistics

It is the branch of social science related to the study of language.

Significant parts of Linguistic Philosophy are described below

Phonetics: It is the study of the sounds of speech. Phonetics includes the study of the production of sound through mouth, nose, teeth, etc. as well as identification of the sound through ears.

Phonology: Phonology is the study of the pattern of the sounds. Pattern of the sound differs when used in different languages or within the same language but at different positions.

Morphology: Study of words is referred to as Morphology. It sheds light on the structure of a word formed by many parts of individual units called as morphemes.

Syntax: Positioning of words to form meaningful sentences is studied under Syntax.

Semantics: Semantics is the study of meaning. It is concerned with the language and how we understand the meaning in a language.

Sociolinguistics: Branch of linguistic philosophy focuses on the social aspects of language on the grounds of social issues including differences of religion, caste, gender, etc.

Reading so far, you must have got an idea about the vast and complex syllabus of social science, but besides syllabus, there are other factors also that compel students to seek social science assignment writing services.

We have shortlisted some of the problems due to which students take social science assignment help.

What Are the Problems Faced by Students in Writing Social Science Assignment?

1. Unavailability of Authentic Factual Content

Social Science revolves around many historical dates, factual information, and ancient theories which cannot be altered. Thus, it becomes necessary that your factual content is correct and as per the standard books that are referred by many universities and professors. Moreover, the Internet and many reference materials available in the market are filled with ambiguous content and student struggle to find the original study material.

2. Exhaustive Syllabus

As stated earlier, social science incorporates vast syllabus which cannot be covered overnight or in a handful of time. Also, various academic disciplines of social science are interconnected with each other, due to which students end up getting confused. Composing an assignment becomes easy when you have in-depth knowledge of the subject along with other interdisciplinary subjects.

3. Tight Deadlines

This is one of the major problems faced by the students. With the deadline knocking at the door, students fail to complete their assignment on time. Many students fail to meet the deadline because either they have no knowledge of the subject or they are confused about where to start from.

4. Poor Writing Skills

Poor writing skills is the primary cause due to which students tend to lose their marks. Upcoming tests, piling up of homework are some of the reasons that keep students so busy that they don't get enough time to improve their writing skills. Also, different universities have their academic guidelines which are to be followed while composing an assignment.

If you are also facing similar problems then without wasting your precious time, then take our social science assignment writing service at an economical price from us.

Benefits of Availing Social Science Assignment Help from Assignment Prime

1. Qualified Writers

We have a team of highly skilled researchers, proofreaders, and academic writers having an abundance of experience in their respective fields. Thus, they can easily write your assignments timely in an interesting way so that you can quickly grasp the concepts of the subject.

2. As per University Guidelines

Students complain of scoring poor grades in their assignments despite covering all the details but little do they know that composing an assignment is not only about including all the details but also about following particular layout and guidelines.
Many of our writers have served as professors in some of the best colleges across the world. Thus, they have appropriate knowledge of the academic guidelines followed by different universities.

3. Plagiarism

Free and Flawless Content- We don’t compromise with the quality of the content. Hence, our assignments are error-free with no plagiarism. Our writers perform thorough research on the assigned topic before drafting an assignment. Moreover, our quality assurance team again evaluates the written assignment to make sure that it meets the requirements of our clients.

If the points mentioned above are your major concern regarding your assignments, then Assignment Prime is the only trusted social science assignment writing service provider.

Some Other Perks That We Offer to Our Clients

Reasonable Prices- Assignment Prime aims to provide the best quality material at a reasonable price. We also provide many festive offers and discounts.

Secured Payment Gateway- User data privacy is our primary concern. We have a secured payment gateway which is configured to provide safe user experience. We never share any of your personal details, and the user data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

100% Money-Back Guarantee- We value your hard earned money, therefore if in case you are dissatisfied with our work even after several revisions then you can claim your money back. We will return your total sum immediately.

24*7 Help Assistance- Our customer executives are always available to guide and assist you in all possible ways. Any doubts or confusion regarding your assignment will be solved by our customer executives immediately.

Free Revisions- To meet your expectations, we provide free revisions of your assignments. Any changes required will be done quickly.

So, if you are convinced with our services and want social science assignment help form our experts, then stop wasting your precious time and order your assignment now.

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