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Ikea Case Study Help from the Best Business Analysts-Cum-Writers 

Ikea is the largest furniture retailing company in the world having global presence in 433+ locations across the globe. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has a revenue generation of approx. US$ 45.4 billion, which makes it a perfect example to analyze the business strategies & plans which helped the organization to surge excellent profits. Due to this, your professor can assign you to prepare Ikea case study discussing the SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, global marketing strategy, operations marketing strategy, or any other business concept.  

However, strategic analysis of Ikea isn't as easy as it looks. For instance, a student should have well-updated information about the influence of external and internal factors on the revenue generation of the company. Also, he should have adequate critical and analytical skills to determine the future growth aspect of the firm. Even when a student has excess of all the information with at par logical skills, he will still fail to draft a well-structured case study. Thinking, "Who can write my case study on Ikea?" "Where to seek help with case study ?", etc. Well, Assignment Prime is the one-stop Ikea case study solution to all your questions.

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The No.1 online writing service provider has a proficient team consisting of the best case study writers, researchers, editors, proofreaders, and quality analysts, who work day & night in drafting the academic paper with perfection. The professionals will be responsible for generating questions related to the brand, along with Ikea case study answers. Before having an overview about the benefits of seeking case study help online, let us first have a brief about the company along with different models of strategic analysis.

Ikea Case Study on How it Became a Billion-Dollar Brand?

The European brand specializes in providing kitchen and home appliances, along with accessories. Currently operating in 52 countries, the company opened its first store in Sweden with the name Möbel-IKÉA. Germany (53) leads the race of the number of stores followed by United States (50).  

The Ikea strategy case study helpers highlight some of the facts & figures related to the billion-dollar company:  

Factsheet of IKEA

Industry: Retail

Founded: 28th July 1943

Founder: Ingvar Kamprad  

Headquarters: Delft, Netherlands

Number of Locations: 433+ (As on 2020)

Revenue: US$ 45.4 Billion

Owner: Inter IKEA Group


How IKEA Got Its Name?

IKEA is an acronym for:

I: Ingvar

K: Kamprad

E: Elmtaryd, the name of the family farm where Ingvar Kamprad was born

A: Agunnaryd, the hometown of the owner

Thus, there is a very interesting story regarding the name of the brand.
Moving on further, the time has come to analyze the future growth prospect of IKEA using different strategic models. The analysis is done by the business analysts-cum-researchers who are proficient in gathering information related to topics, such as Ikea operations management case study, scenario planning in Ikea, and Porter’s Five Forces framework, to name a few.

IKEA Case Study: SWOT Analysis  

SWOT is an acronym which stands for- S: Strength, W: Weaknesses, O: Opportunity, and T: Threats. It is a business technique/tool which is used to examine the current position of a firm before developing strategic plans and actions. The same goes for IKEA as well. Before launching any product/ service/ policy, the professionals list down the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, and threats.

S: Strengths

The list of resources and outcomes that helps an organization stand out among its competitors are listed under this element. In the case of Ikea, some of the strengths enjoyed by the company are:

  • Strong brand presence
  • Innovating design concepts
  • Cost-cutting methods
  • Powerful financial position in terms of tangible assets and resources

For more detailed information about the products of the company, you can consider seeking help with innovation case study Ikea.  

W: Weaknesses

Under this section, all the negative characteristics that are restricting a company from surging excellent profits are listed. Some of the weaknesses of IKEA that will be present in your case study on Ikea are:

  • Weak market presence in Asian region
  • Inadequate flexibility
  • Negative reputation
  • Environmental problems

Now, let us move on to the other category, i.e., Opportunity.

O: Opportunity

The external factors of a business environment contribute heavily to the revenue generation. As per the Ikea global marketing strategy case study helpers, the brand enjoys several opportunities like:

  • Increasing brand presence in Asian countries
  • Adding cost-effective products in the portfolio
  • More use of innovating technology
  • Focus on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Here comes the time to discuss the last point of SWOT analysis, i.e., Threat.

T: Threat

They are the factors which hamper the growth of a business and restrain it from enjoying the benefits included in the 'Strengths' section. Below are some of the threat points in reference to the superbrand- Ikea.

  • Competitive market
  • Increasing cost of raw materials
  • Global economic crisis
  • Financial crisis in developed countries

Reading so far, you must have got all the Ikea case study answers related to SWOT analysis. Now, let us have a glance at the PESTLE analysis of IKEA.

