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HTML Assignment Help Online by Our Experts

HTML is a programming language that is used for creating documents and pages on the web. One could also refer to it as the standard programming platform for designing websites and web pages. Students who are learning HTML would agree that it is more about application than theory. Therefore, college-goers often find it difficult to write an assignment for the same as it requires them to have a pragmatic approach towards research and literature.

But you don’t have to bother about any of this as the best HTML assignment writing service providers are here to help you. We, at Assignment Prime, have the finest team of academic experts who are hugely experienced in rendering online HTML assignment help services to the scholars from various colleges and universities across almost all the cities such as Brisbane, Albury, Perth, Gold Coast, etc. 

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An Overview of HTML

HTML is the language used for defining pages and other related content you see on the web. All the webpages and their graphics are designed using HTML codes. When a user visits a webpage, its system retrieves the HTML page and stores it on the disk by acting as a host to that particular website. HTML stands for ‘HyperText Markup Language’ which is a special tag used to represent the web files by the extension ‘.HTML.’ HTML files contain an array of texts.


As stated by our HTML assignment writing experts, it’s a markup language and uses various types of tags to modify the web content. Syntactically, these tags are enclosed between braces < and > respectively. A few crucial examples of HTML tags with description are listed below:

  •  This tag defines the header of the document and can also store a few other low-profile HTML tags.
  •  These tags are used to enclose the entire HTML document that is mainly comprised of header and body.
  •  This is a basic HTML tag used to mention the heading of the document or the program title.
  • Used to represent a paragraph.

HTML Attributes

Attributes are used to define the characteristic of the elements in the opening tag. An attribute contains two pointers, name and value. 

  • Name is the distinct credit user wants to store in an attribute.
  • Value is generally the worth of the attribute that is always represented by quotation marks.

According to our HTML assignment help experts, there are four core basic attributes used in HTML programming:

ID Attribute: This attribute is used to recognize any distinguished element of a web page. The significance of the ID attribute is to easily pick out any desired piece of content from a myriad of webpages and also to differentiate between two or more similar elements.

Title Attribute: The title attribute is used to display the heading elements. The characteristic of the title attribute depends upon the type of element it carries.

Class Attribute: As the name suggests, it is used to associate an element with the respective class or to specify the class of an element. The value of the element is represented separately.

Style Attribute: HTML is typically used for designing therefore, style attribute is used to specify the graphical or dimensional orientation of the element.

Here’s a list of a few more secondary attributes that are  used in HTML:

  • Dir attribute
  • Lang attribute
  • Generic attribute

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Applications of HTML

HTML is a diverse language and finds utility amongst various spheres of designing and development applications. Our experts provide HTML assignment help have listed the most prominent features offered by this language. Take a look:

For Formatting: This refers to the application regarding the change in text. Following are the types of modification that can be performed on the elements of text:

  • Bold/Italic/Underlined text
  • Monospace text
  • Superscript and Subscript text
  • Large and Small text
  • Grouped and collective text
  • Acronym and abbreviated text
  • Marked text
  • Quotation text

For Images: Images and infographics are an essential part of any web page but parameters like alignment, color attributes, shadow, etc., are to be considered by every developer before designing a webpage. Following are some applications offered by HTML regarding image display and editing:

  • Image location
  • Image dimensions
  • Image outline
  • Image alignment

For Tables: Our team of HTML assignment help that provides writing services to the students for HTML assignment believes that tables and data indexes are an integral part of any website. Here are some applications offered by HTML regarding tables:

  • Heading of the table
  • Cell spacing and Cell addition
  • Row pitch and column pitch
  • Background of the table
  • Table dimensions
  • Nesting

Linking: Internal and external linking of a webpage plays a key role in a website’s overall performance, hence it is important to build links. Majorly, texts are used to link either pages within a website or to some external source. Following are some linking features offered by HTML:

  • Document linking
  • Target linking
  • Text pathway
  • Page linking
  • Download linking
  • Dialog box linking
  • Image linking
  • E-mail linking

Other attributes such as fonts, colors, forms, text and image layouts, etc., can also be modified and edited using HTML.

Why Do Students Need Help Regarding HTML Assignments?

Just take a look at the following assignment topics that are frequently asked by students: 

  1. Regarding HTML and the world wide web. HTML lab exercises and solutions.
  2. HTML Practices for beginners.
  3. Paragraph, font and styles of text used in modern-day designing techniques.
  4. Tags used for insertion of tables, loops, links and forms in a webpage.
  5. Attributes and Tags used for page outline, border, margins, alignment and background.
  6. Inserting multimedia files such as videos, images, audio, presentations, etc.

You can easily notice the variety and extensiveness of the topics that students encounter while writing assignments. Preparing a scholastic document like an assignment that is capable of scoring good grades on such intricate subjects requires students to have a tremendous amount of writing and research skills. Students who are still in a learning phase often find themselves incompetent, and hence left with no choice other than to find online HTML assignment help.

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Why Are We the Best HTML Assignment Writing Service Provider?

All our team members have either served as professors in the most reputed institutions across the world or have been part of multi-national web designing and development firms. As a result, they are highly experienced and know everything about the HTML programming language and its applications. Which makes them probably the best in the industry. So when you avail of our services, our HTML assignment writers and editors make sure you receive an assignment worthy of its name that can successfully withstand every academic criteria in order to bring you the best grades and tons of appreciation.

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