Unit 3 Case Study HND Business Entrepreneurship (SMEs) at Regent College Level 4

1. Ehtical Dilemma


Ethics are the values and beliefs of person which derives individual upbringing, culture and living patters. Every person has different values and beliefs which related to their learning and background. Ethics of one person can be wrong and rights because it is based on individual way of thinking and reacting in different situations.

Ethical Dilemma

Ethical dilemma is a critical situation where the person is unable to determine right and wrong of the situation as the individual conflicts between personal and professional values. Like, the person is unable to choose between professional and personal values and ethics in certain situation (Byrne, 2010). In present business scenario manger conflicts between social welfare and availability of fund like the firm do not have enough fund to advertise more than 2 months per year about increasing Bowel Cancer and on the other hand due to lack of awareness, bowel cancer among aged people in continuously increasing. Hence, it can be stated that ethical dilemma in this case of for manager where the person is unable to determine between advertising all 365 to control untreatable cancer or to just advertise only for 2 months as per convince of funds.

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Solution For Business Scenario

Creating awareness about increasing untreatable cancer aiming elderly people is good cause for which advertising is the best strategy. The advertising for this case is done with the help of charitable and donated funds. Further, lack of funds is the only reason, manager advertises for 2 months. In this case, to create awareness it is important for the manager to advertise whole 365 days. Further, the repose of two month advertising is appreciable and it helps people in understanding deep causes of Bowl Cancer. Apart from this, it is considered as effective because with the help of this people understands the importance of regular check up. Thus, as per the situation the major problem lies in availability of funds because the firm for which manager works is charitable. Therefore, the best solution to this ethical dilemma can be first seek for more volunteers and funds by making people understanding cause because when people gets to know the cause of charity (Congress, 2017). It ultimately motivates them to contribute their best. Henceforth, door to door stepping for funds in this case is the best strategy which can help the manager in overcoming problem of shortage of funds for advertising.

2. Criminal Law

Rights Of Lu Yin

There are millions of cases where people get imprisoned and accused for the crime which the person has not even committed. These types of scenario are faced by person especially when travelling to other places like Lu Yin where she got arrested by police for credit card forgery. However, she had all the proofs which proves her honesty and innocence and moreover as she got arrested in United Kingdom she has various rights like to get free legal advice, right to get medical is she feels like, right to inform family and most importantly under code of practice, she beholds the right to ask officers to behave with her properly (Kadish, Schulhofer and Barkow, 2016). Thus, the reason behind false confessions of million innocent people regardless of evidence of their evidence is misbehaviours of police officers at the time of interrogation.

Advice To Lu Yin

As per case, Lu Yin can use any of the above rights like she can ask police to see all of his evidences that proves her innocence. Moreover, she can ask them to behave properly as per their code of practice. The best she can ask them to speak with legal advisor because it is the only strategy which can help her out of investigation and interrogation. Apart from this, it is her right to as police to let her talk to family and immediate guardians so that the family can come and interrupt her interrogation (Keating and, 2014).

Justification On The Basis Of Earlier Research

According to past cases, it has been determined that there are numerous cases where people proved their innocence with the help of following their rights if have free legal advice or to ask police officers to first go through evidences during interrogation. These rights are regulated by UK government to protect public interest and to provide free living right to every person regardless of any discrimination. Hence, it can be stat that right by UK government are enforced to protect interest of people like Lu Yin who being wrongly accused by police.

Example To Support Recommendation

There was case where boy James was new to town and police arrested her for debit card forgery. He was aware about his rights and therefore asked them to take free legal advice and to inform family. Further, due to this, the police was bound to look into evidence and lastly the officers ended up realizing that James was innocent and the individual accused him for wrong doing. Thus, in accordance to this case it can be stated that implanting use of rights at right time is the best way to seek out of legal proceedings.

3. Problem Solving Accounting Analysis

Lisa’s Liability, Gains, Capital And Assets

As per scenario, it has been analysed that liabilities of Lisa with regards to gym is space fir boxing gym to which she is liable to pay rent every month. Apart from this, the credit customers and suppliers are biggest liabilities which disturb cash flow management. The asset with Lisa involves gym equipment which Lisa can keep for life time either for personal or business purpose. Further, stock of drinks, branded gym clothes, medical tools, protein powder which she buys from online wholesaler is a stock as she has not utilized it properly. In addition, the biggest asset to gym and Lisa is her paying customer and are loyal to gym and its services. Expenses of Lisa can be her customer who leaves gym without paying certain amount and also the available stock. Apparently, the only gain of Lisa is her loyal and regular paying gym visitors.