IKEA Case Study: PESTLE Analysis

Also referred to as PEST analysis, it is a strategic management tool which is used extensively by the business analysts of a company to determine the external factors that can influence its growth. According to the Ikea strategy case study helpers, analysis of factors related to P: Political, E: Economic, S: Social, T: Technological, L: Legal, and E: Environmental aspects helps an organization in decision-making.

Here is an in-depth examination of the business model in terms of the brand:

P: Political

Foreign trade policies, trade restrictions, bureaucracy, government policies, etc., are some elements that affect the operation management of a firm politically. But, you need not worry as your online case study on Ikea will have all the basic ingredients for an A+. It will be drafted after having an insight into the political situation of 52 countries in which the brand have its presence.

E: Economic

Are you wondering, “What are the economic factors influencing Ikea?” If yes, then Ikea case study solution from online writers will answer all your questions. For instance, the internal exchange rates, taxation, labour cost, unemployment rate, cost of raw materials play a vital role in the profit ratio. Therefore, the academic paper will be crafted after having a brief about the economic scenario of a country.  

S: Social   

As the name suggests, the social factors related to the society, such as customer's behaviour, demographics, change in lifestyle, cultural taboos, and many more can also cause a hurdle in the successful journey of an organization. However, the moment you ask our experts, "Can you write my case study of Ikea?" we guarantee you to rest assured related to the facts and figures. All the social factors will be incorporated along with graphs and pie-charts for a better understanding.

T: Technological

The emergence of technology has given a sigh of relief to the big companies in terms of production, distribution, and communication of the products & services. Similarly, the Ikea operations management case study service providers believe that the organization has started investing heavily in the augmented reality to provide better customer experience. Other components taken into consideration by the case study writers are technology initiatives, emerging technologies, the technology used by the competitors, and automation.

L: Legal     

A company should be familiar with the legal jurisdictions of a country in which it is willing to expand its business. And, the same goes for Ikea as well. According to the online innovation case study Ikea help providers, if it is planning to expand its market in the Asian countries, then it must be well-grasped with the laws regarding intellectual property, consumer protection, safety and advertising standards, product labelling, etc. The moral of the story is that your document will have all the legal factors incorporated.

E: Environmental

The geographical and surrounding environment impact the sustainable development of an enterprise. Due to this, Ikea is emphasizing largely on environmental factors such as climate changes, carbon footprints, waste management policies, and environmental regulations, to name a few. Furthermore, the Ikea global marketing strategy case study writers explains that the brand has now started taking these factors seriously after the negative controversy in recent time.

Assignment Prime

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If you are reading this line, then you must have got at par knowledge about the two strategic models- Ikea SWOT Analysis & Ikea PESTLE Analysis. Also, the credibility of our business analysts-cum-writers must have been known to you. So, without wasting time, order Ikea case study help online from us and take home an impeccable document worth A+. The subsequent section contains some of the guarantees that we offer to the students.

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Apart from our previous track record, the guarantees that we provide to the students further helps them to trust our website. Let us have a look at some of them:

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We assure that your case study of Ikea will reach you before the submission date, and this isn't a promise but a guarantee. This will assist you in knowing beforehand that the academic paper has been designed as per the university guidelines. With the passage of time, we have provided a well-researched document on many topics, such as Ikea strategy case study, strategic business models, marketing trends, etc.

3. Well-Structured & Researched Case Study:

No matter how authentic the information is, your professor will still assign you poor grades if the structure isn’t apt. And the case study writers of Assignment Prime know this well. Therefore, they will prepare a brief outline consisting of sections, such as introduction, methodology, literature review, conclusion, etc. Also, the information incorporated in each section will be gathered after referring to multiple sources of information.  

4. Money-Back Guarantee:

No matter you have placed the order for the Ikea operations management case study or any other, we will provide you with a complete refund if the work fails to meet your expectations. Yes, you read that right. Moreover, Assignment Prime is one of the few websites which offers refund policy to the students. Also, the refundable amount will reach to you within 5-6 business days. So, what are you waiting for? Press the 'Order Now' button and take home a flawless paper written by the most experienced and qualified academic writers.

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Summing up all, you must have understood that availing online services from case study writers of Assignment Prime can help you in transforming your dream of passing your course with flying colours into reality. Thus, without wasting time, place your order and get rid of the writing task. Other than helping with case study, we also provide assistance related to assignments, dissertation, thesis, research paper, coursework, etc. In short, visiting our website will bring an end to all your writing worries.

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