Roles, Responsibility and Qualification Requirement in Hospitality Industry


Within the hospitality industry, diversified sectors of service-industry are included such as event-planning, lodging, transportation, cruise line and many more. Henceforth, this industry accounts to be a very broad one. The enterprise providing the facilities of accommodation, drinks, and foods at a different venue other than home, is included within the hospitality industry (Radojevic, Stanisic and Stanic, 2015).

This particular sector of the hospitality industry in the UK is entirely based upon consumer-values and are often under the consistent pressure of delivering innovative & qualified services to their customers. The current report discusses the importance of current structure followed at the hospitality industry with the emphasis being laid upon the role of various organizational bodies in the hospitality sector. Adding more to this, justifications of the involved roles, responsibilities & required qualifications in the hospitality industry has also been done. Also, in the end, reviewing recent occurred developments within the hospitality industry has been done.


a) Analyzing the structure of current scale, scope & diversity of hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in today's modern world. It is basically responsible for providing services like food & beverages, accommodation & many more. This is justified by the fact that there is an existence of only 46,000 hotels with the inclusion of guest-houses as well. Despite these records, the hospitality sector accounts to be one of the significant contributors to the UK's economy. The turnover determined annually was near about £40 billion (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). This hospitality industry in UK accounts to be the 6th largest contributor in their export-earning and also accounts to be 4th largest employers well. Seeing the recent progress, ample foreign investors have shown a keen interest in investing within the hospitality industry. The reason being that this particular sector promises to return ample amounts satisfying the criteria for many of the investors.

The scope of the hospitality industry is very broad. It has an inclusion of different commercial industries as well such as the hotels, restaurants, pubs, motels and many more. Adding more, welfare sectors are also included hospitals, old-age houses, educational institutions, residence halls and many more. In London, there are ample restaurants available which tend to accommodate ample tourists every night. Henceforth, seeing this situation, there will be a requirement of the major workforce for running all such organizations. And this leads towards the creation of job opportunities in ample amount.

The inclusion of innovation, ownership, classification & grading-system, leisure facilities, futuristic trends, etc., makes the hospitality industry very much diverse (Jones and, 2016). Besides providing basic accommodation facilities, other services such as gymnasium, swimming pools, internet, etc., are also offered as well. This aids the hospitality industry in the enhancement of their efficiency in providing service to its customers in ample of possible ways. Also, the existence of diversified ranges in management-styles & ownership also makes the hotel-industry a diverse one. Within the ownership category there us an inclusion of diversified categories of management style such as partnerships, sole owners, public-limited and private limited companies. Also, with reference to the hotels, the inclusion of grading system leads to classifying them at a level of 1 to 5. According to the level of the hotel, services are provided. Besides these, food services is also an important aspect which is offered according to the hotel level. The food services offered at five-star organizations will be entirely different from those offered at the one-star organization (Bharwani and Jauhari, 2013). Adding more to this, different types of customers arrive in hotels and any other accommodation or other hospitality industry. These might be demanding entertainment facilities as well such as music programmes or joyful indoor & outdoor activities. So, this already has to be taken care of by the authorities of hotels & any other type of hospitality industry so that all the needs and requirements of their customers are satisfied. These facilities are therefore provided by the majority of hotels and hospitality industries in the UK which this entire industry a highly diversified one.

b) The organizational structure of different hospitality industries

The organizational structure is defined as existing relationships in-between various people present at different levels of a particular organization. Effective and long term relationships have to be maintained in order for the overall enhancement of the organization. In for accomplishment of set goals regarding a company, the formal type of job relationship responsibly coordinates the employees, This process is assured by the organizational structure. In the various hospitality industries such as accommodation, foods & beverages and many more, the distribution of diversified jobs is accordingly done, grouped and coordination among them is assured by the aid of organizational industry (Wang, 2014).

There is a diversified range of organization structures according to the type of organization. Basically, there are two types of organization structures and they are tall and flat structures. The hotels which are very big in terms of their brand value & offered services, tend to imply tall organization structure. The reason behind adopting this structure is due to the presence of diversified levels of staff specifically from the manager to the staff members. On the other hand, a flat organization structure is tended to be implemented in those organizations of hospitality industries in which no such diversified levels exist. Referring to an example, a restaurant having a flat structure, could have an individual who has the duty of both manager and chef as well.

