Personal & Professional Development Plan Assignment

Introduction Personal And Professional Values

Personal and professional values are assets for a business and individual who is working in a Health and Social Care (HSC) organization (Health and Social Care, 2014). It is understood that with improvement in management practices and changing requirements of business operations, the grooming development of personal and professional values is essential for employees in health care homes. In this report, personal and professional skills and values have been discussed in context to Health and Social Care sector of UK.

Task 1

The personal values of a person in an organization are traits, skills, ability, belief, trust factor, capabilities etc. which defines his personality. Along with personal values, there are professional values which define information, working experiences and subjective or practical knowledge for this occupation. Through attainment of personal and professional objectives, the employees of an organization seek to execute duties which are assigned in job. Some roles and responsibilities are routine job and few are specific to critical situations which access personal and professional values. In HSC organizations, the staff members are required to understand human emotions and feeling to treat patients and their families (Your guide to care and support, 2015). It is observed that through positive response from health care staff, the patients and their belongings can feel better for medical services. The personal values and professionalism inspires staff members to grab new opportunities in their working place (Mills, 2013). For better management of HSC organizations, their staff members have significant role. Although the leaders and managers have important share in decision making but doctors and nursing staff reflects hospital services to patients. With access of employee’s values, the management can derive business strategy and planning for overcoming issues and problems in health care homes.

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If the comparison of personal and professional values is done from principles and standards of health care and safety firms then it is analyzed that there should be balance between them. Through adequate use of human resources in organizations, the suitable business plan can be developed. Along with the management of staff, the business operations can be made smoother for serving patients and industrial customers in health care centre. All the personal and professional traits are assessed for selecting a candidate in HSC so that customers can be provided quality services to meet organizational objectives (Linsley, Kane and Owen, 2011). The personal values are decision making ability and team cooperation. With the change in management policies and advancement of technology, it is observed that medical services and care needs to be executed effectively. For control over management operations, there are various resources like human resource which can strengthen management planning. The business principles are designed for meeting the commitments and consistent growth. These principles and guidelines are designed by top management and employees are the followers of it.

To overcome barriers in objectives' attainment, strategic planning is essential. These strategic plans are designed by professional and experts who are having some personal and professional values (Moss, 2012). The values are identified as communication, leadership, motivational skills etc. through which whole business operations are managed in health care firms. There are some principles and rules of every business organizations which requires support from different functional teams. In case of medical service providers, the involvement of professionals and management experts can increase quality of business standards and guidelines. To evaluate impact of personal and professional values, it is necessary to understand objectives and business standards of health care firms.

The interpersonal and personal skills are well accessed by managers or leaders for accomplishing customers and team management in HSC (Rogoff, 2003). For managing a medical team in hospitals, the decision making and leadership skills of manager affects the whole department. For achieving effective management over functional operations to medical services and care, managers are required to assess individual goals and objectives of whole team. With better evaluation of personal values and demand of jobs, a perfect manager assigns adequate responsibility (Scott and Spouse, 2013). For management of staff in HSC, the culture and environment affects the clients and employees. With all positive outcomes, a business firm can take care of its principles and standards. So, the culture and organizational behaviour will have significant impact on quality of products and services.

Task 2

Through positive response from management and staff members, the effective medical services can be provided to patients (Burn, 2011). For better control over staffing function in HSC, the continuous development and motivation is essential. There should be quality training and development programs which can improve the access of personal and professional values of staff members. These training should be equipped with technological tools and communication resources so, the effective learning can be made. The learning style of employees is needed to be assessed for better performance and planning of learning. It is observed that through better control and continuous monitoring over medical service, it can increase value of personal and professional networks (Back and, 2003). Through effective leadership, motivation and training programs, the quality of working partnership can be raised in HSC. Here, for better matching of employee’s values and organizations principles, human resource management has significant role.

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Being a HSC practitioner in this organization, there are some roles, responsibilities, accountability and duties to manage assigned job (Willcocks, 2008). Through assessment of personal values and professional skills of a medical staff, it is necessary to understand ethical aspects for staff and patients in HSC. There are so many positive and negative impacts of medical practices in HSC but it is essential to meet the demand of stakeholders. For better control on the assigned job, effective execution of duties is needed. For the customer services in HSC, staff members should work in partnership or as a team so, whole organization can have profit and goodwill.

