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For successful running of each ad every organization, it is very important for ensure positive and motivated working environment for the employees so that they can give their full potential and make optimum utilization of the resources. It is very essential for the heads of the firm to ensure that there is no kind of discrimination taking place at the any level pf their organization, this will help in maintaining the sustainable position of the company for the long period of the time. UNICEF(United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), UK was introduced in December 1946, by the United Nations in order to meet the requirements of the children, the main aim of the  UNICEF,UK is to raise funds for the emergency and uncertain situations. The main aim of this report is to focus upon the environment and the equal opportunity at workplace for each and every employees and staff members.


UNICEF(United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), UK was introduced in December 1946, by the United Nations in order to meet the requirements of the children, the main aim of the  UNICEF,UK is to raise funds for the emergency and uncertain situations. The main significance of the organization is that they lay emphasis upon the water, cleanliness, food, shelter and education needs of children.

Main Body

Analysis Section 1: Building emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence can be evolved and increased over time by time, by using proper and appropriate measures. In general words it is the ability and capability of an individual to manage their negative emotions in order to lead a positive and productive life. The main elements and aspects of emotional intelligence is self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and social skills(Blair, 2014). Building emotional intelligence is very essential for the employees and staff members who come from socially backward classes and backgrounds in order to deal with others confidently. Emotional intelligence can be defined as capability to mange, understand and express own feelings so that one is not burdened by the negative thoughts and emotions. For increasing and building emotional intelligence following key points are very essential :

Ability of reducing Negative Emotions

This is the main aspect of Emotional Intelligence, for the employees of UNICEF it is very essential that they reduce their negative thoughts and emotions in order to conduct their tasks and activities in  ore efficient manner. The heads of the UNICEF can ensure this by providing equal opportunities and facilities to each and every employee of the organization.

The Ability of express difficult emotions under necessary circumstances

One method to consider when needing to express difficult emotions is the XYZ technique - I feel X when you do Y in situation Z. All the employees who work under one roof are same, it is very essential fore the organizational heads of the UNICEF to give desired recognition to its each and every employee so that they can develop positive and motivated feelings within them(Joseph,2015).

The individuals who come from backward classes and minority group are generally very vulnerable to the internal and external forces of the business environment, so it s very essential for the leaders and managers of the UNICEF to keep on check that such employees are treated equally by the other members of the organization, and there is no discrimination at any level pf the firm(McCleskey, 2016).

Analysis Section 2: Building specific self-management skills.

Self management skills are the skills that are necessary and essential for the one through out their lives. It revolves around setting goals and objectives for the life and managing time in order to achieve them. These are the characteristics that helps the employees to feel more responsible regarding their duties and responsibilities and to be more productive at the work place in order to meet the requirements of the organization. For the employees who comes from backward classes and minority groups it is very essential to build such skills in order to work properly and efficiently at the workplace(Poureslami, 2016). Self management is sub divided under three skills, which is very important to develop for the staff members who come from socially backward groups and classes:


It is the ability to conduct tasks and duties without much assistance and actions taken by the others. It is the tool of developing sense of responsibility within self.


Organized human being, can fulfill the goals and objectives very effectively and efficiently. It is the ability and capability to manage the time with the things one have to achieve in their lives.


Both terms accountability and responsibility are i9nter related with one and another, is the authority which is given to some one regarding any specific task or activity.

Management skills helps the employees to structure their goals and objectives and helps UNICEF,UK to achieve their mission and vision very effectively(Lee, 2017). 

Analysis Section 3: Building energy management skills

The main basis of energy management is that it revolves around the planning and operating the operations of the energy production and energy consumption units(What is an Energy Management System, 2015). Building energy management skills is important for the employees of the UNICEF because of the following reason:

  • A passion for adding values
  • Helps in planning and managing project
  • Communication planning and follow through
  • Understanding the use of energy
  • Helps in constructing decisions
  • Flexible
  • Developing confidence
  • Tine management
  • Helps in solving problems
  • Teamwork

For the organizations like UNICEF it is very essential for them to maintain the sustainable position in the environment so that they can serve effectively and efficiently conduct their work in order to ensure the welfare of the society. These organization works in highly sensitive environment so it is very crucial for them to assess the working of each and every members of their staff. It is also very crucial that they make sure that there is no occurrence of discrimination taking place in an organization(Wang, 2015).

Analysis Section 4: Building self-esteem and confidence

For the employees and the staff members who belong from the disadvantaged backgrounds and from minority groups special kinds of training and developing programs should be organized by the organizations like UINICEF in order to provide them proper information about there work and to develop their technical and interpersonal skills. Such programs helps in developing the employees so that they can build up self confidence and esteem with them and conduct their duties with full respect(Robinson, 2016). Such things also helps in developing the sense of responsibility among the one. The organization like UNICEF,UK are very large organizational bodies and it is very essential for them to maintain the sustainable position in the environment. This firm works to help the poor children, and t conduct their functions in highly sensitive business environment. Training and Development programs can help very efficiently in building the self confidence and self esteem of the employees and staff members who belong to minority groups and backward classes of the society. These programs helps the employees to develop specific skills that are very essential in order to make them work ready so that they can assess their duties and responsibilities in most effective manner. Self confidence helps the employees to develop the self motivated feeling which is very crucial for successful running of the organization.


It is highly recommended that UNICEF, UK should organize training and development programs for the employees who are not ready for conducting their duties.

Their should be separate team of some individual whose work is to check that all the employees and staff members are treated equally by other members of the organization.

Proper punishments and penalties should be assigned for the individual who initiate any kind of discrimination at the workplace.

Proper food and water facilities should e provided to the employees.

The organizational heads should construct proper groups and identify which individual lacks which skills before starting the training and development programs.

The leaders ad the managers of the organization must construct some basic test for analyzing and evaluating the different aspects of the staf

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