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Professional Studies on Nursing

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In the profession of nursing, the role of care is considered as an every changing process as it requires several aspects to include to meet the needs and requisites of patients. Thus, in this context, the role of professional nurse involves much care and supportive services for the service users. Professional nurses buffer between the patients and the doctors; hence they spend more time with the patients so as to make them comfortable (Therapeutic care. 2000). At the same time, nurses are also required to take care of physical needs of the patient and apart from giving medicines, nurses are required to consider all the essential aspects of patients on priority. Thus, in such respect it can be said that focus has been laid on therapeutic nursing and how that underpins the value of nursing care. In this respect, several research articles are being reviewed to specify the validity and reliability of the research aspects.

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Outline features of therapeutic nursing and describe how these skills can be implemented to increase the therapeutic value of nursing care

Therapeutic nursing is all about developing proper relationship between nurse and patient and it also requires nurturing of faith and hope to meet the requirements of patients. Therapeutic nursing should be participative, collaborative and empowering which should fulfil all the requirements of the patients (Richard and et.al., 2010). However in nursing, intervention does not only mean curative; but also it meant to comfort and assist patient by rendering medical amenities. Typically, therapeutic nursing intervention aids in alleviating symptoms, decrease in pain and incorporating holistic care (Feo, Rasmussen, Wiechula, Conroy & Kitson, 2017). Therefore, in this realm it can be said that therapeutic nursing intervention helps the nurses to interact with the patient to get information about the health aspects. In this respect, various articles are being reviewed which are discussed in the below section.

The article written by Fry and et.al. (2013), is based on ‘nursing praxis, compassionate caring and interpersonal relations’ which states that the clinical initiative nurse must get knowledge to assess the requirements of patient’s conditions. The article typically describes what emergency nurses do in their job roles especially at the time of observing patients in emergency department. In order to conduct the study, researcher focused on 16 non-participant observations in three different area (Fry and et.al., 2013). Only those nurses were included who have two years of emergency experience and who have worked in the CIN for around one year. It is ascertained from the article that nurses are hugely compassionate about the caring needs of the patients; however with the increasing complex clinical and technological nature of modern health care nursing, nurses are getting into more multi-dimensional aspects.

At the same time, it is also identified that nursing best practice is a core dimension of nursing praxis that is applicable even for expert nurses at the time when they undertake diverse roles and responsibilities. Apart from this, the article also states that adoption of best practice in nursing is all about ensuring a safe atmosphere, friendly culture, efficient delivery and patient centred care (McAllister, Brien, Flynn, & Alexander, 2014). As per the results derived, it is clear that nurses need to ensure that they are focusing on positive body language as that holds more importance in compassionate nursing. The article denotes the importance of proper communication among nurse and patient and for that diverse methods are being discussed. In this context, nurses made use of strategy in which direct conversation and interaction is being made with the patients as a way to lessen the stress of patients (Feo, Rasmussen, Wiechula, Conroy & Kitson, 2017).

Besides this, the study has provided a rich understanding regarding the role of expert nurses and how efficiently they consider the importance of developing interpersonal relationships with the patients. As per the findings, it is evident that there must be valuable and principles applied in the nursing care so that all the activities can be managed in suitable manner (Fisher, 2014). However, the article also denotes the use of technical functions which are more likely to be carried out by experienced nurses at the time of conducting different roles and responsibilities. However, on the other hand the study has limitations as well regarding the impact that gender could have had on CIN interpersonal interactions.

Apart from this, the article done by Hughes, Percy and Richardson (2015), is also included in the present research work which focuses on humanitarian values such as care and compassion among nurses about patients. In this article, researcher has made use of database such as MEDLINE, CINAHL and etc which includes various books and governmental reports for a discursive narrative review (Richardson, Percy and Hughes, 2015). Afterwards, the research study, it is being ascertained that caring, compassion and empathy are ill- defined; however on the other hand patients have appropriate idea about the skills and attitudes associated with such concepts. In the article, Muetzel’s model has been applied to comprehend therapeutic relationships. This is also one such framework that could be adopted for the purpose of assisting nurses to build proper relationships with the patients.

In addition to this, the study states that partnership is found to be an important source as that is associated with collaboration, trust, respect and shared decision-making. In this respect, the importance of motivation in nurses is also depicted on clear basis. Researcher said that under therapeutic relationship, it is vital for the nurses to ensure that they are communicating suitably with the patients in all respects (Richardson, Percy and Hughes, 2015). Thus, there must be appropriate provision of constructivist care in which nurses have to ensure that all the dimensions of an effective care is being included in the service provision. Thus, in terms of conclusion it can be said that nurses must focus on Muetzel framework so as to develop the traits and skills. This is yet another dimension that play crucial role in enhancing nursing care practices.

However, on the other hand the study done by Cunico and et.al., (2012), is also considered in the present research which aims to determine if a specific training course could amend the empathic skills in nurses as empathy is regarded as a vital component that develops supportive relationships. In the study, data was collected through using the Italian version of the Balanced Emotional Empathy Scale and the study was also designed to measure the emotional empathy in the pre and post intervention phases (Cunico, Sartori, Marognolli and Meneghini, 2012). Control group and intervention group participated in the study to learn and develop the empathic abilities and competencies. However, as per the findings, it is ascertained that men and women both have several empathic traits and as compared to men, women are much involved in training courses to learn about the empathic abilities.

In addition to this, focus has also been laid on study developed by Thompson and Dohetry (2014), which states that nurses should comply with person- centred care approach to develop therapeutic relationship with the patient. The study states that patients who require complex care needs from acute hospitals or community settings generally prefer to visit GPs and district nurses only. Hence, in this respect district nurses are required to communicate suitably with the patients so that to recognise their symptoms and complications (Doherty and Thompson, 2014). This is also essential to analyze since that is a paramount dimension that support people to manage lives suitably. The study also states that in Northern Ireland, health care professionals use single assessment tool in clinical practice. This aids them to demonstrate how a therapeutic relationship is developed and how it supports person centeredness.

Therefore, on the basis of entire discussion it can be said that nurses are required to focus on therapeutic nursing so that value of nursing process can be encouraged (Villemagne and et.al., 2015). At the same time, it can also be said that at the time of treating any patient, it is vital for the nurses to focus on suitable communication and interaction aspects so that better amenities can be delivered to the end users in all prospects.


Thus, on the basis of above study, it is being identified that there must be a therapeutic relationship between nurse and patient as through that only, better services can be given. Under therapeutic nursing, it is vital for the nurses to develop the skills and capabilities so that harmony and healing for the patient can be considered. In addition to this, it is also identified that effective verbal and non-verbal communication holds more importance in nursing care as that leads to development of proper interaction among nurse and patient. From the research study, it is ascertained that the onset of a life threatening illness presents a tough challenge to the emotional stability and physical boundaries of a patient. Henceforth, it is evident that care is a core part in the process of nursing which directs the nurses to include all the requirements of patients.


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