Level 4 HND BTECH Food and Beverage Operation Management


Food and beverages management is considered important part in restaurant or any hospitality industry where it has served. This is because, to attract international customers, it is important to focus on the different requirement of them (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017). Every hotel industry try to attract various customers through provide them unique and creative benefits. As results, they are able to implement health food. Present report based on the event of International food day. In this regard, it summarised about the characteristics of food production. Furthermore, it carries factors which affect recipe and menus. Event plan also determines to produce activities and plan different activities in it. At last, cost and other aspects determine that design to promote systematic results.

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Task 1

1.1 Characteristic of food production

In food and beverages management, there are different food items are denotes that assists to consider effective results on the enterprise. In this way, in the hotel industry, provide different types of food products to deal with the productive elements. Following are certain characteristics determines in the business to deal with the several activities:

Table Services: In the food production, one of the main characteristic included that is table service which help to serve food. Waiters need to concentrate on the enterprise to bring and develop systematic food that ready products and only served (Sinapuelas, Wang and Bohlmann, 2015). There are silver and plated services implemented which consist with the ordering from the menu card which is generally used by the outside customers.

Self Services: Restaurant also need to use self-service that assists to provide effective goods and services to attract several people at workplace. In this consideration, as a buffer system, customer take products as own aspect. Further, it includes services in several cafeterias and canteen as well (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017).

Specialise Services: Food and drink in the restaurant taken by different customers. Therefore, it is important to look upon the several products and services to deal with the tray facilities. In this aspect, it is important to look upon the hospitality services such as aircraft, trolley, etc.

1.2 Factors that affecting recipe and menus

In order to create several types of dishes, it is important to look upon the given meal. In this way, recipe and menu design with plan of food and beverages in the chosen enterprise. It assists to look upon the different functions requires in the business. Following are certain factors create impact on the planning and create recipe with menu (Dean, Griffith and Calantone, 2016). They are explained under here:

Objectives Of The Business: Main objective of restaurant is to increase their products and services so that customers could be attracted easily. In this way, it is important to look upon the customer needs and requirement with goods.

Skills Among Kitchen Staff Members: In respect to provide systematic results, it is important to increase skills and knowledge of all employees. This is because, with provide training and development program, effective results could be deliver to all customers in the business. It impacts positively on the brand reputation that considered in the business (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017).

Quality And Nutritional Values: Quality and nutritional elements are needed to promote systematic functions and operations at workplace. In this regard, value has been created to deal with different programs. It assists to attract more people from different areas.

Seasonal Ingredient: As per the season some ingredient, restaurant need to provide food to their customers. It assists to look upon the recipe that cannot be made due to raw material unavailability. It could be reflect on the customer taste and preferences as well (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017).

1.3 Compare the cost and staffing implications in different systems

In the food and beverages hotel system, cost and staffing are two major aspects which consider dramatically. Manager of the business need to identify cost for each product so that it can be implement set price and consider menu to attain more profitability as well. On the basis of its implications, the business able to consider different activities in the business. However, it includes following comparison with different system:




In the business, different kind of outlets implemented by the food and beverages business.

Food that served by the enterprise is generally readily sold so that material available at low cost. Along with this, storage also needed to make effective functioning (Homburg, Schwemmle and Kuehnl, 2015).

Staff implications considered at low amount because kitchen staff not requires high cost because food are implement that is readily available. Hence, services could be managed with unskilled staff members.

Cafeterias, bars, buffet system

Low cost services implemented which is most important part to accomplish aim of business (Dean, Griffith and Calantone, 2016).

In this regard, skilled, semi skilled and service staff members needed to implement table services.


Cost implications in the restaurant determines with different range system on the basis of quality level.

In order to look upon the high skilled members, personnel cost could be diminish in the business (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017).

High quality of catering

In respect to implement high quality raw material, cost will be implement with seasonal ingredient that assist to implement food and beverages to attract customers (Sinapuelas, Wang and Bohlmann, 2015).

With the help of the high skilled members, the company able to consider their innovative results.

1.4 Justify suitability system in two different venues

In the hotel, there are different systems carried to operate functions and operations. It is the best way to create system in two different venues:

Table Services: This system is work with the enterprise to create systematic program. In this regard, it is important to look upon the guest availability. In other words, table service assists to deal with the customer situation and staff members' availability as well. According to the customer culture and system, there are different ascertain has been implemented to perform functions for them such as American style, French style, Russian style, etc. (Arrighi, Le Masson and Weil, 2015).

