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Looking for Trigonometry Assignment Help? We Have Got You Covered!

Writing math assignments has never been an easy task, especially when the numbers are combined with different alphabets, identities, and formulas. One such intimidating field of Mathematics is trigonometry. Trigonometry is considered to be a part of geometry and deals with the angles and sides of a triangle. With all the complicated calculations and tough approaching deadlines, it becomes a daunting task for students to complete the assignment, and hence, they start looking for trigonometry assignment help.

Assignment Prime

Assignment Prime is an online assignment writing service provider which caters the academic need of students.

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Trigonometry assignments are considered to be a tough task because there are a lot of students who are unable to cope up with the pace with which the teachers complete their lessons. While some are unable to comprehend, there are also students who are struggling with time management as they stay in class the entire day and juggle a part-time job to survive. For such students, Assignment Prime has been a ray of hope as we provide the best trigonometry assignment writing services at reasonable prices so that no deadline can ruin a student’s dream of achieving their desired grades.

Trigonometry assignment writing requires a great amount of time, effort, and high quantitative aptitude which are not the virtues everyone holds. Our expert academic writers have helped more than a thousand students in pursuit of top grades. If you are looking for trigonometry assignment writers to get assistance, all you have to do is reach out to us and we will take care of the rest.

Why Should You Study Trigonometry? Applications Of Trigonometry

It is important to study the concepts of trigonometry as it is very useful in further studies as well as in our daily life. With applications in all types of courses such as engineering, physics, architecture, etc., trigonometry assignments involve a great deal of measuring heights and distances of and between objects with the help of different identities.

The application of trigonometry might not have direct input in any real-life problem-solving but there are a lot of fields that benefit from the concepts of trigonometry. For example, did you know that electronic music or computerized music can be produced with the help of trigonometric functions? The sound waves exhibit a particular pattern and after you have analyzed the sine and cosine functions for these waves you can easily play with music. Isn’t it fascinating, how your trigonometry assignment help enhancing your creativity?

Some such fascinating areas of application for trigonometry are listed here -

  • Application in Measurements- What if someone asks you to measure a building that you are looking at? What will you do? Are you going to use a measuring tape? Obviously no. All you have to do is apply a little trigonometry and you are done. This is one of the coolest applications of trigonometry which suggests that if you know the distance from which you are looking at the building and the angle of elevation you can easily find out the height of the building you are looking at
  • Applications in Construction- The field of construction has to deal with a lot of calculations such as the field size, angle of incline from the top, distance between two walls, making perpendicular walls, etc. Each of these calculations can be easily carried out with the help of trigonometric functions.
  • Applications in Astronomy- the mystical field of astronomy also uses the concepts of trigonometry to find out the positions of various celestial bodies. Spherical trigonometry plays a key role in locating the lunar, stellar, and solar positions of planets which helps in predicting eclipses. The triangulation in trigonometry helps in finding out the distances between stars and also used in satellite navigation.
  • Applications in Criminology- Trigonometry helps in finding out the projectile and angle with which a collision between two cars took place. It also helps in finding out the trajectory of a falling object and is also used in establishing the angle by which a gunshot is fired. There are a lot of critical places where trigonometry helps in criminology.
  • Applications in Aviation- Did you know that in a flying aircraft, the most important thing is not a pilot, but the flow of wind. Trigonometric functions are used to calculate the required angle and measurements of the size of a wing which helps in making it more efficient and safe.

The list of applications goes on and on. Various applications of trigonometry are also seen in video games, marine biology, marine engineering, and various other fields of science. All this suggests that trigonometry assignment writing is an important task for students who want to make a career in any field of science. our expert writers of trigonometry assignment help have hands-on experience in all types of trigonometric problems based on all sorts of applications. Completing trigonometry assignments becomes a lot easier if you start applying the concepts in the real-life application as it becomes more and more relevant and clear for you to understand. Some of the applications even serve as the topic of an entire assignment but you do not have to worry as we are always prepared to help you.

What Are the Basic Topics of Trigonometry Assignment Writing?

After taking a look at the vast areas covered by the applications, you must have understood that there is a lot more to trigonometry than just boring numbers. There are a lot of specific topics that are commonly given by universities to solve and submit.

Some of the topics which are covered by our writers of trigonometry assignment help are as follows -

  • Trigonometric Identities and Properties- There are a certain number of identities and properties that are needed to be learned and applied to solve different trigonometry problems. There are a lot of assignments given by universities that can be solved only and only if you know which identity to apply, where to apply, and how to apply them. Trigonometric identities are equations that are made of trigonometric functions in a general form and can be used to solve problems whereas trigonometric properties help in defining each of the functions.
  • Right Triangle Trigonometry-Trigonometric functions related to a right-angled triangle are often asked by scholars. The basic functions of Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cosecant, Secant, and Cotangent are explained as the ratio of different sides of the triangle. This also illustrates the reflections and rotations of various angles on a Cartesian plane. Identities Equations that involve trigonometric functions and are applicable to all the varied values of triangles are called identities.

