Concept of Public Policy


Public policy refers to such policy which is related to the public activities. It includes all those policy which are framed for the public participation or welfare of society. In this report project we have to analysis the concept of public policy and which is related to neo-liberalism, Public participation in goals and decision making process by using or considering public values and also compare or contract between public policy and neo-liberalism in term of goals (Olssen and Peters, 2005).

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In this report, we will also shows the advantages and disadvantage of public policy and neo-liberalism which also make an effect in operational activities of an organization. It will also represent that how public  policy can focus on there society by providing social benefit specially in all level of cast such as lower, middle and upper caste and it will also represent that how a neo-liberalism only focus on private company's activities which earned profits by giving standard to upper class person and also expand there services. This neo-liberal policy can be framed only to earn profits so that there were less control of Govt. in it. This report also focus in goal and decision making processes in which public participation are required (Peck, 2004).

Concept of public policy and Neo-liberalism

Public policy can be simply refers as a system of law, regulatory measures, course of action and funding priorities which is given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives. On the other hand in neo-liberalism, it is a policy model of social studies and economics that transfers control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector (What is public policy?- definition, types, process & examples, 2017.). It is focus on laissez-faire approach to economic development. Hence public policy and neo-liberal policy both affect the society by its own ways.

Public participation in goal and decision making process

Participation in decision making process means that how citizens, civil society organization will influence the development of policies and law affect by them. Public participation will help in decision making by creating fair policies or law which reflect the original need of people, it also facilitate cross-sector reaching and adopting more forward solutions. Public policy also ensure legitimacy of proposed regulation and compliance. it also decreases cost and increasing in partnership , ownership and responsibility in implementation (Kingfisher, 2013).

Public value promote public participation is based on belief that those who are affected by a decision have aright to be involved in decision making process. Public value also provide that public cab contribute in decision and promote sustainable decisions by communicating and identifying need or interests of all participants. Public participation provides information of participant that needs they demanded are meaningful way or not.

People demanded higher transparency and accountability from their government. So that new form of public participation are helps the person to give opportunity to take active participation in shaping the policies that affect there lives. Public policy is looks at theory and practices and draws contribution of government.

Compare and contrast with neo-liberalism and public policy

Neo-liberalism is a policy model of social science and economics that transfers control of economics factor to the private sector from the public sector. It is based on many principles such as neoclassical economics, Govt. subsidies, tax base market reform, by reducing deficit spending, limiting the protection and trade to the open market (Hill and Varone, 2016).

Neo-liberalism is a philosophy which determines an active policy, by using liberal use of working for the purpose of providing physical security. It more broader philosophy outlook for governance which advocate a reduced role for the state in economics affairs, basically in the developing world, with combined of competitive market and liberal trade policies in every country with the rest of the world. It used to support the state institution for social welfare where it was needed. These include extensive economic liberalization policies such as privatization, fiscal policy , free trade in order to increase the role of private sector in the economy.

  • But in public policy, it is focused on such policy which totally made for social welfare. It is focused to convert privater sector into public sector for social; benefits (Martin, 2001).
  • In contract of neo-liberalism there are many disadvantages of this policies are:
  • It is maintain focus on economic efficiency. Neo-liberal market improves there logistic performance and mainly focus on there increasing of economic efficiency.
  • It is focus on class project, because it designed to impose class on society through liberalization./ It also focus on increases the power, income, wealthy of the upper classes and it is based on domination of labour by capital.
  • The another effect of neo-liberalism is that it is on global health, particularly non-government organization, international monetary fund and world bank. There new policy agenda is that to placed itself in a new market and privatization, so that it will reduces the Govt. health also. Another disadvantage are freedom of fiscal and capital consolidation so that it will increases the inequality (Duggan, 2002).
  • Another contract is that infrastructure, by allocation of public capital in a large scale infrastructure projects. It also make an impact on environment by polluting them.
  • Neo-liberalism is also opposite to political activities, such as-
  • Globalization can divert nation's ability for self-determination, it replace of Govt. owned monopoly in private companies. It also increases there productivity by occurs production in long term.
  • It also make exploitation and also make negative impact in economic consequences. It also increases the corporate power and shift the benefit to the upper cast (Wright and Harwood,2012).

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Advantage of Public policy

  • Public policy is framed on the basis of social welfare so that there are many advantages of public policy in term of goal.
  • It is a public organization which is concerned to public sectors and it is also a Govt. policy, they are shaped and implement political overtones as will as ramifications for public managers.
  • It also investigate on the law of comparative advantage. It also based on environmental activities which means it is focused on environmental factors, which make an positive impact in environment.
  • This policy not only focused on upper class but also considered the lower and middle class person also. They provide all such services which can be affordable by any class of persons. It is not only concerned of making higher profits but also its main motive is to provide services to the society by making quality products and after that earn profits (Anyon, 2014).
  • This is a Govt. policies, in which there will be full control on Govt. in any current affairs. There will be some disadvantages also, in this policy Govt. make full control in company's activities and provide licensing facility so that company can not receive chance of growth by further activities. Govt. also implies high rate of tax in there activities so that it will also an disadvantage of the public policy. Public policy concerned with public interest so that co-operate interest must be avoided in this policy. Hence all above are the factors which make an comparative and contrasting effective by framing the policies in the country's organization.


Above all the information provided in this project report, it will be concluded that neo-liberalism and public policy both are providing benefits to the society but there operational style and motives are different by each others. Public policy concerned only active participation of person and social benefit but neo-liberalism focus on only upper class person and focus on high profits by providing standard of living to the society. Neo-liberal includes many policy which have less control on Govt.  but in policy there were full control of Govt. in any kind of operational activity (Peck, 2003).


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