The roles of a medical practitioner in HSC are managing and taking care of medical services to patients who are suffering from medical diseases (Gross and, 2009). For making effective coordination between team members, the managerial roles are planning operations and guiding team mates. In addition to this, for executing medical services and care to patients, the role of care taker is to provide homely services to them as well as taking care of medicine doses as per schedules. There are some responsibilities of medical practitioner to handle critical medical cases and diseases for immediate treatment by taking care of health and safety in HSC. The planning and development of medical services are accounted for medical practitioner in health care homes. Further, effective medical services and treatments are needed to be delivered by staff for better recovery of HSC organizations. It is understood here that there are some ethical and business duties of staff. These are identified as medical treatments, health care, providing suitable hospitality and motivation for improvements (Rouse, 2004). With the change in quality of demand and critical diseases, the medical practitioner is required to deliver his level best as per assigned job. The management of all the roles and responsibilities with completion of ethical and social aspects is suggested to medical practitioner in HSC.

The analysis of personal and professional skills of a medical practitioner can be analyzed through internal analysis. Therefore, the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis can help in assessment of current skills and ability set. The strengths of medical practitioner is observed and it is concluded that effective health care is served to customers (Manley and McCormack, 2003). For changes in business environment, there are skills to negotiate and execute demanded jobs. Although there are some weaknesses like temperament in nature and behaviour to patients which should be controlled and implemented with soft gesture so that patients can be highly moralized in their health recovery process. There are opportunities to cooperate with team and colleagues for better medical service experience in HSC care home. Along with these opportunities, there are some threats to organizations like inadequate leadership practices and rude behaviour of some patients due to diseases (Mickan and Rodger, 2005). While observing learning styles of medical practitioner in HSC, it is concluded that learning depends upon nature, attitude, behaviour or personal characteristics of him. According to Honey and Mumford, the learning style of staff members changes with personal behaviour. It reflects person to person for learning skills. The way of learning changes according to different staff members if provided same training and development. So as a medical practitioner, the personal characteristics as mentioned like the short temper will reflect the learning style and knowledge. So, on whole it is concluded that medical practitioner must have ability to cooperate with other team members and patients for achieving personal and professional objectives. For better service management, it is necessary to train staff members according to their behaviour and need of improvement.

Along with other skills and abilities, the communication skills are having significant impact on delivering medical services and care to patients (Findlater and, 2012). The communication skills of managers and leaders in HSC affect the performance of whole team in completion of the assigned job roles and responsibilities. Communication of manager and its subordinates affects execution of services to patients by the way of sharing information. If the communication is one way then it can create issues and disagreements for the assigned jobs with inadequate customer services. But while there is effective communication which is participative or two way, the staff members will be well managed in decision making. Hence the verbal, oral and written communication skills of medical staff reflect the performance of team in HSC.

It is observed that through better control over service quality and employees performance, an H&S can grow in a better way. While performing as a medical practitioner, I have learn a lot from my routine job to manage medical services to customers. There are number of professionals who are supporting in planning and direction of medical operations in my H&S. Through the experience of working in H&S organization, I have understood the various relations between staff and management. Professional relationships are the coordination and cooperation of staff for a common objective. Through the working experience in medical services, I have increase potential for managing business opportunities. For the management of effective teams and groups in H&S, co-workers are assigned specific job roles. For example medical nurses are connected for attainment of roles and responsibilities given by team leader. Although there are other relationships like team members, manager or directors relationships etc. It is observed that with effective planning and controlling of team working, I have experienced leadership and management from my seniors and juniors. For learning the new opportunity, the professionals in my H&S care home defines roles and responsibilities as clear as need to be mentioned. For the purpose of dividing work in equal share, the working hours and employees skills are considered. There are mentor and mentee who works as a supervisor and subordinate on a special medical services. For example in a medical surgery a senior doctor or surgeon is appointed as mentor and junior doctors as mentee to take care of complete operations of a patient. Through my job in medical ward, I have experienced relationship of team members. As per my knowledge, I have worked in different functional teams for a particular department where a group is designed to execute operations of mental surgery. Here, each team member is having some duties and roles through which it can serve the patients in recovery of its decease. In my H&S care home, there are managers and directors who analyze and explore reports to communicate various medical teams. These teams are designed from discussion of medical professionals and managers or directors for work assignments. The manager of director is making distribution of job as well as salary and performance evaluation.

