National Health Service Has Various Methods to Gain Employee Participation.

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Organization Selected : National Health Services
Question :

Employees are the asset of the company and it is important to focus and maintain relations with them. This project is based on national health services which is the leading organization to promote the well-being and health of people. The project covers the following-

  • History of employee relations and Ways to handle it.
  • Explanation of the procedure to deal with employee conflict.
  • Explanation of key features of employee relations.
  • Role of negotiation in collective bargaining for conflict resolution.
  • Influence of EU on industrial democracy
  • Various methods to gain employee participation
Answer :


In the context of the business unit, employees are considered the most important assets of an organization. Employees are recognized as valuable assets because they contribute to achieving the desired goals and objectives of an organization. It is very important to focus and maintain the employment relationship which is based on the employers and employees relationship. The present report is based on the case scenario of NHS which offers health care services to the patients. This assignment carried out with the intention to gain employment relations. The report will be focusing on the unitary and pluralistic frames. It also provides a deeper insight into the effect of trade unions on maintaining employment relations and their key player's roles. The report will shed light on the process of a firm that NHS will go for while dealing with different dispute situations. Further report provides a deeper insight of negotiation role in solve the conflict, in collective bargaining and its strategies. This report is providing a brief of the effect of the EU on industrial democracy in the UK is likely to change after Brexit. The report would then assess the impacts of the HRM approach on employee relations effectively.

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Unitary frames

With this perspective it is viewed about the organization that it is an unsegregated and conflict free with whole mangers and other staffs sharing same objectives and interest. In an organization there is a common goal for every member inside it. Conflict are always the evil for the organization. Trade unions are to be seen unnecessary evil and restrictive practices that are caused by trouble makers (Millward and Brewerton, 2015). In an organization if the trade union is formed it has only one major objective that is to increase the communication between the employees and also helps to allow the employees to take part in decision making as well, therefore unitary perspective is give priority to employee personal development as well as professional development.

The pluralistic perspective

Next frame of reference are pluralistic frames. It is the concept of understanding of the persons according to their interest, believes, value and objectives. In this frame the organization is divided between different individual and different groups according to their interest. They contribute their honesty in the organization. In this reference the conflict occurs between the employers and employees for their difference in interest and believes. The conflict takes place in this reference can resolved by the mechanisms and the work which enable to achieve the consensus (Hyman, 2018). In the much organization pluralism represent as more suitable and perfect. This is also better to describe employment relationships.


Trade union has changes the entire scenario of the employees and the organizations. For better trading system in the UK trade union are made for the betterment for employees and the labor or the workers' situation in an firm. After the trade unions are made more employees are emerged into the organization. The enhanced wages policy provided by trade union has attracted the worker the socialist. It was adopted in may 1831 by UK (Zukauskas, and Vveinhardt, 2015). The workers and labors in the organization came up with strike in order to fulfill their needs and want for increment of wages and general employment. This strike among the employee incident trade union to take initiative the operation at international level . Trade unions were made in UK to provide workers with good working condition at the workplace In UK, trade union organization is full of many of the small unions with a very small number of large trade unions .

Trade unions also recruit ht people by adopting the strategies made by them that are BALPA and ASLEF, which focus on the recruitment of the employees who perform certain jobs. Employees are the key of organization they help to achieve goals and objectives of the organization. Trade unions are formed to make employees relation strong between them. With the development of trade unions, organization an organization can make the employ relation strong that ensures the production continuity , and to reduce the conflicts of the industry . It helps to promote cooperation with employee and management . Trade union not only act as a safeguard for the interest of the employees but also it represents as a spokesman of organized behavior. It embraces the relationship between management and the trade unions. Change in trade unions allowed the employ to work in a healthy and cooperative environment.


(i) Employer: Employer relations are the wheels of the engine of the organization, a good and healthy relationship with the employer will only take the organization forward. The organization consist of lots of people and each one plays the significant role inside it. Employer contributes in employment relation as it take care of all the needs and wants of the people working in the organisation. By providing good workplace environment and fulfilling all the needs of members makes the employment relation stronger.

