International New Ventures and Born Global Firms


International new ventures and born global firms is a very broad nature which consist of all the internal and external factors because international new ventures describe the establishment of new business at international level. Simply international ventures is a expansion of domestic business across the globe to earn more and more profit by minimizing their losses. Basically due to the emergence of new ventures at national level it encourage the firms to expand their business across the globe by merging with international companies (Prashantham, 2011). The main motive of establishing of customised sports wear garments is to introduce new and advanced product in domestic world due to which there is a many emergence of new global firms. Simply this report consist all the relevant facts and figures which is indispensable while expansion of domestic business. In fact international new ventures are trying to establish their mark across their globe by making sports products according to the demand of customers which resulted in a emergence of global firms.

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International Entrepreneurial opportunities

For opening of different sports garments business at international level an entrepreneur needs to take appropriate steps towards satisfying of their customer because their main policy is customer oriented which means they believe in satisfying their customers with their qualitative product. In fact to continue their business in sports wear garments an organization need to must concerned with their quality because most of the customers demand only qualitative product as prices does not matters for them (Dhanaraj, 2010). Mainly while opening up of business offering customized sports wear garments main focus on quality because quality is the only thing which attract their clients attention towards their products. Sports is the national game in every country that's why their product must be manufacture with best quality so that it will not damage easily.

The term “entrepreneur” comes from a French word enterprendre that means “to undertake” or having the ability to take risk. Basically this shows the capacity of undertaking all the available risk and opportunities while establishing a new ventures across the globe. In fact the process of creating something creative and innovative is known as “entrepreneurship” (Prashantham, 2010). Mainly entrepreneurship consist of vary broad nature included all the internal and external factors which influence them in every manner.

Main characteristics of sports entrepreneurship

Risk taker

The main and foremost quality of entrepreneur is to having a capability of hedging risk. In fact before establishing a new venture across the globe an entrepreneur need to be ready to face all the upcoming challenges (Nummela, 2010).

Profit maximization

Profit maximization means an entrepreneur are more likely concerned in getting high level of return or maximizing their profit. Basically every entrepreneur always try to earn more and more return on their investment.

Entrepreneur is a process

The word entrepreneur is not a journey or any destination in fact it is a process of performing appropriate task which requires lots of experience and skills to run their business effectively (Young, 2011).

To start up a new business a person must have all the sports quality, talent and skills of a leader because to set up a new ventures at a international level an entrepreneur must have basic skills and knowledge about all the necessary things whatever is important before expanding a new ventures.

Customized sports wear garment will aids in attracting large numbers of customers

Customized sports wear garments can easily support in attracting large number of customers as if garments are made according to the customers choice then its natural thing that individuals can easily get attracted towards that particular garments. Basically the main motive of the entrepreneur of sports garment is to manufacture their product according to the demand of a garment at a market place to avoid wastage (Madsen, 2013). Mainly business offering sports garments believe in making qualitative product which require lots of fund and attention that's why they only produce all the sports garment according to the customer choice and preferences so that their garments will not get wasted. In fact every sports business at international level deals with different kinds of sports and garments of every sports are different from each other.

Objectives of customized sports wear garments

The main objectives of customized sports wear garments is to fulfil the demand of their customer and modify the garments according to the demand, taste and preferences of their customers to achieve their business goals (Wood, 2010). Basically the major objectives of the customized sports wear garments is to expand their business across the globe to achieve their organization targets and objectives by fulfilling the demand of foreign clients and manufacture the products with their choices only.

International new ventures

International new ventures is a term represent a customized sport wear business at international level it means expansion of domestic sports product in different- different countries to expand their business across the globe to learn creative things by making ventures in all the other countries. Sports wear garment consist of very broad size of market due to their drastic nature and dealing with international level or with foreign clients to sell their products (Pérez-Nordtvedt, 2010). Basically international ventures deals with foreign clients and work according to their taste and preferences to establish their product goodwill at international market due to their unique product quality. The major aim of establishing a new ventures is to maintain a friendly relation with other countries also by merging their business with them by sharing the risk and profit at international level. Sports wear industry contains a lots of company which was dealing with sports product for example NIKE, ADDIDAS etc. and these companies are having a vast area of dealing across the globe and always satisfy their customers with their qualitative product (Khavul, 2010). To determine the market size of the famous sports wear industry a proper planning and evaluation is mandatory because of their vast nature consist of all the relevant factors whatever is required for sports wear garments company. Its not easy to determine the overall market size of the international market which require expertise advice and availability of accurate data and information.