Buffet System: In addition to this, buffet system applied successfully with commercial and non commercial outlets regarding food. It creates great advantages for staff members to serve food items at workplace. Generally people requires wide availability of options so that they can take whichever they want. This system helps to attain successfully outcomes with different aspect of the management.

2.1 Importance of financial statement in food and beverages operations

In order to define the food and beverages operations in the business, it is important to perform several functions with standard and quality maintenance (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017). It will assist to determine systematic results in different systems such as balance sheet, trading account P&L account, etc. Following are certain elements included in it:

  • Costing: In cost menu, it is important to assess direct and indirect element that considered in the menu. This is because, it helps to create proper balancing to develop success at workplace (Homburg, Schwemmle and Kuehnl, 2015). In the financial statement, there are two systems involved such as direct and indirect cost. In the direct cost, ingredient included that are related with the menu. With this respect, absolute dish has been taken.
  • Consideration: There are some other elements included that offered by company such as paste, etc. Balancing of the cost menu considered number of low cost and high margin with volume dishes.
  • Gross Profit: Gross profits in the financial statement considered which show differences in selling price and cost as well. It helps to measure successful program that has been carried to negotiate resources with possible outcomes (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017).
  • Cost Statement: Beside this, cost sheets also included which could be reflecting on the items that are needed for particular project. Furthermore, there are also certain elements implemented such as labour, operations, etc.

2.2 Purchasing process for food and beverages sector

In the present report event has been plan for International food day. Therefore, it is requires purchasing process for food and beverages system. For instance, starters, main course, sweet dishes, drinks etc. In this process, it is important to develop effective results which helps to make high profits with important raw material as well.

  • Products Requires: In order to design and create menu planning, it is important to look desired quality that assists to set standards and aims as well. Quality of products in the chosen business also implemented to determine successful results. It helps to attain profitable and productivity at workplace.
  • Supplier For Raw Material: In order to attain systematic results, it is important to look upon the raw material so that effective results could be accomplished. In this way, different aspects such as Wholesaler, local farmers, food brokers, location, etc. Wholesalers are generally provided readymade products that are directly sold to customer to get proper attention towards their requirements (Dean, Griffith and Calantone, 2016).
  • Receive Goods: In order to attain desired results, in the restaurant receive goods is next option that is taken to make effective results at workplace. Furthermore, it also helps to select the proper and effective information towards the business goals and objectives. Different elements such as speed, services and short notice also available to consider it.
  • Store Goods: With this aspect, manager need to store finished goods in proper way with maintain quality and standards as well. Therefore, they are able to deliver creativity and attain more systematic functions at workplace. It will assist to look upon the systematic functions and operations (Arrighi, Le Masson and Weil, 2015).
  • Receive Invoice: With consider invoice, manager can develop their outcomes to deal with the functions and operations. It will assist to look upon the creativity and ascertain more significant results in the business. Therefore, it will help to look upon the focusing value of products through qualitative resources (Homburg, Schwemmle and Kuehnl, 2015).
  • Make Payment: AT last step, payment has been made on which manager can develop their outcomes and results in systematic manner. Therefore, they are able to deliver value of products and consider effective results at workplace (Dean, Griffith and Calantone, 2016).

Illustration 1: Process of purchasing

3.1 Selection and suitability of recipes chosen in menu complied for the event

In respect to make menu, there are several dishes included that assists to target people in the business. In this consideration, International Food day event could be organise to implement dish that helps to attract different people in the business. It will help to make sure that operations and functions carried to target non vegetarian and vegetarian people as well. These dishes assists to look upon the organic food, exotic food, healthier options, etc. In the menu, it has been describes that ingredient used in the enterprise create greater advantages in the business. Taste and colour of the particular product need to classified as per the attractiveness. As results, it assists to consider different activities that are required in the menu planning (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017).

Temperature also needs to assess for the products and services so that it helps to ascertain and make systematic work. With this regard, contrasting food need to match with the seasonal and local producers that assists to make effective functioning. Along with this, raw material also needed as per the menu which needs to develop in the enterprise (Arrighi, Le Masson and Weil, 2015). Further, relationship also manages with different suppliers so that raw material could be gain on time with creative aspect.