The organization is basically divided into two main parts such as the front and back of the house. Departments such as food & beverage, accommodation, conferences, etc., get included in the front category of the house (Wang, Tsai and Tsai, 2014).; On the other hand services such as the financing, food-preparing area, areas which cannot be seen by guests come under the category of back house services.

Within the hospitality industry, the accommodation sector has an inclusion of diversified ownership with the structures. However, emphasizing more upon the hospitality industry, franchising and sole ownership are popular. Having the sole ownership of particular organization such as the hotel industry means that finances have not been obtained from any other external sources. The most effective advantage in this type of ownership is that the owner holds the responsibility for enjoying benefits from the profits earned. Also, this provides another benefit in a way that business in the industry could be formulated as per his individual ideology and concepts.; From here, a disadvantage is also there. The losses which occur have to be faced solely by the owner. The support which is provided by chain organizations in such situations is excluded from sole ownership type.

Organizations such as hotels could be either chained or can be franchised as well. Either a hotel could be owned or franchising can be done as well (Kim, Vogt and Knutson, 2015). The franchising type of ownership highly saves expenses in relation to marketing & promotional activities. The reason behind such a huge amount of saving is that all such franchised organizations are majorly popular among the public so the authorities need not to invest more upon activities related to marketing and promoting the brand.

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c) Role of hospitality related organizations & professional bodies in the hospitality industry

The major role of all organizations in relation to the hospitality industry is to prioritize their customers. The success of every organization in the current hospitality industry within the UK accounts to be it's highly developed and increasing customer base. All the organization in this sector need to imply services that are in high coordination with the needs and requirements of people. So the customer has to be given priority in order for thriving all the challenges in the market. Having a high customer base enables the hospitality industry to lead the competition. So, customer definitely has to be given priority in order for leading the competition among a diversified range of hospitality industries.

Coming towards the professional bodies, it is defined as that organization in which professional skills are highly developed considering a particular industry. It is up to an individual owner or overall business to get included in that professional body or be trained via specialized programmes (Solnet, Kralj, and Baum, 2015). These professional bodies are responsible for providing ample of opportunities related to networking as well as mentoring. Getting in coordination with such professional bodies provides ample benefits.

  • Discounts are offered on the planned training programmes.
  • Ample opportunities to lead in the competition.
  • Get knowledge about key concepts and important frameworks from highly experienced professionals.
  • The existence of diversified training & developmental programmes and schemes provide ample career opportunities.

Emphasizing more upon the hospitality industry in the UK, BHA is the major professional body representing many of the hotels. BHA stands for the British Hospitality Association. It is a combined representative for ample bodies such as clubs, restaurants, hotels, leisure-outlets and many other organizations related to hospitality organizations in the UK. All the established interests coming out from the hospitality industry are offered to government ministers, parliament members, members of Welsh Assembly, EU Commission, media and cities of UK as well. However, after the situation of Brexit, the relationship with the EU Commission is likely to get terminated or hovered by the consequences. With the combination of efforts in context to all involved members, benefits could be entertained by each of business member which are usually long-lasting, tangible and positive as well for the organizations (Šerić, Gil-Saura, and Ruiz-Molina, 2014).

The major role of the British Hospitality Association is to entertain the interests of various associated brands, owners, operator within the hotels, restaurant, food-service, apartment related to services, and ample of visitor attractions. They consistently make efforts in making the hospitality industries competitive at international level. They also assure that the economy of the UK is able to foresee continuous growth in the overall economy. They always thrive for assuring that the hospitality industries are functioning at their best.;

To support their role, near about 40, 000 hotels, clubs, restaurants, serviced apartments, etc., come under the authority of BHA. Contextualizing more upon this, it also has an inclusion of four core campaigns which have been mentioned below:-

Facilitating Access: Consistent efforts are made by asking the government to introduce improvements in the various involved procedures, referring to cost and visa-access in the UK.

Driving the competitiveness: As per this, the organization thrives to be rather competitive regarding VAT-regime in Europe.

Hospitality which is responsible: Communities are consistently aided in achieving new standardized methods regarding reduction in waste. In addition to this, the government is also advised to regard methods of reducing costs of red-tape that usually slows down a business.

