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One thing that I would really like to highlight is the quality of the research proposal that I received. These guys are just amazing! I could not have done the hard work that these guys did for me. kudos to the team. Highly Recommended!

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Research Proposal Help for Guaranteed Instant Approval 

Writing a research proposal is one of the most anticipated tasks that a student has to complete in their entire academic career. Preparing a research paper in the field of your studies is a massive victory for any student and a golden start tucked into your CV as a lifetime achievement. However, the research that a student has to complete requires a lot of different factors to be in his favor such as the field of study, the required budget for the research, necessary resources, etc. A student can easily get their hands on all the above things by getting their research plan approved by a reputed organization of the field that can back the research with grants.  

The research proposal is the document required by a student to prepare and submit as prerequisite information to the committee from which they require support. This document contains every single piece of information about the research that you are going to carry out as well as different other factors such as, what has been the previous results of the research, what can be the potential upgrades in the research and how this research can be helpful for the overall development of the field. If you are also a student of sciences and want to get your research to be recognized by a reputed committee, but you are not good at drafting your document then don’t worry anymore. Assignment prime offers the best research proposal help that not only assists you in creating a perfect proposal but also guarantees approval. 

The company has a proven record of providing extremely thorough researched documents that are not only accurate but are also filled with some great insights about the topic so that you can also get some insights about the topic when you start working with your dissertation/thesis. You can ask for research proposal help from our experts as they understand that it is not simple for students to complete a proposal that can be approved at the very first attempt and the more it is delayed the less time you get to work on your research. 

Why Writing a Research Proposal is Tough for Students? 

A lot of students blame their failure on the circumstances or as they call it bad luck, however it has been observed that luck has nothing to with the acceptance or rejection of the proposal, what matters is the quality of the document and the efforts that can be seen from your work. Students often say that it is a tough task to write a research paper but have you ever wondered why? Our expert research proposal writers have curated a list of specific reasons that tend to make the task difficult for the students. Let’s take a look - 

  1. Aptness of the Format - The most important aspect of any official document is the format that it follows and whether all the sections have been covered or not. When students take up the task of creating a proposal, they are most probably doing it for the first time and lack awareness about the format requirements of the document and end up writing a proposal that is not up to the mark. Also, the structure of research proposal example is quite confusing for all the documents such as a research paper, a dissertation, or a thesis with just a slight change in the way of writing which confuses the student in framing the appropriate document. 
  1. Hard to Remember Subject Knowledge - Let’s face the fact, you need to be familiar with the field that you are going to write about in order to create a perfect document. The proposal refers to the initial document that has all the basic information about how you are going to start your research, what are the things that you are basing your hypothesis on, what ere the previous developments of the subject and if you are unable to depict your knowledge about the same, then this might seem harsh but you are not on the right track and should leave this task to a professional research proposal helper.  
  1. Lack of Critical thinking - You might be wondering what does a skill like critical thinking has to do with your research proposal writing. Well, understand this, for getting your proposal approved you are required to show a proven case study, evaluation of your study and projected results of the same and critical thinking is a required skill for writing all these sections diligently. Critical thinking helps a student to understand the basics as well as advanced data available and calculate the outcome that can be used as projected use cases. Critical thinking is also a necessary tool in the walk of life as the ability to notice everything and thinking of all the possibilities of a scenario is always a plus for the students. 
  1. Average Writing Skills - Your way of writing can be a game-changer while writing a research proposal. Most of the time, students don’t pay the required attention to how the document appears as they are stuck with the thought of completing the document before the due date of submission. And they are not completely wrong in that but, the first impression of your document is not the information that it holds, its the way it is presented and you need to have some extraordinary writing skills to complete the task in such a way that it looks good and provides the reader with appropriate information at the same time. Your writing skills can help you come across as a diligent student which you agree or not, tends to increase the chances of it getting approved. 
  1. Time Issues - As an individual who is young and dynamic, a student has a lot of things up their plate to complete in their day, and especially when they have to complete an academic task, they start looking for things to do so that they can avoid their task of completing their document as they find it tough and boring to work on a research proposal. Believe it or not, the overall problem of time management can be a really big issue for a student as the most expensive thing that a student holds in his hands is his valuable time and if they spend it somewhere where it is of no use, they have lost the race against their deadlines resulting in rejection. 

These are the 5 most common issues that students have in their life while working on their research proposal which makes it more and more difficult for them to complete it in time. Another thing that wastes their time the most is the tendency to keep searching for unnecessary data instead of starting their work and completing it. Students often try to refer to research proposal templates so that they can get an idea about how they can begin with their essay and end up wasting their entire time in hand but are unable to find an appropriate source. It has been seen that students are unable to find reliable sources to understand about such writing, which makes things tougher for them. 

