Proper communication should be necessary to attain the success which helps in marketing of the products and services. This process of communication is the fundamental and complex part with the efforts of company marketing. The present report is based on BHS (British Heart foundation) which provides to the consumers diagnosed with a rare heart condition. The company doing the proper research with the new operation (Carroll, 2015). The present report contains the PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis and Porter's five force model so that they can find opportunities or strength so that they can improve the performance in the market.


Executive Summary :-

Conversation between the employees and consumers should be proper which helps the entity in influencing the maximum consumers so that they can attain the services easily which help the firm in attaining the success. BHS (British Heart foundation) have to adopt the different strategies so that they can not face any difficulties in attaining the success and target. They have to make the effective budget so that they can control the cost of providing the services. Along with this they have to monitor to reduce the gap in actual and standard results for the business.

Company overview :-

BHS (British Heart foundation) is the organisation which provides the charity in the UK that provide the funds in improving the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disease. In increasing the income and have to maximise the impact of its work. Along with this company has to do the voluntary donations so that they can meet the aims and objectives (Luxton, Reid and Mavondo, 2015).

Current Marketing Situation Analysis :-

The company have to analysis the marketing plan so that they can improve the performance in the competitive market. This analysis includes the examination of the factors which is external and internal. They have to analyse the marketing of the BHS (British Heart foundation) so that they can achieve the target and also enhance or improve the performance in the competitive market.

PESTEL Analysis :- It is the tool or the instrument by which company can analyse the performance. Along with this the business are also influenced by the environment so that they have to determine the day to day activities.

Political factors – These factors affect the political situation of the country and BHS (British Heart foundation) has to follow the rules and regulations so that they can provide the better services. Along with this BHS has to monitor the political stability within the country. These factors includes tax policy and employment law (Keegan and Green, 2015).

Economic factors – These factors affect the BHS (British Heart foundation) so that they can attain the maximum profit. The company have to deal with the rising labour and also the cost of operations. This factor includes the local currency exchange rates, economic environment in the economic market and the taxation level.

Social factors – These factors affect the performance of the entity in the market. There are different factors on which BHS (British Heart foundation) have to focus which includes changing work pattern, consumer preferences, changes in the lifestyle of population and the changing values among population (Petersen, Kushwaha and Kumar, 2015).

Technological factors – These factors based on the change in the technology. Entity have to provide the new technologies to their consumers so that they can attain the entity. The company have to add the value to the brand and also enhance the overall consumer experience.

Environmental factors – BHS (British Heart foundation) have to provide proper working environment to their employees and also they provide the clean environment to their consumers so that they can achieve the success. These factors includes the environmental rules and regulations. Along with this global warming and other environmental issues in the global level.

Legal factors – BHS (British Heart foundation) have to follow the rules and regulations so that they can provide the better services to their consumers and along with this they can not face any problem. The other factors which affect the company which include the customs and trade regulations and the licensing regulations which is related to the industry (McKay-Nesbitt and Yoon, 2015).

Porter's five force model :- This analysis having a simple and the powerful tool for that the power lies in the situation of business. There are having the five important forces that determine the competitive power in the business situation. They are :-

Supplier Power – The company having the different suppliers to increase the price of product. The company provide the unique services so that the strength and control so that cost can switch from one to another.

Buyer Power – In this company having the different buyers so that they have to take the price down. This is driven by the number of the buyers and the importance of each buyer of the individual so that they have to cost them of switching from the products and services (Hugo-Burrows, 2015).

Competitive Rivalry – They are having the number and capability of the competitors. BHS (British Heart foundation) have to provide the attractive products and services so that they are having the little power in the situation.

Threat of Substitution – This is affected by the ability of the consumers so that they can find the different way in providing the different services and for that they have to use the different process. Along with this if the substitution of the services is easy and substitution of the products or services of BHS (British Heart foundation) is viable then the power of entity is weak.

Threat of new entry – In this power is affected by the ability of the people so that they can enter the new market. In this the cost of the services they are using the less time and also do the competition effectively. They are having the little protection for using the new technologies in providing the services (Schivinski and Dabrowski, 2016).

SWOT Analysis :- It is the tool by which BHS (British Heart foundation) can find the strength and weakness of the entity. Along with this opportunities and threats also so that they can no find any difficulties in providing the different services to their consumers. Along with this critical success factors can be identified.