Advantages of international ventures (in response to sport wear garments)

  • Due to the emergence of international ventures an organization must aware about many creative and innovative product which is somehow very beneficial for their enterprises to learn new things and ideas (Hisrich, 2012).
  • International ventures uplift the standard of living of domestic peoples by getting updated day by day which means due to the international ventures an entrepreneur or overall company can improve their inner and outer personality.
  • Availability of advanced equipment and technology makes task easier or very helpful to perform all work in easy manner without facing much problem.
  • Chances of success become maximum due to the broad concept of international ventures. Because of expansion of existing business a company get a chance to increase their success process by emerging their business over the seas.

Disadvantages of international ventures (in response to sport wear garments)

  • Sometime there is a absence of proper communication due to which confusions are created which resulted in incorrect interpretation of any information or data.
  • In joint ventures if there is a losses occur then both the companies has to face the existing problems and upcoming problems. It means in joint ventures both the enterprise one is the main branch and other is the subsidiary of other branch has to face all the business challenges and share the marketing risk (Kirpalani, 2012).
  • Because of different-different organization working together by making joint ventures of sport enterprises there is a presence of great imbalance of assets and liabilities. Somehow there is a investment problems also occurred.
  • It is very difficult to quit the partnership if there is presence of legal contract between both the companies.

Global firms

Global firms are the emergence of various sports garments entrepreneur at global level seeks to obtain more and more profit by selling more and more product in multiple countries (Gabrielsson, 2012). Born of global firms means an entrepreneur who is dealing or working in domestic country instantly decide to expand their business across the globe to deal with foreign companies by making joint ventures with them to introduce their product in foreign market. Mainly global firms consist of a broad concept due to their expansion of organization over abroad which resulted in a dealing with foreign business.

Advantages of global firms

  • Due to the emergence of new global firms in sports garments there is a lots of employment opportunity exist so that every individual able to earn money by getting job opportunity (Freeman, and et. al., 2010).
  • Global firms encourage the other sports competitors to expand their business across the globe to maximize their profit or to learn new and innovative ideas. In fact the competitors tries to manufacture more qualitative product than others to grab all the opportunities in response to sports field.
  • Emergence of global firms provides a close substitutes in a market and act as a very helpful tool for the domestic firms to learn creative things (Evers, 2011).

Disadvantages of global firms

  • Global firms requires an extra skills and talents for becoming a global firms.
  • Large amount of capital is required
  • Before becoming a global firm an entrepreneur must follow all the rules and regulation made by the running government of country. Basically an entrepreneur must go through from all the terms and conditions and it is indispensable to fulfil all the important terms before coming in foreign market (Sullivan Mort, 2012).

International sports entrepreneur opportunities

International entrepreneur opportunities is the term which shows all the existing and upcoming opportunities at international level so that an entrepreneur can grab all the available opportunities in a foreign market. Basically international entrepreneur opportunities signifies the availability of golden chances for all the upcoming entrepreneur to minimize their liability by increasing their assets by introducing creative products with extra quality to attract foreign customers (Da Silva, 2010). As foreign sports man is quality oriented so they require only qualitative product according to their game demand. Basically sports entrepreneur knows all the information and data which is essential while manufacturing the sports product so that they must considered all the indispensable data to make proper sports wear. Sports wear included all the necessary items whatever is mandatory while playing a game like appropriate sports uniform, shoes and other important things.

Nature of international sports entrepreneur opportunities

International entrepreneur opportunities are having a market oriented policies which consist of licensing, exporting, importing or opening of a another office in different- different countries across national boundaries (Da Rocha, 2010). In fact international entrepreneur business believes in launching their business in more than one country to make their goodwill over the seas. In other words when an entrepreneur tries to expand their organization in other countries then international entrepreneurship occurs. Due to the increase in sports competition opportunities also increases due to the broad concept. The main task of sports wear garments is to design the clothes according to the demand of their customers and always try to manufacture different from others which requires a appropriate attention (Dib, 2010). In fact sporty wears are increasingly day by day due to their increase in usage as informal wear which means most of the peoples are wearing the sports dress as informal dress while going outside.

Importance of international entrepreneur opportunities

International entrepreneur opportunities increases day by day due to the emergence of international joint ventures and born global firms. In fact it is important for fresh employees to become an entrepreneur because with the availability of large amount of opportunity at international level most of the business man are trying to grab that opportunity. Simply international entrepreneur plays a very indispensable role due to broad concept as with the help of this an organization can easily maximize their profit by expanding their business across the world. Basically international entrepreneur is the term which means an effective trade between two countries by satisfying their customers needs and desires according to their demand in the international market (Freeman, 2011). Customized sports wear garments entrepreneur are most likely plays a very important role to completing the sports activities because if there is a absence of sports wear garments then it snot easy to play properly. Generally sports is very essential part for every human beings because due to plying an individual body never suffer from any sprain and with the help of sports an individual always be in a active nature.