(ii) Employees: Employees have an essential role in the organization. It is said by the Taylor, that they compliment each other (Ibrahim and Al Falasi,2014.). Employees are called soul of the organization. Without them one cannot reach to its goals and objectives. By working for the organization with full loyalty and dedication with exploring new ideas for the productivity of the organization, is the role of employees in maintaining good employment relation.

(iii) Trade unions: the main role of the trade unions to maintain the employment relation is that they are made for the employers in order to protect them from the exploitation. For maintaining the relation better they help in ensuring their adequate observance ,norms are layed down product qualitatively and quantitatively . It facilitates communication between the management that helps to maintain the employment relation strong.

(iv) Employer association: Employer associations are non-profit organizations that provide support for a group of members. For maintaining the industrial relation strong employers' association plays a major role. It promotes and protect the interest of the employers engaged in the trade.

(v) Government: The role of government arises for maintaining the employment relation at the time of any crisis or calamity than government performed the function of rule–maker or decision-maker in these relations.



Conflicts among the parties is normally noticed in an organisation. Different issues of the argument in the organisations makes the argument more complex. The conflicts between employer and employee have the solution of solving the conflict between them with the entrance of a third party. Conflicts can be generated in the organisations between people in the place of works , the co-mates , colleagues , between the partners and others. The impact of conflicts causes the situation worst in the working for the work, payment, working conditions, operations, employment decisions etc. to maintain the healthy environment in the and understanding between employees and employers , for them it is necessary to follow some ceratin steps-

  • In the case of a single employee, the conflict can be resolve by personal discussion
  • If there is a case between the employees, a formal meeting can be called to resolve the conflict
  • In the case of group of employees, the conflict can be resolved by adopting a negotiation technique.


Formal procedure- NHS should follow the procedure for dealing with and resolving conflicting situation. With the formal step, the disputes are resolved with the help of third party which is from outside. It is so because third party do not belongs from the organization so they can solve the conflict without any biasness(Tansel and GazîoÄŸlu, 2014). This step includes strict rules in which both the parties are bound to performed the work given by the third party.

This includes the three further steps -

  • Policy- policies are the rules and regulation which are to be followed to resolve the conflicts. The employers of NHS should make the policy that the conflict should be resolve according to that.
  • Operations– once the policies are made to overcome the conflicts then the second task is that NHS employer should take care that theese policies should be their daily practices which help in resolving the conflicts.
  • Process- after making and implementing the policies the NHS employer make sure that in future whenever the conflicts takes place management should follow these policies.

Informal step- According to this informal step there is no third party involve to resolve the conflicts in the organisation. It mainly focuses on the imposed of the mitigation on the parties.

Following are the procedure to solve the conflicts-

Identify the pattern of the problem:

firstly management should identifies the problem I.e what is problem all about

Try to understand the problem behind the conflicts:

After identifying the pattern of the problem NHS need to understand the problem to get the desire solution of the conflict. Theunderstanding provides the approach to be used to solve the problem.

Make a plan or develop the strategies to resolve the conflict:

After understanding the problem behind the conflict make the plan and develop the strategies to resolved the conflict.


Employ relations are the important factors in the organisation. Relations among the employee are the relation of loyalty and trustwhich helps organization to obtain the possession of good relations in an organization and business environment (Darlington, 2015). The strong and effective relation between employees and the employer or the workers inside it helps to enhance the working of the firm and creating the safe and sound environment in an organization. With no conflict in working place the employ relation should continued . The conflict can be overcome or removed by improving condition of employment necessary hours of working bonuses and incentives to the employees, work commitment etc.