All in all, you can say that things have never been easy for a student and when it comes to writing a research proposal, the things are extremely different. You can easily get your document completed with the help of our experts who have a perfect command over the format and structure.

How to Write a Research Proposal? An Overview of the Process

How to write a research proposal? A question that almost every student who has to complete this task has always looked the answer for. Well, to write a research proposal that is on point and gets instant approval, there are some things that a person has to keep in mind. The very first thing is the structure and the components of the proposal that you have to complete as every component requires a particular way of writing and information accordingly. 

The basic structure of a Research Proposal has 6 Sections - 

Section 1 - Introduction  

In this section, you are required to open up your document for the first interaction of your reader with your research topic so this needs to be written carefully. The introduction of your proposal is somewhat similar to that of your final dissertation but the details change a little bit. You can use the “ zeroing on the target” technique that refers to the writing technique in which you start your research proposal writing with a broad field/ narrative and then gradually shrink that narrative to the final target i.e your research problem or thesis statement. An introduction usually requires 3 points to be covered in it which are -  

  • Preliminary Information of the Subject - While curating the introduction, you need to start working on establishing a background of your topic by providing preliminary information to your readers. This helps them to understand your topic and brings them up to speed with the concept that you are working on making things easier for them to understand. 
  • Importance of Your Research - Establishing the significance is important as if you are unable to create a sense of requirement of research, you might never get your document approved. Research proposals are based on the intent of research and if the intent is not significant then there is no point in researching the subject. 
  • Addressing the Main Issues - It is the introduction section only where you have to start with addressing the gaps in the previous studies and address the main issues or your hypothesis about what the pre-existing studies could not put forward or could not justify. You see, you need to create a problem after addressing all the gaps in the existing literature so that you can grab the attention of your readers. This also works in dissertation writing as most of the students look for dissertation help because they are unable to identify the gaps properly. 

Section 2 - Vision Mission 

The section is not exactly called vision and mission but can be perfectly summarized with these two words. After establishing the background and providing your readers with apt information about the topic, the next section to complete while writing a research proposal is to answer those questions that are required to be solved or arise after a study leaves a gap in the research. This section address the main research question, that you are going to answer while researching the subject. You have to construct a focused research question that is not precise but covers the exact things that you want to find out in your research as well as helps you to convey it to your readers. A good research question has 5 qualities in it. 

  • Clarity
  • Preciseness
  • Connect to Subject
  • Important
  • Research-able 

These five qualities make the question(s) more effective in front of your readers. The vision mission section is formally called Aims & Questions section and is one of the most components of the research proposal structure. 

Section 3 - Literature Review  

Now this is where things start getting tricky for students. The literature review is the section of your research proposal in which you have to provide an account of all the details that you have captured so far as well as provide a detailed explanation about the data that you are aiming for and how the already existing literature is unable to justify their shortcomings. You can work with any type of academic papers, books, journal articles related to the subject of your research. Writing a literature review requires you to read a lot so that you can comment on the drawbacks and shortcomings of these sources.  

All in all, a literature review establishes the basic requirements of your research proposal that you are going to solve after addressing them. Your literature review should focus on the most relevant and latest advancements in the field of your research. To write it perfectly you can easily go on and start looking for literature review that has been done in other proposals so that you get an idea about the structure and what things you should focus on. Also keep in mind that this is not your literary analysis essay, this is just a review of the literature which aims at understanding the core of the document, so make sure you keep it short simple, and easy to understand. Don’t go overboard in explaining things in too much detail. 

Section 4 - Methodology  

Next section after the literature review is the case study or design study depending on the subject’s requirement. In this section, you are required to answer 3 major questions regarding your research plan, i.e - a) What are the methods that you are going to use for obtaining data? What will be the source of your data? And last but not the least, how do you plan to analyze the obtained data and how will you manage the data? 

Your methodology is not just a list of all the operations that you are going to carry out in the data, it should also depict how these methods are effective and can be used without thinking twice about the wrong results. Keep in mind that the research is really important for the growth of the field and there is no possible chance of being wrong while giving a result of the research. The methods that you use while obtaining results and the condition in which the result has been obtained play a crucial role in your research proposal. To write a perfect methodology of you are required to frame a rough list of the method used and along with them, you have to also present a fact or an example where the method was used and the obtained results were satisfactory and reliable. 

Section 5 - Research Timeline  

This section of your research proposal is related to the pace of the work that you are going to carry forward. A roughly estimated timeline with the month and year of the date on which the task will be completed are to be listed here. This serves as the itinerary that you present in front of your reader so that they get to understand that how much time is it going to take and whether you will be able to complete the research in the time of your degree program or not. 