Reasons to become an international entrepreneur

1. E-Commerce

Due to the emergence of e-commerce an entrepreneur can easily expand their business across the globe because with the help of internet marketing there is no need to travel in different countries to introduce their product (Liesch, 2012). Mainly e-commerce act as major reason behind the emerging of international entrepreneur because of their broad concept. Basically with the help of e-commerce facility an entrepreneur can easily execute their all activities effectively and efficiently by launching their product at international level.

2. Expansion of brand

To expand their existing product or to know the response of foreign customers an entrepreneur need to introduce their product at international market (Rammal, 2011). Basically expansion of brand also have a positive impact on a business by earning more and more profit if there is a maximum demand by foreign customers.

3. Opportunities act a problem solving tool

Sometime due to the international market problems which occur in domestic market can also solved. It means opportunities available in foreign market are able to solve the domestic problem of an entrepreneur due to which many of the firms want to become international entrepreneur (Cavusgil, 2011).

4. Networking/ creating a peaceful environment

Networking is also very effective in creating a peaceful environment and understanding between domestic and foreign countries. Basically by expanding the business over the seas is somehow very helpful for many countries to create a mutual understanding between rivalry nations (Magnani, 2016).

5. Upliftment of standard of living

Try to raise the standard of living to develop the overall personality and standard of country. Standard of living is also one of drastic reason behind emergence of international entrepreneur as due to which overall development occurs.

To become an international entrepreneur all the above points are the major reasons behind becoming of an international entrepreneur by expanding their product over the seas. Mainly international entrepreneur consist of a very broad concept because of the vast nature b y including all the relevant factors (Cavusgil, and et. al., 2014).

Due to the broad concept of international entrepreneur opportunities there is a emergence of lots of opportunity.

Some of the international opportunities for the entrepreneur

Investment in multiple businesses:- With the help of international opportunities an entrepreneur can easily invest their capital in multiple business to earn more and more profit as well to utilise all the available opportunities in a positive manner without wasting in other work. Multiple business is very helpful in minimizing losses by covers from other business that's why expertise advice to new and emerging global firms to invest their fund in more than one business to recover other losses (Knight, 2015).

Internet act as social power:- Due to the advancement of technology internet is also one of the sparking benefits for new born entrepreneur as with the help of internet an organization can sell their product across the globe without facing any obstacles regarding travelling. In fact problems of clients can also solve with the help of internet only due to advanced features and facilities. Mainly with the use of internet buyers and sellers both are interconnected with each other (Cavusgil, 2015).

Growth in foreign markets:- Due to the growth in the foreign markets especially in a Chinese market maximum amount of growth was seen in the past years. It means foreign markets growth inspired the domestic entrepreneur towards growth of their product by coming with new and innovative ideas in the market. Basically because of the growing of foreign markets there is a emergence of lots of opportunities in international market which encourage many of the entrepreneur to make a joint venture with international entrepreneur to learn creative things.

International versus domestic sports entrepreneurship

International and domestic entrepreneurship both are worried about the same major issues for example sales, costs, profit and losses (Loane, 2010). But international entrepreneurship are more broader concept than domestic one because of the emergence of many more competitors.

Main and foremost differences are

  • International entrepreneur has to deal with many obstacles at world level which is not much easy to handle due to the complexity in their nature. Whereas domestic entrepreneur can easily handle all the upcoming issues or emerging in fact there domestic problems are having a very simplex nature as compare with international one (Tanev, 2012).
  • Domestic entrepreneurs are deals with only the domestic customers whereas international entrepreneurs deals with foreign clients.
  • Before establishing an international business an entrepreneur must fulfil the lots of extra formalities in fact exporting or importing of a product requires a proper legal formalities (Bell, 2010). Where as domestic entrepreneur doesn't requires that much of formalities while expanding their business in the same country or area.


This report consist of all the relevant fact and figures which are essential to attract a large numbers of customers at international level by using the policy of changing the products according to the customers demands and desires. Basically international new ventures and born global firms deals with the expansion of existing business across the globe to grab advance opportunity by learning new and innovative things. Mainly it shows the objective of customized sports wear garments by determine the market size of the sport market over the seas. In fact it also try to know about the overall development of a country with the emerging of global firms which means it describe the effectiveness of firms encouraging at international level. Overall report explains the roles and responsibility of attractive international and domestic entrepreneur to establish the customised sports wear garments to fulfil the demands of their existing customers according to their taste and preferences. So this assignments covers all the factors which comes under international new ventures and born of glo

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