It is analyzed that planning and controlling on various staffing functions is well understood as medical practitioner. I have motivated my colleagues and management for attaining personal and professional values from business practices in H&S. I took step to guide my subordinates and team members for learning skills and traits of medical services. My support in patient care practices is appropriated by the top management which has increased effectiveness of ward management. Through positive response towards the assigned jobs, I have encourages my team mates to accept new roles and responsibilities. While accomplishing team management, I have shares experience and knowledge for management of team working and communication system. I have tried to balance roles and responsibilities of team members with respect to management of medical practices. My suggestions for working compensations and monitory incentives to staff members are appreciated by management. I have recommended using working hours based compensation policy for ward staff and lower level employees. With attainment of medical service objectives, I have guided medical staff for better control and monitor to changing health of patients. The strategic recovery plan for patients is understood for guiding the subordinates and individuals in management of time and quality of service. With improvement in existing medical research system, I have concluded to develop training and development programs for staff which can boost assessment of skills and abilities.

Task 3

There are multiple issues while making professional relationship among employees and management (Bates, 2013). It is understood that each problem requireddifferent solutions. Generally in medical service organization, issues arises which are related to medical services, staffing management and ethical or legal practices. For increasing potential of customer's service in my H&S care organization, I have experienced that management and staff comes together to resolve issues. The staffing disputes and conflicts are managed by effective human resource management. HR department of my H&S care home reflects for better monitoring and evaluation of staff performance and suitable appreciation is given to all the employees. In addition with this, the personal and professional disputes are managed by managers and senior staff who keenly observed causes of issues and solve accordingly (Calnan and Rowe, 2006). The patients are provided support in resolving issues with a special team of management which takes care of patient’s dissatisfaction and grievances.

Task 4

As per my experience in working H&S care organization, I have managed different activities and practices with limits of working principles and standards. Along with this, I have understood that various roles and responsibilities has influenced my performance in team. It is concluded that medical services should have both emotional and professional aspect in decision making. I have supported my team members to coordinate according to demand of business operations. Although I have some limitation in working flexibility which can affect other team members to work for patients welfare. I used to work for a long time period which has encouraged other team mates to perform efficiently. With experience of working in multiple departments of H&S care home, I have suggested many subordinates in executing their routine job. Through the discipline, I have managed for accomplishing assigned task and job roles in effective manner. For equal distribution of assigned job to whole team, I took step in business management. Along with the motivational speeches and lectures to my colleagues, the management of assigned job within quality standards and timeliness is explained. It is experienced that some of the team members has started acting upon suggestions and enhanced efficiency in executing job. Throughout my working, I have encouraged people to understood feelings of patients so that they can provide effective medical services and care. It is observed that with implementation of management and operational practices in H&S, there is a significant impact of deceases treatments and medical health care. My behavior and working phenomenon has influenced people to achieve the dead lines as per management guidelines. The working partnership of H&S is affected by strong team coordination and cooperation by the team members. It is analyzed through my working experience that people reflects better while working as a team in H&S. There care equal share of all team members in success of health care home. My contribution for team management has influenced other colleagues for promoting other people to serve patients. Through training and development sessions to my subordinates they are able to manage critical cases of medical issues with patients. While effective planning and development is accomplished in hospitals then all the patients and employees can be managed for effective work.

Through out my career in H&S organizations, I have contributed for team work management. The working experience and knowledge of medical issues, staffing conflicts and leadership has enhanced my potential for working in a efficient way. While managing roles and responsibilities of manager of medical teams, I have supported to assess the staff issues and disputes with management. The effective team work is inspired from coordination, cooperation, leadership and communications. While experience the working partnership in health care home, I have suggested many team mates to be grouped and act as a team. It is understood that effective planning and control over medical health and safety care, it is guided to most of team members to perform efficiently. It is noticed that better planning of working partnership can staffing issues and disputes. Through my communication practices I have motivated to staff and management to act upon technological advancement. It is observed that proper system for training and development affects team management into a right direction. Through effective medical practices, the issues of employees have been resolved. The employees are having grievances related to management of work and compensation for work done in the organization. These issues are resolved by effective leadership and motivational activities placed for team members.


Present report reveals that there were some disputes between team members related to assignment of job, work pressure, choice of job and quality of team management. I tried to mechanize all the jobs as per the guidelines of health and social care organizations. Along with the completion of duties for patients, I have contributed in management of discrimination in working place which has influenced many people to get rid of such issues. So on whole, through my work experience and contribution in health and social care, number of staff and colleagues got solutions for effective team working and partnership.

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