Strength – BHS (British Heart foundation) having the strong and trusted brand and also having the market leader. The employees of BHS is highly motivated which is dedicated by cause. The company have to increased the awareness and they are having the strong demand and needs of the consumers to attain the services. They are having the large number of corporate sponsors so that they can give the access to the large audiences.

Weakness – In this many products which are generic that are not consumer friendly. BHS (British Heart foundation) have to target the audience so that they have hard for them top engage with British Heart foundation. The company having the low staff turnover so in the organisation employees having lack of ideas so they not provide the services with the new technologies and very effectively (Karjaluoto, Mustonen and Ulkuniemi, 2015).

Opportunities – They are having the potential so that they have engage with the audience directly and have to build the long term relationships. They have to provide the more opportunity so that they can increase the revenue and market share. They are having the direct little competition with the competitors. Along with this have to provide the opportunities for business to business.

Threats – Direct marketing of the entity is not much effective as it is used for the charities. BHS (British Heart foundation) have to obtain the details of the new people. In the market they are having the lot of competition so that they can tackle more issues such as smoking, obesity. They have to decrease the disposable income, corporate donations and legacies (Ashley and Tuten, 2015).

Objectives :-

BHS (British Heart foundation) having the main objective that they have to provide the best quality services to their consumers so that they can attain the goals and objectives and targets. BHS (British Heart foundation) is the leading organisation which provides the services to the person who are suffering from heart disease. The main aim of the entity is to provide the better services so that health of the consumer can improved and can attain the maximum profit. The company have to do the proper research and analysis so that they can identify the new techniques and the process that will help the entity in developing the services and have to provide them in unique way so that they can attain the success in the competitive market (Gambettiand Schultz, 2015). Company have to provide the training and the guidance to their employees so that they can face any problem and also provide the better services and put the maximum efforts in the actual direction in the correct manner and do the proper work by using the new technology. Along with this, BHS (British Heart foundation) can use the SMART approach in improving the objectives which has been set out by the entity. This approach helps the firm for betterment in setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound goals. The company have to expand the market share by that consumer can reduce the complaints when they get the more awareness about the services by using the different channels of marketing.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) :- STP analysis is the process of marketing which involves three steps that is market segmentation, targeting and product positioning. Market segmentation is that process in which they can divide the consumers or the business market which consist potential and existing consumers. Targeting is that process which defines the target groups of the BHS (British Heart foundation) in the systematic process and all the target group is selected among the entire population. Strategies which are used in targeting they are very effective and clear. Positioning involves the implementing that they have target. Company have to make the position in the market itself as they provide the services in the economy. This helps BHS (British Heart foundation) in the market so that they can attract the more consumers so that they can attain the competitive advantage in the other markets which is operating in the country (Wijaya, 2015).

Strategy :-

Ansoff matrix is the tool which are used by the entity for the proper planning and this instrument its product and the strategy of market growth. Strategy is that term which can be defined as the method that can be adopted by the entity to attain the objectives. BHS (British Heart foundation) require to attain the different objectives which are decided by the management or administration the company members have to adopt the strategy so that they can attain the targets. All the considerations which are given by the entity they are used in the strategy for growth which is used or proposed in the matrix which is given by Ansoff. In the Ansoff matrix there are four strategies which are included in it such as market development, product development, diversification and market penetration. These strategies is used by BHS (British Heart foundation) so that they can improve or expand the performance in the competitive market. Along with this they can use the new product in expanding the business in the new market (Su and, 2015).

Tactics and Action :-

Company have to increase the sales of the products and services and BHS (British Heart foundation) have to take the actions in the favour of the entity so that they can attain the success in the competitive market. The company have to provide the best services to their consumers so that they can not face any problem (Kotler and, 2015).

Control :-

The company have to attain the objectives and goals and this is significant for that they can assure the proper control of its functions. The company have to provide the good quality services so that the consumers can not face any problems (Štefko, Fedorko and Bačík, 2015). They have the different supervision in the different activities of employees which can identify the mistakes for that they have to take proper actions.


From the above report it has been inferred that marketing activities play a important role in attaining the success in the business. They have to make the different strategies for attaining the long term success and growth.


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