Providing inspiration to the next generations by the aid of Big-Hospitality Conversation: Developing new job opportunities of about 60,000 by the year 2020 and also creating 300,000 new job-offers (Wang, 2013).

d) Evaluating different staffing requirements in various hospitality industries

The requirements regarding staffing at diversified companies are highly variable. The reason behind this is that every business involves a diversified type of ranges. Contextualizing more upon the hospitality industry, the emphasis is laid upon the distribution of the tasks as well as responsibilities according to the potentials present. Services are often given to the consumers so that they are able to easily access the services of the hospitality sector. Contextualizing upon the hospitality industries, diversified services are included such as the food-services, accommodations, traveling services and many more to be included. Henceforth, in order for effectively assessing all these divisions, proper staffing is henceforth required for making the overall department becoming a success.

Food-Service staff: This particular is responsible for assuring delivery of proper food services to the consumers related to the hospitality industry. Also, many of other existing smaller sections, have the inclusion of this particular staff as well. The involved cooks are responsible for preparing the food under proper hygiene conditions. This also assures that the quality of the food offered by the cook is enhanced and satisfy the requirements of staff as well (Gin-Choi, Kwon and Kim, 2013). Coming towards the servers, they are accountable for delivering prepared food to travelers. Adding more, the staff of food-service, are responsible for assuring that the coming consumers or visitors are given a safe place. For achieving success in this, chefs along with the head cooks are responsible for overseeing of the general staff.;

Housekeeping-staff: The industries that come under traveling sector should be capable enough of providing accommodation to all those people who wish to live inside a temporary home for either waiting for departure or travel towards their destination. In order to do so, training needs to be undergone by them in order to satisfy the needs and demands of all customers. Majority of the associated aspects have adhered via the aid of practical implementation of ways. The management's location lies inside the hotels along with the accommodation, from wherein all the involved activities could be handled effectively. Seeking the requirements of this job, the minimum requirement is of the bachelor's degree. Besides this, other fields are also a requirement to be known for emphasizing particularly upon accounting, management, and financing.

Traveling-agent staff: Emphasizing upon the traveling industry, this part of the staff plays an efficient as well as crucial role. They play an effective role in planning and further organizing trip for the customers as per their demands and requirements. Also, they are responsible for acting as an advisor to all these customers (Ali, Amin and Cobanoglu, 2016). When this gets properly implemented then, most of the customer's problems are either prevented or they are effectively solved. The availability of a wide scope regarding this staff of the industry aids them in building strong & long-term relationships with the customers. This hospitality industry has a direct inclusion of completion, which the company to autofocus upon building strong relationships with the customers.

e) Justifying the roles, responsibilities and qualification requirements of the hospitality staff

Role of the hospitality staff: The role of the current hospitality staff has been facing a diversified change in terms of multitasking.; Besides the operation of housekeeping, they are also responsible for taking care of various other functions such as laundry-operations, quality controlling, cost-controlling and also at certain occurrences they are also responsible for acting as an executive for the coming guests. Effective handling of all the major problems with the housekeeping members is done by the chief-hospitality staff. Besides this, the hospitality staff plays an effective responsibility in coordinating with the sales team. This leads to a further generation of high revenues (Claveria, Monte and Torra,; 2015). Seeking the current scenario, the entire room-division comes under the evaluation and controlling of hospitality staff. Besides, the interior, décor, furniture. The latest records say that in most of the hotels, hospitality staff plays an effective role in coordination with the Research and Development Department thereby contributing more towards the betterment of the company.

Responsibilities of the hospitality staff:- Diversified responsibilities are there when it comes about describing the responsibilities of hospitality staff. They are responsible for planning out and then accordingly organizing accommodation services. Furthermore, they promote and are involved in marketing related activities as well. Since they are involved in the financing part as well, they are responsible for maintaining both financial as well as statistical records. In order for consistently increasing their efficiency, they hold the responsibility of attending the training programmes. Adding more to this, the hospitality staff is also responsible for assessing and solving out all the queries related to customers so as to satisfy their needs as well as requirements (Industry Insight: The Hospitality Industry – The Answer to Unemployment? 2013). Furthermore, they also need to ensure that the security system is effective enough. Regarding this, they are also responsible for dealing with various suppliers and contractors as well. Also, they have the responsibility of following and working as per the set laws and regulations which al; so cover their health and safety.

