Analysing Information and Data for Problem Solving

Organization Selected : Duque Paertiers Gros

Analysing Information and Data for Problem Solving


The Duque Paertiers Gros is business entity which directly deals with numerous stationery products and distributor in global market. It has built strong customer base from 50 years as it includes wholesale trade with business in Northern France. This report will provide discussion about stationery market in Germany along with challenges and trends. Further this will show annual spending on writing and drawing material per capita in seven European countries. In the similar aspect, it will articulate sales of three consecutive year 2015 to 2017 along with correlation, mixed pie chart and scatter plot as well. This will reflect different pros and cons for business expansion in Belgium and Germany.


Overview of wholesale stationers market in Germany

The current stationery industry of Germany is positioned in appropriate aspect and as per Trade association of Office Writing materials and Supply, its turnover is more than €14.8 billion in single year, which is equalising spending of individual which is higher than €182 yearly. A major proportion is belonged towards writing and drawing material which is €35.2 because of this Germany has ranked second as it has spent for stationery in European Union countries. There are numerous companies which had reflected positive attitude in this industry as fact is that more than 70% stationery brand has raised sales in year 2015.In the similar aspect, Association of German Stationery brands, its aggregate of turnover has attained growth by 3.5% among year 2014 and 2015. It is outcome of increment in raising domestic demand which had accomplished growth by 2.5% and international demand grew by 5.5% (Germany – A Potential Stationery Market, 2018).

By considering trends and potentials, Germany stationery brands has good reputation through world especially in Germany. It has attained positive image, stationery brands of Germany with writing and general instruments had gained significant market shares which are not in favour of private labels. On the contrary, industry comprises a broad product range with various developments along with challenges as well. In this aspect, paper and paper related products such as document folders are declining in continuous aspect as this category of product is suffering significantly because of digitalisation which is undertaken in private and work life (Darnton, 2016). However, this category of product has attained positive growth as well as office writing and supplies instruments which grew about 5% in year 2015.


Using excel sheet, producing graph for reflecting annual spending on writing/drawing materials per capita

European Countries

Annual spending















Interpretation: The above graph is representing annual spending on writing/drawing material per capita of year 2016. The Germany stationery market is considered as one of vital sectors which is contributing highly to German economy. It could be clearly viewed that Switzerland is leading in this industry, where Germany has gained second position followed by Austria. Further France has gained fourth position in annual spendings for writing and drawing materials per capital.

German stationery has accomplished huge demand as it is driven through high propensity for consumption and to invest through private along with commercial customers. The main reason for Germany with strong positioning and economic growth as 35.2 in year 2015 along with growth rate of GDP of 17% and bright outlook in labour market, Germany and even in remaining Europe. The present mitigation rate in Germany has numerous effects as it has presence of reliable estimations with its unavailability.


A) Analysing Duque's consecutive three year sales data of year 2015 to 2017

(Table mentioned in Appendix)

Interpretation: In global market, operation of Duque in these three years had vital role for explaining role of business entity. It is necessary for considering different factors which are involved for setting objectives. The Printer cartridges had increment in sales by 4% in year 2016 but in 2017, it had negative effect in 2017 by -15.38% because of general office supplies with essential of huge line for understanding profit in two years but in last year it was facing loss. In the same series, printers of low cost had accomplished growth of 20% in year 2016 but in 2017, it was at break even as no profit no loss.

The sales of office furniture had raised as low cost printers but in 2017 its sales rose by 8%. The cost of shredders was constant in years after primary sales which are necessary for Duque practice with context of various complexities. Moreover, sales of paper based supplies has raised by 8% in year 2016 but it was same in 2017. The concerned aspect is of writing and drawing material is 20% and 6.67% in 2016 and 2017 respectively. So it could be considered that 2016 evaluation has raised increment in total sales by 10.30% as in 2016 it has negative impact of 2.20% (Germany – A Potential Stationery Market, 2018).

B) Mixed pie chart of product item of 2016 and 2017 sales

C) Extracting correlation coefficient of total sales and year with scatter diagram

Total sales of year

  • 165000 in 2015
  • 182000 in 2016
  • 178000 in 2017

The correlation and coefficient is 0.73

Interpretation: Correlation is replicated as effective statistical tool which helps in determining relationship in two particular variables. The outcome of correlation analysis has replicated as 0.73 which is moderate as relationship level in year and sales. The range of correlation is always specified as it is 0.25 to 0.75 which is belonged to moderate level. Further, it could be articulated that sales will alter in positive ways for fruitful future (Riley, 2018).

