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Decision Making Process and Advocacy in Health Care Service

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In this modern world, there are different type of health related issues that are being faced by at very young age (Srikantiah and Koh, 2010). Present report is on a Charlie severe laryngeal tracheal and bronchial malaciaa. This can be determined as rare condition that affects airways. Further, later on, he was also diagnosed with Kanner's autism and immunodeficiency. This report covers the role that will be taken by a practitioner. Further, it includes type of community consultation and decision-making processes. Lastly, it also includes key people involved as per the case.

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1. Type of advocacy should be used, strategic alliances and reporting requirements

There are different type of roles that has to be played by a practitioner. In this context, one of the major role is to understand the health condition that is faced by Charlie. As per the case, there are different set of issues that are being faced by him. As a practitioner, it is essential to understand the issues that is faced by them (Featherstone, Fraser and Ledward, 2011). Further, there are various type of advocacy that can be used. In accordance with the case, individual advocacy will be used. This is a type of informal advocacy in which friends and family member will advocate that is based by voluntary community based organization that is NDIS.

In accordance with the strategic alliance, Normative strategy should be implemented. This is a type of strategy in which all parties share same values. Further, they understand the issues and needs of the client and take appropriate steps so that they overcome the issue.

Reporting should of the case should be made to community service providers, individual specialist or government bodies.

2. Types of community consultation and decision-making processes

In order to represent the interests of client, it is important to understand their motive. Further, it is also important know what all are the priorities. Further no affair can be advocated until there ethical and legal implications. In this context, it includes human rights that are based on dignity, mutual respect and equality. All the legal policies that are given by the government should be followed. Further, there are many legal rights that are enacted by Australian government. These includes Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, etc. (Pettignano, Bliss and Caley, 2014). The right to make decision is given to client but if they are not in the position or metal or physical condition of taking decision, then parents play vital role in taking decision. This is done as per the type of issues that are being faced by them.

3. Key people that are involved and ways to resolve conflict

As per the case, stakeholders who are involved includes Charlie, his parents, government agency that is NDIS which is helpful to get fund. Further, when compared with both collaborative and negotiation planning process, the best process that can be used as per the case is negotiation (Kimberlin, 2010). This is because it sets out objectives according to the case of the client. When objectives are set, then it becomes easy for each of the key persons who are involved to know their part of roles that has to be played by them. In this context, it includes time to be taken, funding and physical resources that will be required.

Further, it resolves conflicts that are different type of strategies. In this context, when conflicts arise, then it is important that all the issues that are faced by each of the key person should be discussed. Then appropriate decisions are make to overcome them.

4. Effectiveness of the strategies that is implemented and adjustments that should be made to attain the support required

In order to evaluated the effectiveness of strategy, monitoring will be made for the changes that take place within the mental and physical condition of the client. This will be helpful enough to make sure the areas in which improvement needs to be made. All the roles that are not being played by key players ineffective will be identified. This way the effectiveness can be determined in an effective manner.


As per the report, it can be stated that it is important for the professional to understand that type of issues that are being faced by patients. Then accordingly, steps should be taken through which the problem that is faced can be solved.


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