Qualification requirements of hospitality staff:- Among the various qualifications, business management is one of the key requirement. It accounts to be of utter importance in all sectors of hospitality management. Also, this is very valuable. Another requirement is commerce which accounts to be highly relevant in the case for ensuring good business practices (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013). The training of industry-specific helps in assessing the diversified needs of this particular industry. This also has an inclusion of the risk management training programmes as well. Adding more to the qualifications, accountancy is also the most required element that helps in managing a major function of the hospitality industry in handling the finances (Top 5 Hospitality Management Essential Qualifications, 2010). Also, the administration is another requirement since there exist ample administrative departments in diversified services. Besides this, the bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement that has to be satisfied by every candidate applying in this industry. Besides this, excellent communication skills is a necessity since every day diversified customers have to be dealt with.

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f) Discussing the industry's current image

The hospitality industry's value towards the UK's economy might be overlooked but still, it poses to sustain the economic-revival. The hospitality industry in the UK is the 4th largest contributor to the economy and is responsible for representing 10 % GDP. Ample of students whenever start a new term in university, the majority of them would be searching for jobs in order for providing funds to their study. According to the records formulated by the British Hospitality Association, this particular industry has raised its level of importance for the UK's economy. The reason for such a record is that this entire industry employs individuals in a number which is more than any other sector such as education, construction or manufacturing.

As per the reviews formulated and proposed by Mintel Leisure Review, ambitious targets have been set the government regarding the field of tourism. The government aims to foresee near about 40 m visitors by the year of 2020 along with £31.5 billion annual-receipt. Adding more to this, the entire industry is majorly reliable upon the migrant-workers since migrants have occupied a majority of 69% hotels (Ruetzler and, 2014). The reason for rising in the migrant situation is because of the Brexit situation. There has been a significant rise in the number of migrants because the residents in EU under the fear of getting thrown out from there have already migrated towards the UK and initially prefer hotels since sudden arrangements could not be done regarding homes. As a result, ample of individuals have moved from the EU countries and these are willingly ready to work for any vital organization in the UK.

Not only Brexit will be affecting the current working-practices but apprenticeship-levy along with the national living wage are also responsible for modifying the work practices. Since long, this industry has been regarded as one of the low-skilled industry which most people prefer to do part-time jobs. Only 30 percent of the employees in the hospitality industry is having the policies to offer them support in order for maintaining the balance of working life. Such companies usually have 80% rates high than those organizations in which this is not occurring. So, as suggested by the Reed Hospitality and Leisure, if employees were provided more value and care then, the situation would be assessed effectively by a reduction in retention rates.

Awareness regarding the career opportunities in the UK still has to face the cross some of the major intermediate hurdles. But because of the new trend of TV shows, magazines, and many more platforms, ample of chefs and other hospitality-related people have established themselves successfully thereby gaining excellent coverage. Also, see the current status, the hospitality industry's dynamic nature has effectively assisting it to cross all such hurdles. Furthermore, this industry aids in learning ample of diversified skills as well as applications of implementing those practices at the workplace (Sukru-Cetinkaya, Ergul, and Uysal, 2014). So, career and job opportunities are diversified across a huge spectrum of disciplines.

From the past 2 years, a one-third portion of jobs in the UK is offered from this dynamic industry of hospitality. This has effectively assisted in making the hospitality industry 4th largest in the entire country. This poses sustainable-growth and significant as well as clear potentials. Henceforth, a huge impact is imposed by the hospitality industry upon the UK's unemployment rate.


a) Analyzing operational, managerial and legislative issues as a result of recent developments

Analyzing the operational issues: The management in the hospitality industry is not just responsible for dealing with planning out of a certain set of activities but rather faces the complexity of diversified operational issues. One of the major issues is related to the area of sales. It is not the only responsibility of front-office to assist in raising the revenues. So, the individuals of the marketing and sales departments have to aid them in order to enhance the revenues. Another operational issue emerges out and that is shortages in the skills and labor. As per the reports of People first 9% of the work people in Hospitality-industry were found to have of skill-gaps. However, referring to the overall country, this data is about 5 % within the entire economy. The reasons responsible for this, are usually because the working-time is very unsocial. Adding more to this, long working hours, as well as low pays and many more such factors, have effectively contributed to making the managing process to become more complex. In relation to the customer, service is another key issue in the hospitality industry (Pereira-Moliner and, 2015). The reason for such issues is that diversified customers have different cultures, choices requirements which have to be taken care of by the service that is being provided to them.