Trigonometric Properties and identities are given as -

  1. Cot x = 1/tan x
  2. Cosec x = 1/ sin x
  3. Tan x = sin x/cos x
  4. Sec x = 1/ cos x
  5. Cot x = cos x/ sin x
  6. Tan x = sec x /cosec x
  7. Cot x = cosec x / sec x
  8. Cot(-x) = -cot x
  9. Cosec(-x) = -cosec x
  10. Sin(-x) = - sin x
  11. Cos(-x) = cos x
  12. Tan (-x) = -tan x
  13. cos2 θ + sin2 θ = 1
  14. cot2 θ + 1 = csc2 θ
  15. 1 + tan2 θ = sec2 θ

  • Graph and Inverse Functions -All the trigonometric functions can be graphed such as cosine, sine, secant, etc. Each function has a distinct trace depending upon the time variable and frequency. According to our trigonometry assignment help experts, properties of the domain, range, and periodicity are the key fields. If you are planning to work on a trigonometric assignment based on graphs, you must understand how to represent these functions on a graph with respect to the problem.
  • Double Angle Identities- These identities come in handy while solving specific integration problems were applying a double angle identity might help in simplifying the problem. These identities are commonly used by replacing the existing values with identities and solving them for the desired solutions. For example - cos(2θ) =cos²θ - sin²θ, this clearly suggests that if a problem consists of cos²θ - sin²θ, then you can replace it with cos2θ. Similarly, all the functions have their respective double angle identities which are helpful in trigonometric assignment writing.
  • Half angle Formula- These formulas are crucial as they can help in calculating exact values of unknown trigonometric functions. You might be familiar with the basic trigonometric functions, such as sin 30, cos 30, etc., but what if someone asks you the value of sin 75 degrees? In that case, you can apply the half-angle formula on the known value of sin 150 degrees which is equal to 1/2. Half Angle formulas are really helpful while solving some of the most bizarre equations and problems.

Power Reduction Formulas- Such formulas are a great help in simplifying the complex exponential values. As the name suggests, they reduce the power or the exponent in an equation providing us with ease of calculation. The aim of the power reduction formula is to write an expression that is equal to the value of a given exponential function but, without the exponents. For example - The value for the cube of sin θ can be written as.

There is a lot that a student is supposed to learn and apply while writing a trigonometry assignment. And it is obvious that not every student can cope with all the topics, but you don’t have to worry. These were just the tip of the iceberg of topics that our trigonometry assignment writing professionals have covered. With a team of brilliant mathematicians who have an ample amount of experience and exposure in the field and are also credited for plenty of research papers, we provide you the best trigonometry assignment help. Some of our team members have been ex-professors from renowned universities which makes their knowledge about this particular field untouchable.

Regardless of the complexity of the concept, our team of expert writers guarantees the best trigonometry assignment writing service and ensures that you score great in your submission.

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Wondering “ Who Can Do My Trigonometry Assignment for Me?” The Answer Is Assignment Prime!

Many students wonder, “Can someone can help me with my assignment?” or “How can I get someone to do my assignment?” The possible cause for this is the hectic schedule, lack of conceptual clarity, and of course the lack of academic writing skills. Well, if you were wondering the same, then your search just came to an end. Assignment Prime is one of the most trusted trigonometry assignment writing services providers online. Our expert academic writers are well equipped to help you with all your requirements.

Over the course of time, we have encountered many students who have a fear of distrust as they have been conned by some fake service providers who promised to deliver but couldn’t. We are strictly against such activities and condemn such frauds and our sole aim is to provide students with 100% genuine assignment writing service. For us, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. When you ask our experts for trigonometry assignment help, they approach you directly, maintaining a one-to-one interaction that helps you get every possible detail about how your assignment is being completed. In fact, you can even ask for an assignment on a specific topic, referencing model, etc. which helps us write as per your requirements.

At Assignment Prime, we don’t believe in promises, we believe in guarantees. Some of the guarantees that help us in staying at the top of other trigonometry assignment writing services are -

  • ZeroPlagiarism Guarantee- If you place your order with us, plagiarism will never be your concern. Our expert writers write every single word of your assignment on their own according to your specifications.
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  • Expert Writers Only- All our trigonometry assignment writers are highly qualified and we guarantee that your paper will be completed by the best professional writers only.
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  • Unlimited Free Revisions- We believe that even the best things can be made better and there is always room for positive changes and that is why we provide our clients with unlimited revisions at no extra cost. If you feel that something needs to be changed or amended, all you have to do is reach out to us and we will start working on it right away.

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