In today’s modern world, environment of business can be defined as combinations of various factors which affect operations of a company either internally or externally. It includes attributes like changing in technology; instability of government, taxation policies, business ethics and more which impact on industrial functions in both positive and negative manner. Therefore, it is necessary for management of an organisation to analyse concept of these factors as well as identify demand and desire of customers. This would help them in creating modifications in activities or add value in products as per requirements in order to gain sustainability at marketplace for a longer period of time. In addition to this, serving high qualitative products and services to people aid in achieving objectives and goals in a proper way. In this assignment, an organisation of UK i.e. Coca Cola has been taken which operates its business at multinational level. This organisation produces food and beverages like soft drinks in various countries (Cascio, 2018). Present report discuss about various enterprises which are classified on the basis of their sizes, scope and structures. Along with this, it also highlights the positive and negative impact of macro and micro environment on business organisation.

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Task 1

P1 Relationship between various functions of an enterprise and its link with objectives and structure of firm

Every business organization operate their business activities at larger scale in which the main aim of firm is to set better success at market place. Along with this, they also operate their activities in order to establish their positive brand image by delivering quality services to its customers. As Coca-Cola is one of the famous and popular brand which operate their entire business activities at global level with the purpose of attaining higher success at market place. Along with this, quality of services is also offered by the company to their customer’s as per their needs and demand which may assist in achieving positive results from the services. It directly contributes in establishing positive brand image (Cai and Yang, 2014). In addition of this, it is also important for business organization to produce quality products and services as per customers’ needs and wants which may help in attaining their business satisfaction level. Business environment and its factors should be analysing by the manager of the company to reduce the negative impact on overall performance of the firm in appropriate manner. Furthermore, macro environment considers various elements like political, legal, economic and legal factors which may leads in attaining desirable goals and objectives of the company. All these are largely affect the entire business activities which evaluate the actual performance of the firm. In this manager play vital role in managing as well as considering all the factors at the time of implementing the policies and strategies. This will aid in attaining positive results in order to enhance the overall performance of the company and at the same time also capture larger market share. In this, various department also play important role in operating all the operations which may leads in attracting number of customers are as follows:

Human resource department: This department is one of the important in which manager play vital role in hiring capable and skilled candidates who can handle all the business activities in effective manner and also put their efforts for attaining better success (Botha, Kourie and Snyman, 2014). By this manager allocate them work as per their capabilities so that they effectively preform and attain better results. In addition of this, HR department also set their process with the purpose of inviting skilled employees who having better knowledge towards the company activities. This will help at the time of taking right decision at workplace. With the help of this company established their positive image and capture larger market share form its rivals. This department is interrelate with marketing division in which marketing manager is responsible for inviting high skilled and capable workforce to accomplished set goals and objectives. With the assistance of this all the workers are effectively perform their task and attain predetermined objectives in allotted time frame.

Research and development: It is one of the important department in business organization which may help in undertaking and effective research to determine the customers’ needs and wants towards the product’s. With the help of this company manufacture their services accordingly in order to attain competitive advantages at market place. Along with this company manager also prepare a questionnaire for collecting relevant information from the customers in relation of company products. This will aid in attaining higher success at market place. In this marketing and R&D department is interrelate with each other in which manager conduct research for analysing as well as determining customers needs and wants. After that they provide all the information to marketing manager to improve their customers base in appropriate manner and at the same time also attain set goals and objectives.

Sales and marketing: Number of methods used by the company to increase their overall sales at market place. In context of Coca cola, they use current machineries at the time of producing their goods and services which may leads in satisfying customers’ needs and wants in most effective manner (Bah and Fang, 2015). Along with this company also use online process to offer their services to their target customers.

Finance: For executing entire business activities, it is important for business organization to keep enough amount of money so that they effective run their customers and use new and innovative technologies. If company wants to buy quality raw material, then they require proper funds which may leads in manufacturing quality services to its customers in order to maximize their profitability level. Both marketing and finance department is relate with each other as finance manager arrange adequate fund for marketing department so that they easily operate their functions. This will directly contribute in accomplishing set goals and objectives in allotted t


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