The main motto of the British Medical Association with respect to the above case is to give the authority to the junior doctors and the good working conditions , the power to junior doctor and to protect them from exploitation. They senior staff or the related doctors may resolved the conflicts by fair treatment

  1. Ideological framework– If the conflict occurs the , to resolve it organization can make its own ideological framework according to the situation to overcome the conflicts in an organisation between the BMS and junior doctors.
  2. Conflict and cooperation– conflicts between the BMS and junior doctors can be resolved by the cooperation between both of them. Both employer and employee need to cooperate both of them to resolve the conflicts.
  3. Consultation– the consultation is the another way to resolve the conflicts between the employer and the employee to make the employment relation strong. Both BMS and junior doctors need to consult with each other for the conflicts.
  4. Negotiation- negotiation is the best and easiest way to resolve the conflict. BMS and junior doctor can resolve the conflict by applying negotiation technique. In this both the parties get chance to initiate their needs and wants and at last with the help of policies one common conclusion has been drawn by the senior authority or the third party which is agreeable to both the party to go for and resolve the conflict.


The procedure which is used to resolve the conflict is the negotiation. In the case it is necessary to solve the conflict as soon as possible. To resolve the conflict between junior doctor and NHS , BMA and doctor playing the important role. Both BMS and the junior doctors were limited to the strikesis useful, in the case, however, the formal procedure in the organisation are more effective to trigger out the solution of the conflicts between collegues in the case of a sensitive problem like a less salary. The NHS, BMA and the government has gone for negotiation to tackle the conflict between them.

There are several ways that have been followed by the parties in the mentioned dispute situations. These procedures are illustrated as follows:

effectiveness of the procedure is discussed under-

the negotiation process has positive and negative effects on the conflicts. Every time it is not possible that the conclusion drawn through negotiation favors is an advantage for the NHS as well as BMS .


  • The less time is taken by the process involve in negotiation.
  • It can lead to automatic makes you win if you have more power than the other person.
  • In the case of accommodating if the fight isn't worth it, it can resolve quickly.
  • If the collaborating is followed than both sides can win.
  • To make both sides happy lead the imporvment of personal relation.


  • The one party can become resentful .
  • In the case of compromising both sides may become disappointed because neither of them gets exactly what they want.
  • One couldlosethe power.
  • the solution to the conflict at the workplace: when the dispute takes place manager should made many efforts to resolve the conflicts positively as soon as possible. But if the conflict goes on, it increases in its proportions. It is crucial that the focus of employees the employee's behavior itself changes. It is essential to know the reason behind the conflict at very first stage when the conflicts takes place.
  • Responding to the dispute--It is very essential after confirming that the dispute manager has to take the responsibility to resolve it.
  • To understand the issuee –firstly managers have to hear all the perspective of the problems and then attempt to understand the root reason for the dispute. It is impottant to find out the hidden solution to resolve the conflict earlier.
  • Work with the situation–clearly identified problem, then the manager has to work in such environment that all the parties in the conflict can work together out of a solution.

Task 3


To resolve the dispute easily and early, way of collective bargaining is followed. In this process, negotiations had an extremely big as they contribute to identifying the working conditions and the varied terms of engagement. Taking into account the view of the NHS, BMSemployees without proper negotiation the manager has to solve it. The collective bargaining is identifies with the industrial dispute act no . 56 of 1999. In case of collective bargaining the negotiation is used for different purposes. This process consists of a collection of the data and the analysis of the same(Waal, 2012). After the collection of data, the next step is to identify the issues and the planning is done to resolve it.. Lastly in the basis of the negotiations that has been made the final solution is made. Once all the parties are satisfied then the negotiation is concluded. Negotiation can caused both negative and positive situation of conflict as negotiation do not bias any particular party. It also helps to prevent disputes of certain levels (TingToomey, 2017). Sometime the conflict situation is created when both the parties involved demanding their requirement. The role of negotiation in providing the final solution regarding the conflict between employ and management.


The strategy negotiation is mostly done to tackle the dispute between the parties . the result of the nedotiation between contract of junior doctor between BMA , NHS , governmnet .

Strategies are discussed under-

Accommodating– When the company suffers from a huge loss then this strategy adopted . This strategy involves giving possession to one party. This means to fulfill the need of one party This situation generally arises when one part is ready to adjust according to the situation and accept the wants of other party without any objection.