Problems And Solution For Managing Cash Flow

The biggest problem with Lisa cash flow management is her credit and the customers who leave gym without paying. This credit ratio has led to various fluctuations in Lisa bank balance. In addition, the major issue of variation also occurs when Lisa buys stock from online wholesalers at low price but on the other hand again disrupts her savings by buying unusual stock from local retailers and that too at very high prices. Further, the problem is with premises for which she pays rent every month but is barely of any use of making money. As per the analysis, it can be stated she Lisa ha fine Gym space and equipments but she is unable to manage.

Thus, as per the problems discovered it is important for Lisa to manage her cash flow for which she fist need to manage and make an account of her stock because at the time of theft she was not even sure about stock which has been stolen. Similarly, she needs to manage of visitor’s fee and bills of stock can help in managing fluctuations in cash flow (Kroes and Manikas, 2014). Moreover, Lisa needs to stop buying stock from local retailers at high prices instead she can focus on buying from local or online wholesalers which will helps in reducing her investment in stock. Thus, Lisa needs to manage dates of rent and customer bill and a sale in order to improvise cash flow and to overcome loses.

4. Market Research Project

Eatery Launch

Type: The most preferred and edible food of modern era is barbeque. It is considered most preferable because it comprise of every one time eating necessity such as drinks, Stratus, Min Course and dessert. However, in this launch of eatery, plan is to establish health fast food eatery which will serve consumers in pattern of Barbeque.

Location for Eatery: Fast food eateries are much need at most crowded place. Therefore, for this the plan is to target prime location which can be near schools, colleges, Malls etc.

Segmenting Market: The best way of segmenting market is on the basis of demographics where the person segregates consumers according to their age, beliefs, taste and preferences. This approach will assistin dividing customers according to their eating preferences regardless of their differences. During market segmentation analysing eating habits targeted population plays a crucial role as it assist in determining their wants for healthy fast food. Thus, ethical considerations in this market research will be segmenting and target population without any discrimination and also investigator will assure that beliefs, values of no individual are harmed during market research.

Primary Data Collection: This market research method assist researcher in collect viable and fresh information (Youn and Vogel, 2017). Further, with the help of this collected information the investigators will formulate assumptions on eating habits of targeted population. In this research of eatery launch the scholar will target 150 potential consumers and will conduct open ended interview with the help of minimum 3 or 4 questions. The questionnaire will be based on eatery and fast food choices of buyers. Questions of interview are as follows:

  • Do you like eating fast food?
  • How often you visit fast food eatery?
  • What is your opinion in healthy fast food?
  • What according to you is the proper way of serving fast food on eateries?

Secondary Data collection: Collectingpast data on eateries is also essential as it help the researcher in determining need of changes and success of fast food. In this researcher will focus on seeking information through restaurant articles, newspaper notes on fast food and restaurants and also from governmental publications on eateries. The reading from these sources will help in analysing need of change in fast food services.

Apart from this, the investigator will implement the use of Data protection Act which will help the person in assuring that information collected from them will be confidential and will not be used for harming any ones emotions, values and beliefs. Hence, market research will assist in managing successful launch of fast food eatery (Gneezy, 2017).

5. Market Research: Resturant Case Study

Equality: It is the term which is focused on enabling equal living and working status to all regardless of their differences.

Diversity: It is the term which reflects difference in people which can be on the basis of their colour caste, culture, creed, learning background, language etc.

When starting up restaurant after market research the focus of management will be to promote equality and diversity at workplace, for which the restaurant will implement certain regulation such as, Race Relations Act 1976, Equality Act 2010 and Discrimination Act 1995. These are the few governmental regulations which aim at protecting interest of public.

Importance Of Implementing Diversity In Changing Britain

  • The biggest importance of impending diversity in changing Britain is a help of small business enterprises to target maximum consumers.
  • Implementing diversity at workplace is the strategy which helps the enterprise in managing successful business operations (Understanding Equality And Diversity In The Workplace, 2015).
  • It is the practice which promotes the idea of virtual teaming that assist the firm in making innovation in goods and services.

Diversity At Workplace

  • Diversity is the term which helps the business enterprise in managing goodwill in front of all stakeholders (Janssens and Zanoni, 2014).
  • Promoting diversity is the plan which is combination of different ideas and minds which results in creativity and innovation.

The success of diversity can be reflected in example of Deloitte UK, the organisation which offers advisory services to poor people who struggles through unemployment and basic living amenities but have the ability, skills, and talent to work and earn. Thus, the basic success of firm lies in its hiring and recruitment plan where the organisation focused on recurring people on the basis of their talent qualification regardless of their differences in colour, religion, background etc.

Steps For Implementing Equality And Diversity At Workplace:

  • Developing virtual team at workplace.
  • Recruiting diverse people to strengthen workforce.
  • Complying with all Equality and Diversity legislation.
  • Enabling equal opportunities to all employees.


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