Analyzing the managerial issues: The most vibrant and emerging that has to be dealt with by the manager is in accordance with customer satisfaction (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015). There occur ample situation in which managers often have to deal with customers having a complex mentality. Such customers often have tantrums and demand very complicated requirements which makes it difficult for the management staff to deal with. Here also, managers often have to deal with the complexity and adversity of shortages in labor since they are not left with ample employees to get the task done.; Often in carrying the diversified operations, they also have to face challenges regarding coordination with the latest technology so that they are able to smoothly carry their functions and aid customer satisfaction as well.

Analyzing the legislative issues: Diversified set of laws and legislation have to be considered before entering the hospitality industry. A wide range of rules exists from license rules to the regulations regarding fire and food. So, on the occurrence of any such violation of these rules & regulations, no excuse is considered in front of the law. Assessing these issues might turn to undertake an action which could even imprison someone on the case of a serious breach. Furthermore, the act of 1985's Business Names restricts the business owners to name their business after their personal name. Also, the Trade Descriptions act(1968), enforces the business owners in the hospitality industry to give a detailed description of the facilities provided in their organization (Hotels Laws UK, 2017). Furthermore, the authorities within the hospitality industry often have to consider the principles of Credit-Card-Order(1990)& data-Protection-Act(1998)in order for maintaining the privacy of their customers at the bookings time or any other services which involve customer related personal information.

Justifying the futuristic trends & developments in the hospitality industry

The growing diversity in hospitality services has affected the lives of many individuals. Seeing the current developments in the use of social media platform for advertising their individual abilities have proven to be effective enough in the enhancement of the UK's economy. A diversified set of services is usually included in this industry. Theme parks, hotels, transportation facilities, etc., have an inclusion within this diversified set of services. A major part of the tourism industry as well is included in this huge industry. Coming towards the foods and services, food items have now been freed from gluten and mostly organic items are preferred. Spectrum has been diversified from e-platforms towards the spas related to wellness. All these have proven to be an effective trendsetter in the hospitality industry.

Contextualizing upon the hotel sector, $550 billion US dollars are estimated to be whooped each year. This will be expected to raise the overall revenues of the entire country by a huge amount. The increasing engagement with the social media platform will be majorly playing an effective role within the diversified industry of hospitality. The enhanced influence of Facebook & Twitter is expected to drive customer interaction as well as their power of purchasing in the future. Seeing the current data, investments in IT sector of Hospitality has been at low levels. But seeing the ample of available opportunities in the job as well as career, these investments are likely to foresee advancement. And advancements in the technology re likely expected to affect the consumer's behaviors. Also, the concept of niche marketing that is expected to foresee a rise in the future. This will be able to effectively assess the retired persons, enthusiasts related to health & so on this list goes increasing.

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c) Analyzing the impact of predicted trends & developments

The most significant impact will be established by the enhancement of social media platform which will assist in effectively connecting the people from all over the world. This will also ease out the managerial, operational and legislative issues since most of the tasks and associated handling of employee and customer data will be handled on a digital platform. Also, the increase of revenue by ample availability of jobs will affect the economy of the UK in a positive way and therefore provide ample of people the ability to establish their career in long terms with the hospitality sector. Adding more to this, the advancement in technology will assist the authorities in providing effective services to their customers so that they are able to establish long term relationships with their customers (Radojevic, Stanisic and Stanic, 2015). The concept of niche marketing will effectively assist the diversified hospitality industry to make it the number one in UK's economy since ample of job opportunities will attract a majority of people all over the UK thereby reducing down the unemployment rate. Also, this will assist the authorities to effectively handle the migrants who will be moving towards the UK from EU countries after the situation of Brexit. So, the entire industry will be foreseeing ample of enhancements in revenues which will make the hospitality industry one of the most prominent industries in the entire country.


From the report it can overall be concluded that hospitality industry though is regarded as a low skilled industry, still accounts to be the highest contributor in the economy of the UK. The estimated trends and developments in the hospitality industry in the future will aid in revenue enhancement. This enhancement will mainly be because ample of jobs available will be thereafter the migrants from EU countries moving to UK after Brexit. So, diversified career opportunities and jobs will be aided to individuals. Adding more, social media platform will turn out to be an effective platform which will be the connected majority of people from the entire industry as well as efficiently assess the customer's needs by including them as well.


  • Ali, F., Amin, M. and Cobanoglu, C., 2016. An integrated model of service experience, emotions, satisfaction, and price acceptance: an empirical analysis in the Chinese hospitality industry.; Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management.;25(4).
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