Avoiding– This strategy is adopted when the parties demands cannot be considered . In other avoiding means ignoring. When the unnecessary demand made by the any of the parties which cannot be fulfilled then the avoiding strategy is adopted. In some condition it may act as a very effective strategy because every time it is not possible to fulfill the needs and wants of the parties. It usually involves the delaying and ignoring the conflicts. It is applied in there is an in appropriate demand.

Collaboration- Collaboration is the strategy which involves the creative solution of the conflict . It is a mutual concern of both of the parties to resolve the conflict (Kuna and Nadiv, 2018). This helps to provide the effective solution of the dispute

Compromise- In this strategy both the parties compromise with their needs. They have to adjust their demand according to the situation.



Workers making decision involves the arrangement of industrial democracy , sharing management and authority in the work place. The democratic practices made for the employees and employees of the organization is represented by the industrial democracy. It is relevance that the relationship between the employ and employers is been mainly controlled and regulated by the European council which permits the employer;s contribution in decision making process. Due to the formal process of vacate the EU, said in Article 50 in the Lisbon Treaty, and the characteristics of its trade connection with the EU, the UK would be at a drawback if it found itself in the position of having to renegotiate its connection with the EU following a Brexit vote. Article 50 allows that the members of EU has a veto to empower the set of negations . Therefore trade deficit is in UK ,It has increased by 10.3 million dollar (Jennings, McCarthy, W. and Undy, 2017). The EU will get with the reasoning to have a conlusion on a agreement of services access to the goods severely disrupted the UK economy, where the economy of the service sector is near about 80% according to the UK office of stastics. Hence it will affect by an important muster of EU, it have to be likely on the criteria of the substanial to EU market of legislation.


Decision making is the main motive of any of the organization. Decision making consist of various important activity and initiatives. Decision making is the process which every manager has to take inside the organization (Xi, Zhao and Xu, 2017). Organization's productivity is based on the decision making process. Involvement of employess help in obtaing the good ideas and perceptions which is the advantage of decision and leads towards profitability.

Following are the method by which employee participation is gain in making of decision the process-

  • Attitude survey is one of the ways indulging employees by observing their opinions that permits them to participate.
  • Survey can obtain the views about management of performance, payment decision and evaluation of the job in order o identify their value to which employees feel they are treated fairly (Gomez and Gunderson, 2016). It can also be used to identify about personnel policies and how they operate in such areas as equal opportunity, development of employ and safety and health.
  • Structured questionnaires, focused group discussions and interview are connected through attitude surveys.
  • Another method that can be used to overwhelm problems which results from top – down type of management where management ignores the knowledge that exist at the other levels in the organizations.
  • Group of managers who are indulged in related work are quality circles(Rahim, 2017).
  • Suggestion scheme method is also used in the organization to gain the possession of the employees in decision making. In this method employees get opportunity to give their ideas.
  • Direct participation, through direct participation every employee get fair chance to contributes their ideas in process of decision making.


Employee plays an important role in decision making. Their involvement in decision making plays a versatile role in making the organization effective. Employees involvement in making the decision can effect full performance of an organization. The conversation on HRM policies and practices focused on hard and soft version of human resources management (Darlington, 2015). The hard version of human resources' management focused on the adopted the logical approach to managing employees as any other economic factor. While the soft version of the employees consist of treatment of employees as valued assets, a source of fierce advantage through their commitment. When management permits employees for the invlovement in decision making it concerns them for the commitment of employes.

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On the coming conclusion it is said that the conflicts are the ordinary situation which can happen in the surroundings due to lots of reason. The reports shed light on the major key players which plays important role in maintaining employment relations directly or indirectly. It has seen that NHS employers has followed the specific procedure to resolve the conflicts. Negotiating with the BMA, can be resolved by the NHS employer avoid any of the losses due to the conflicts. Moreover, it has been also found that the negotiation between NHS employer and BMA has led them to extend to the levels of the correspondence over the contact of junior doctors to make the solution of the conflicts more effective .

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