3.2 Factors which determines success of the services in international food day

In respect to develop effective results, success develops to operate functions and operations (Boukraâ, 2015). Following are certain elements that are considered as factors which make successful results in event if International Food day:

  • Planning: Planning is main element that creates successful results in the business environment. In this way, manager needs to set activities and tasks through they can organise International Food Day event. They need to set food and drink items that are need to be included to organise proper event (Sinapuelas, Wang and Bohlmann, 2015).
  • Organising: Furthermore, organise activities is important consideration that assists to look towards the success and attain more creative results (Dean, Griffith and Calantone, 2016). With the help of the innovations and creative results, different things need to be implement that assists to target customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction: In the event, customers need to be focused to increase their satisfaction level. It will assist to look towards the some creativity and development program as well. Therefore, it assists to make proper development on the program.
  • Quality Assurance: Furthermore, it is important to look towards the quality assurance to increase creativity in the event program (Bhattacharyya, 2015).
  • Setting Standards: Standards are also important element that assists to develop effective results in the event program. This is because; it helps to gain more creativity at workplace. In this regard, systematic operations have been carried.
  • Cost Effective: Further, manager need to analysis that event is cost effective or not. This is because, as per the qualitative information they are able to set creativity and attain desired results as well (Stierand, Dörfler and MacBryde, 2014). Hence, it will focuses on the gathering proper results from event.

Task 2

4.1 During event present and serve appropriate food and drink items

In the event of International food day, there are several elements exist that need to consider in the systematic planning with appropriate food and drink. It includes following elements:

  • Planning: In order to create systematic plan, it is essential to develop proper planning which is important for the analysis. This is because, budget program has been implemented to create event (Orth and Crouch, 2014). In the selected event food and beverages determines as per customer requirements.
  • Cost Control: Manager of the event program need to collect relevant information towards the customers gathering. Therefore, they are able to set activities and attain overall growth in the business (Mohammad Azmin, Abdul Manan and Yunus, 2016). With the help of the cost control activities, it has been seen that creativity could be attain at workplace.
  • Quality Standards: In order to manage quality standard, researcher able to develop creativity at workplace. It assists to look upon the understanding and requirements in the event program (Marcon, de Medeiros and Ribeiro, 2017). International Food Day celebrated so that quality is major concern which looked by manager to identify systematic performances in the event.
  • Health Safety And Security: In this way, manager needs to take proper care for their staff so that health and safety standards could be maintain. In addition to this, they need to develop their functions for guest members as well. This is because, with the help of the standard maintain, they can concentrate to make effective functioning. As results, effectiveness will be develops to make systematic results (Bijauliya, Alok and Yadav, 2017).

4.2 Maintain standards, quality, health, safety

In the menu planning, it is important to look upon maintain standards, quality, healthy, etc. All these consideration helps to focus on the systematic aspects that are needed in the International Food Day event.

Maintain Standards: In order to prepare food and beverages, it is essential to the International Food Day event to maintain standards. This is because; in this way effectiveness could be implemented. Therefore, it will help to focus on the member’s development (Dyllick and Rost, 2017). Standards in the event program develop to create systematic results so that International Food day event considers systematic work performances in the environment. It is the best way to consider different activities that are needed for guest satisfaction.

Maintain Quality: Quality is also important element that needs to signify to attain overall growth with business effectiveness. It will help to concentrate on the relevant results that could be attaining to maintain creativity at workplace (Homburg, Schwemmle and Kuehnl, 2015). With the help of the business goals and objectives, systematic functions will be developing to attain desired results. Quality is the best element that assists to create positive impact on the people to look towards the event program.

Health And Safety: Health and safety activities in the food and beverages items are also considered to maintain effectiveness. Therefore, for the International food event different activities will be implemented to develop program regarding food and beverages safety. It helps to maintain systematic performances (Arrighi, Le Masson and Weil, 2015). As results, event program also need to maintain proper security arrangement towards all members.

4.3 Drink which could be served with proposed items with suitable pricing

In order to create systematic plan for 1 drink, in International Food Day Colas and Lemonades sugar free included. In this regard, managers need to ensure qualitative and standard maintaining so that they can deliver effective results to their customers. It assists to look upon the innovative functions and operations in the business environment to develop systematic results. £80 charge for this drink so that cost could be cover. In starting time, it helps to focus on the more creative learning that proposed with the item and suitable pricing as well (Sinapuelas, Wang and Bohlmann, 2015).


From the above report, it can be concluded that there are systematic International Food Day event has been implemented to develop creativity and effectiveness. In this regard, manager organise functions and operations in food and beverages to attain overall growth. In addition to this, report summarised about the systematic performances that help to follow more functions and operations that are needed to attain creativity. Furthermore, it articulated about the innovations and maintains standards in food and beverages so that effectiveness could be develop easily. As results, people could be targeted on the basis of effectiveness.


  • Arrighi, P.A., Le Masson, P. and Weil, B., 2015. Managing radical innovation as an innovative design process: generative constraints and cumulative sets of rules. Creativity and Innovation Management, 24(3), pp.373-390.
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