Corporate strategy and governance can be defined as overall scope and direction of an organisation, under which a company carry out its business operations to achieve a specific goal. For this purpose, it takes a portfolio approach to make strategic decision by determining the way to create highest value (Tricker and Tricker, 2015). In context with Curry Ltd., it is one of the largest retailers in UK which offers electronic products like TV, DVD & Blu Ray. In order to develop corporate strategy, its managers are required to analyse how organisation is structured for optimising human capital, governance and processes.

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Research Aim : An investigation of how organisational structure contributes in creating value for a business. A case study on Curry Ltd.

Research Objectives:

  • To examine the role of corporate strategy in optimising processes in Curry Ltd.
  • To determine the importance of organisational structure in creating business value.

Literature Review

Literature review is conducted for deep investigation of a particular topic where researchers can use various methodologies.

Role of corporate strategy in optimising processes in Curry Ltd.

According to views of Turner (2014), it has observed that corporate strategy helps a firm in utilising their resources in better manner. In order to maximise value of business, this concept gives support to corporation in allocating its resources to other functions. As Curry Ltd. deals in electronic retail sector, therefore, associated people and capital is considered as main resources of this company. In this regard, corporate strategy helps in identifying core competencies as well as ensuring that they are distributed in well-manner across the business. It also aid in ensuring in supplying talented and high skilled employees whose corporation helps in achievement of business objectives (What is Corporate Strategy?, 2018). In addition to this, such strategies also help in allocating finance between projects and external opportunities.

Importance of organisational structure in creating business value

As per different perceptions of Chan, Watson and Woodliff (2014), it has analysed that organisational design helps in creating the maximum value of any business. For this process, it helps in ensuring that a company has a specific corporate structure and related system. Therefore, in this regard, managers of Curry Ltd. are required to consider the role of corporate head office. It includes reporting structure of business units and individuals as well as concept of centralized and decentralized approaches. This would help in determining the way by which large initiatives and commitments can be divided into various projects. It also aid in setting governance and reporting structure also.

Research Question

This part of investigation gives direction to project makers as what they have to look out from market by using different techniques in effective way. This may help in bringing out something better which fits the research objectives (Formentini and Taticchi, 2016). In context with present research which is based on the way structure organisation contributes in creating value for Curry Ltd. Therefore, some major research questions as per this concept are given as below:

  • How to examine the role of corporate strategy in optimising processes in Curry Ltd.?
  • What is the importance of organisational structure in creating business value?

Research Methodologies

It is most extreme part of a proposal where investigators use some appropriate theories and techniques to draw conclusion. It includes-

Research Design: It includes a set of research methods and procedures for collecting and analysing measures of variables used to specify problems. It can be defined as framework which helps in identifying the answers of research questions.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research: In qualitative research, data is gathered on the basis of feedback of participants because it focuses more on understanding the behaviour of human from different perceptive (Too and Weaver, 2014). While, under qualitative research, information is collected through measuring things as it concerns more on discovering facts related to social phenomena. In this regard, to discover answers of present research objectives, qualitative methods are used by investigators of


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