D) Forecasting sales of year 2018 and 2018


X= 4


6500x + 162000

(6500*4) + 162000



X= 5


6500x + 162000

(6500*5) + 162000



A) Assessing pros and cons of business expansion in Germany and Belgium

Expansion of business to Belgium and Germany





Economies of scale


Impact on quality or degrading


Reallocation possibilities


Deficiency in operational control


Consumer base improvement


Huge employee turnover


Qualified and talented personnel


Need of high capital


Total Pros


Total Cons


Average Pros


Average Cons


Net outcome: Total pros – Total Cons

= 33 – 26

= 7

Interpretation: The above table helps us for evaluating advantages and disadvantages of business expansion in Belgium and Germany. The advantages will be framed as economies of scale, improvement in consumer base, reallocation of possibilities and qualified and talented personnel whose score are aggregated as 33 with average of 8.25. However, it has cons as well as quality will be degraded, lack in operational control, need of huge capital and employee turnover as well with sum of score as 26 with average of 6.5. From this analysis, its outcome is of 7 which is positive which gives recommendation for expansion in Belgium and Germany as it is highly beneficial to business.

B) Application of International standards to activities of Duque

In the present scenario, there are numerous standards which are mandatory to be compiled through European countries for business expansion about its functions and activities. The international standards are linked to operation of Duque are listed below:

  • ISO 9001 Quality management: This standard frames different aspect of quality management which comprises best known standards of ISO. It gives various tools and guidance for business entities who wants to ensure about services and products in consistent aspect for accomplishing requirements of consumer which are improved consistently.
  • ISO 14000 family- Environmental management: It gives various practical tools for business entities with each type of managing various environment responsibilities. It lays special focus on environmental system for attaining this along with different audit approaches, labelling, analysing life cycle and communication. In the same series, it also lays focus on environmental challenges like climate change (Castka and Corbett, 2015).
  • ISO 26000 Social responsibility: It provides guidance on operations of business entities in socially responsible aspect which signifies to act in ethical and transparent method as it also contributes to society's health and welfare. The relationship of environment and society where operations are referred as critical factor with capability for continuing in effective aspect. It has also raised as measure of overall performance.
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management: The organizations which are impacting through risk has numerous consequences with context of professional reputation and economic performance as well. Hence, risk management is effectively helping business for performing best in environment with numerous uncertainty.
  • ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety: There are various requirements which will help business entities for decreasing burden with framework of improving employee safety and decreasing risk in workplace for creating better and safe working condition throughout world (International Organization for Standardization, 2018).
  • Furthermore, Duque has requirement for complying with Data Protection Act and need of maintaining confidentiality with context of proper maintenance.


A) Calculating monthly cost of 30 year repayment mortgages

B) Re-calculating monthly cost with application of interest to loan at each month


Null Hypothesis


There is no significant difference in actual mean value and expected average order value.

Alternative Hypothesis


There is significant difference in actual mean value and expected average order value.


Population mean

Sample Mean

Standard deviation





Z Score assessment

[ (Population mean – Sample Mean) / standard deviation ]


(240 – 230 ) / 43





Interpretation: The above able is representing Z score assessment of mean value order as objective for selecting hypothesis has been determined with P value (Fang and, 2015). The main criteria is in numeric method of value of P, if P value is more than 0.05 then null hypothesis is accepted and less than 0.05 alternative hypothesis will be accepted. While assessing Z score, its P value has been extracted as 0.23 which is higher than 0.05 so null hypothesis is accepted. It could be interpreted as actual and expected order are moving in same direction which is also observed in scatter plot.


The customer responsive rate could be improved with context of numerous methods like considering feedback on immediate aspect after delivering goods and services in 24 hours. In the similar aspect, appropriate channel must be picked like test messages or email surveys. Usually, response rates are decreased and bore when survey longs for high time as it must be always short and laid emphasis on without incentive. The target audience should be motivated with attractive designs along with graphics and concise questions as well. The reminder surveys should be send as it boost response rate but it should be only one reminder (Endsley, 2018).

After survey, consumers should be thanked and motivated for time and survey completion. Similarly, survey should be directly personalized for increment of response rate with numerous human dimensions, question customization and invitation for responses (7 Secret Ways to Increase Your Survey Response Rate, 2018).

Descriptive statistics

Interpretation: The above descriptive statistic is of outcome of 20 questionnaires as evaluation of primary data. The mean of customer service report is of 1.95 which is directly exhibiting customer view. It standard deviation is extracted as 0.51 which shows very less movement of risk so consumer perception level does not represent with average participants. In this statistical evaluation, Duque has provided suggestion for cost control and affordable product's price for raising satisfaction level.


From the above study it had been concluded that stationery market is increasing by year to year and Germany is giving huge contribution to this industry especially writing and drawing materials. The stationery suppliers are giving huge importance on appropriate diversification with product's quality. It had been shown that Duque would attain success with consideration of desired level of outcome with appropriate exploration of operations of business in different countries as it will be having business expansion in Belgium which is beneficial. Thus, Duqu will focus on different pricing policy for ensuring specific margin for influencing decision making of customer.

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