While writing this section you have to keep in mind that there is no point in setting an unrealistic timeline. Give appropriate answers to the reader according to the things that will take time. The committee that has to approve or disapprove of your proposal is a team of experienced teachers and they have all the experience to understand whether the timeline given is feasible or not. You have to provide a significant timeline that it is going to take in completing your work diligently without skipping any results or necessary tasks. 

Section 6 - Conclusion/ Final Assessment / Expected Results 

The last and final section of your research proposal is the projection of results that you are going to obtain. Yes, this section wants you to display the valid outcomes that you believe will take occur if the research is successful and approved. Keep in mind that in this section you are required to provide a quick summary of your proposal that means everything from your research question to the related outcomes must be covered in this section and that too in a precise and concise manner.  

The conclusion needs to be well-framed and on point, as this is the last thing that your reader will read and this might very well impact the decision that they take whether the document should be approved or not. Our research proposal writers take extra care while completing this section so that the chances of approval increase exponentially. 

This was all about the example, structure, and how to write a research proposal. If you understood the same then there is nothing that can stop you from completing the document on time. If you are still confused about the process, you can refer to free samples that we have on our website in which you can find the complete document along with all the fields completed. You can use that as a template and frame your document. 

Having Trouble in Writing a Research Proposal? We Can Help! 

By now you might have understood that it takes a lot of dedication and efforts to complete all the steps of writing a research proposal and that too without any assistance. This document is just as crucial of a document as a research paper itself if not more and can boost up your chances of scoring well in your final dissertation, thesis, or paper. A lot of students have to suffer rejection because they do not have a guiding hand on their shoulders. But it's good that you have reached for help when you have time else there are times when even the best service providers fail in delivering your document on time. The good thing here is that you don’t have to get worried about the no assistance part as you have already reached the most accurate website to get help for your research paper. You can say that we are the best research proposal writing service without thinking twice because we genuinely provide the best worthy services.  

Some of our exclusive services and features that make us the best out there are as follows - 

  • Experienced Writers - All the writers that we have are highly experienced hands have been actively providing students with research proposal writing We have a proper team of academic writers who are chosen by a tough screening process so that we can provide our clients with only the best available services.  
  • Proofreading & Editing Services - A lot of services that provide research paper help charge the students extra for proofreading and editing a document but that’s not how we roll, When you receive a document from our end, we only want to deliver the best and that is why the final document is completely proofread, edited making it ready for instant submission.  
  • 100% Original Content - At Assignment Prime, we never encourage such practices we are the ones who ensure from our end that the document is 100% original and handwritten. Turnitin is the biggest and best platform to judge the originality of the content. All the research proposals that we deliver comes with a proper Turnitin report stating the originality of the content so you don’t have to worry about the genuineness of the document that you receive. 
  • On-Time Delivery Guaranteed - Punctuality is a virtue that should not only be expected but demanded when you are putting in your trust, money, and time onto someone. Well, we deliver all the documents that we take up right on time if not before that. We never boast about achieving the impossible but we know for a fact that we can deliver a document on time even if the deadline is close. 
  • Unlimited Revisions - There are times when you might feel that you were unaware of an important factor about writing your research proposal and freak out thinking now what? Well, there is no need to worry as we provide free unlimited revision before you have submitted your document. That means you can get your document updated and revised multiple times until and unless you are 100% satisfied with the quality and the contents of the document. 

Other than these perks we also provide some guarantees such as a money-back guarantee as well as some exclusive policies such as our refer and earn policy which is open only for the registered users and the registration is always free! Writing a research proposal might seem like a daunting task but our experts are all set to take up your document and get it approved with flying colors. 

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Research Proposal Writing With Exclusive Discounts & Freebies You Can’t Reject! 

We understand that it is not suitable for a student to spend a lot of money on an academic task and that is why we offer the lowest price on research proposal help. We also have a lot of discount offers that are live on the website now and then so that students can avail themselves of the best available services at affordable and cheap prices. For now, our website is offering an exclusive discount of 25% flat on all our services. All you have to do is -  

  • Specify Your Order - Once you have selected what to order, it's time to fill out a specification form that helps us to understand your research proposal requirements vividly. We share this form with our assignment writers so that they have every detail about the customization that is required while writing the document. 
  • Confirm Your Order - After specifying your requirements, you need to confirm your order by making payments for it. You can make payments for your order online by using the payment gateways that we offer. You can avail of the discount in this section. 
  • Receive Your Order - Once you have confirmed the order, our expert will start working on your request of research proposal help and you will receive your document in no time. The final document will be sent to you at your registered email address that you have used to place your order. 

Other than this you can also avail of an exclusive discount of an extra 5% cashback if you use the app to place your order. Our app is available on all platforms including android, and IOS. Just go to the play store and download the app now! 

Writing a research paper has never been easier! Order Now your research proposal today and leave all your worries to reliable shoulders.

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